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Topic: Losing (a) religion
Posted: Sunday, March 3, 2013 9:26:42 AM
I was raised a Methodist and confirmed into the Methodist Church.

I felt god's presence on earth was a real possibility. I felt the more verifiable stories of the bible were true, and that Jesus was indeed a miracle worker. It was gods ability to turn a common man, Jesus, Joseph, Moses into a miracle worker, that attracted me the most about religion. If I search for god, what will he help me accomplish?

This dream died. I consider it the result of a natural consequence of maturity and reason. The question, why are we here?, replaced where is god?, and a touch of curiosity into physics and the adoption of counter-culture shed my belief in god by my freshmen year of college (19yo).

I no longer had any faith god intervened on earth, but the question, is there a god?, i don't completely reject the possibility of divinity.

Today, 23yo, i feel i have done very little to make myself unchristian. I foresee in the future returning to Church on more days than just an occasional christmas visit. I believe religion is an inseparable counterpart to our curiosity as to why? I hope religion does not fade away, and I don't know if the zeitgeist really anticipates its future death. Think about it, circumsized, baptized, confirmed, celebrates christmas, easter, visits church, bible-versed, fanboy of jesus. I am a Christian.

Topic: Man's ultimate purpose - Why are we here?
Posted: Saturday, March 2, 2013 4:19:52 PM
Man's Ultimate Purpose

Why are we here?

I do not think we are here by the work of god. i do not think we're here by the grace of the inanimate universe and its laws.

I believe we are all innately free. We have a gift, that gift is freedom. This idea inspires me in a positive way.

We have no master, nothing is pulling our strings, instructing us, forcing us to be something we're not.

Why are we here? It's up to you, but my advice is to be free. Should any impulse grab at you, respond freely.
Topic: How do you know?
Posted: Saturday, March 2, 2013 12:17:20 PM
My Study of Knowledge

First of all, I don't know shit about neuroscience. So here goes....

The human brain exercises knowledge all the time. I can think of two ways knowledge can enter its way into the human brain. The first is instruction, from my peers, on the truth of some state, "The Earth is four billion years old". The second is trial, I try and fail many times, but eventually I know how to drive a standard automobile.

Knowledge is pattern recognition. Observable states of the universe are hardwired into the brain, and the brain patterns its library of knowledge as a mental reflection of the universe.

So I act out my nature, and often claim specific facts, act out subconscious reflexes, all using my infallible book keeper, the brain.

But sometimes I'm wrong. A previous pattern is disturbed by new evidence. A former believer loses his faith in god from reading a book on evolution.

So I know what I know because my subconscious instructs my conscious on whether or not I have sufficient evidence for knowledge.

I have tremendously strong conviction the world is free. My evidence is logic. I now introduce some variable, X. I ask what is X? Lets say X represents some number. You have no evidence to suggest any specific number. What's your assumption about X? I assume X can equal any possible number.

Substitute X with the variable "What exists in nature?". Before examining the evidence, what assumption would you make? I assume any state can exist, what reason do I possess to assume some specific state? This is the free assumption, the a priori assumption. See the pattern?

So I guess I don't know the world is free, but I assume it is.
Topic: Freewill, Again
Posted: Saturday, March 2, 2013 8:19:03 AM
In Defense of Free Will

My will is a free actor.

Existence has a distinct nature, we call this nature the 'laws of nature", the 'forces of nature', i.a; gravity, electromagnetism, cosmic inflation, mass generation.

My will, or consciousness is a construction of reducible elements ad infitum. Brain-cell-molecule-atom-subatom-subsubatom and so on.

My consciousness is a force of nature, contingent with natural law, we need not reduce it to smaller parts. My dog also is a force of nature.

The whole universe is a free actor, natural law acts freely with no influence outside of itself.

I recognize this, and consciously state 'I am free, I have free will'. My dog does not.

I have successfully established my free will, while my dog demonstrates natural will.

We both act in accordance with the laws of physics. I am aware of it in a unique way. My dog is aware of it in a unique way. My awareness is such that I can declare a sense of freedom. My dog can only bark.
Topic: Why do We and the Universe exist?
Posted: Friday, March 1, 2013 9:19:57 PM
Attention: Epiphileon

i need an outlet for my ideas, and i am glad to see this thread come back to life. i searched the question on the web.

i am a recent college graduate in biology, but don't have much taste for it anymore.

In my view, i would advocate dualism. The super-reality is the realm of freedom. Im making an a priori assumption, a personal belief. This is why I say we are all elements of freedom. Freedom is how and why we exist. My assumption makes no preference for what follows. The methodical universe: "Lets assume we are all free, now lets see what happens."

Now we get existence, a distinct phenomenon. With a free environment to act on, the forces of existence develop 'secondary-reality' in accordance with our scientific observations. Now I am a part of this reality, and my observable behavior acts congruently with the nature of existence. But, ultimately, why am i here, how am i here? I exist, the universe exists, from the rib of freedom.

hate to concede to dualism, i love simplified xplanations. Yes, the universe acts in accordance with the laws of physics, and you'll find yourself obeying them too. But, how should i act, what should i do, why am i here?, i advocate a lifestyle of freedom, the assumption i made that got me here in the first place.

educate me....!

If you consider yourself well versed on the topic, list some thorough and entertaining reads for me. Thx!

Topic: Why do We and the Universe exist?
Posted: Thursday, February 28, 2013 11:17:38 PM
hi. my names jeff, and im an atheist. i believe that god is a man-made phenomenon, who is not responsible for creating the universe.

Why does the universe exist? The universe does not exist for any reason. It is a free acting body, free of meaning, purpose, its only action is to carry out the tendencies and requisites of its unique character.

The universe, while encompassing all of existence, is an element of freedom. It is freedom that permits the forces of nature to act and carry out the distinct nature of being. You are not an element of the universe, 'to be' is not your ultimate nature. You are an element of freedom.

Freedom is your nature, what allows you to exist, and what allows you decide for yourself. should you so choose, to have meaning, purpose.

So, be free.

plz respond....!