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Topic: Teaching Myself Latin
Posted: Wednesday, February 7, 2018 10:45:41 PM
I have been trying to find textbooks, tools, and videos to help me in my quest to teach myself Latin. Does anyone recommend anything?
Topic: A Dumb Question
Posted: Wednesday, February 7, 2018 10:26:54 PM
How would one say "I am hollow" in Latin?
Topic: what are your favourite Latin phrases or quotes?
Posted: Wednesday, February 7, 2018 10:25:18 PM
Mine would definitely be Per aspera ad astra (through difficulties to the stars) and Omnia dicta fortiora si dicta Latina (everything said is stronger if said in Latin)
Topic: A Poem We Should All Read
Posted: Sunday, June 5, 2016 12:58:57 AM

(This was written by a young Indian girl who was in jail for drug charges, and was addicted to meth. She wrote this while in jail. As you will soon read, she fully grasped the horrors of the drug, as she tells in this simple, yet profound poem. She was released from jail, but, true to her story, the drug owned her. They found her dead not long after, with the needle still in her arm.)

Please keep praying for our Children, Teens, Young adults. Understand, this thing is worse than any of us realize...

I destroy homes, I tear families apart,
I take your children, and that's just the start.

I'm more costly than diamonds, more precious than gold,
The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold.

If you need me, remember I'm easily found,
I live all around you - in schools and in town

I live with the rich, I live with the poor,
I live down the street, and maybe next door.

I'm made in a lab, but not like you think,
I can be made under the kitchen sink.

In your child's closet, and even in the woods,
If this scares you to death, well it certainly should.

I have many names, but there's one you know best,
I'm sure you've heard of me, my name is crystal meth.

My power is awesome, try me you'll see,
But if you do, you may never break free.

Just try me once and I might let you go,
But try me twice, and I'll own your soul.

When I possess you, you'll steal and you'll lie,
You do what you have to — just to get high.

The crimes you'll commit for my narcotic charms
Will be worth the pleasure you'll feel in your arms.

You'll lie to your mother, you'll steal from your dad,
When you see their tears, you should feel sad.

But you'll forget your morals and how you were raised,
I'll be your conscience, I'll teach you my ways.

I take kids from parents, and parents from kids,
I turn people from God, and separate friends.

I'll take everything from you, your looks and your pride,
I'll be with you always — right by your side.

You'll give up everything - your family, your home,
Your friends, your money, then you'll be alone.

I'll take and take, till you have nothing more to give,
When I'm finished with you, you'll be lucky to live.

If you try me be warned - this is no game,
If given the chance, I'll drive you insane.

I'll ravish your body, I'll control your mind,
I'll own you completely, your soul will be mine.

The nightmares I'll give you while lying in bed,
The voices you'll hear, from inside your head.

The sweats, the shakes, the visions you'll see,
I want you to know, these are all gifts from me.

But then it's too late, and you'll know in your heart,
That you are mine, and we shall not part.

You'll regret that you tried me, they always do,
But you came to me, not I to you.

You knew this would happen, many times you were told,
But you challenged my power, and chose to be bold.

You could have said no, and just walked away,
If you could live that day over, now what would you say?

I'll be your master, you will be my slave,
I'll even go with you, when you go to your grave.

Now that you have met me, what will you do?
Will you try me or not? It's all up to you.

I can bring you more misery than words can tell,
Come take my hand, let me lead you to hell.

Topic: What are societal ideals?
Posted: Tuesday, April 26, 2016 10:47:03 AM
I want to know what "societal ideals" means, along with an example.
Topic: Similarities between primaries and caucuses.
Posted: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 10:46:29 AM
What are some similarities between primaries and caucuses (other than they are both forms of voting)?
Topic: The Sea Otter
Posted: Thursday, October 8, 2015 8:49:08 PM
Oh my God!!! They are so cute!!!
Topic: The Great Chicago Fire (1871)
Posted: Thursday, October 8, 2015 8:44:29 PM
I have been reading about it in a book about man-made disasters.
Topic: Test Troubles
Posted: Wednesday, September 30, 2015 8:18:37 PM
Tomorrow I have a test. in the study guide my teacher gave there were questions that, when she was teaching about it, I was not present because I arrived 3 weeks after school started.
Can anyone tell me the answers?

Q: What is the purpose of a conflict in a story?

Q: What are the four techniques authors use to show characters in their stories? ( be able to list and explain) Make sure you are able to identify which two are direct characterizations and which two are indirect characterizations.

(I did not know what kind of topic this is so I put it here.)
Topic: Why was D.L. Moody called "Crazy Moody"?
Posted: Friday, June 26, 2015 5:27:47 PM
I have to write a 300-word essay on why D.L. was called "Crazy Moody", but the book they gave me to read did not have any information on it!

Please help me!:)