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Topic: About a song(Does it belong here?)
Posted: Saturday, March 2, 2013 9:46:14 PM
I think everyone has heard of the song 'Hotel California' by the Eagles,and I want to ask,what does its lyrics mean?Is it some metaphor of something or something similar?d'oh!

Thank you everyone.Dancing
Topic: Math
Posted: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 5:13:18 AM
Thank you all for giving me replies(thar,thanks for coming back so many times though I was not online.I am busy being a student)However I'm not really very clear yet since you have different opinions.

What I wanted to know is that why 3*3=9,but 3.33333...*3 isn't 9.99999...?
thar,according to you,the number has been approximated,but (Please don't laugh for the next sentence),I've tried the calculator in google,where I typed 10/3.Of course,it was 3.3333(It doesn't show r or ...).I multiplied it with 3,and the answer was 10.
You might think I'm a moron since what I said was 10/3*3=10,and you might probably think,"of course!".Yes,I know this,this is so simple.
However I want to know why 3*3=9,3.3*3=9.9,3.33*3=9.99,3.333*3=9.999,and so on,then,respectively,3.33333...*3=9.99999...(I don't write 'r' since it may be confused with the radii of a circle).But it's 10.Why?

Any real genius?(I'm not really one,I think you got it)Please help though this is not anything urgent.That's nothing related to what Im learning in school now...

Thank you anyway.

By the way,Ray,did you recite pi by yourself or did you 'copy and paste' it?I admire you if you memorized it.(I've recited 300 decimal places and my friends say I'm sick...)

Once again
Topic: Math
Posted: Saturday, January 26, 2013 3:04:05 AM
I'm not really sure if this thing belongs in this category,but I'll ask,

Why 3.333333333... x3 =10,but not 9.9999999999...?d'oh!

Or,does 9.999999999... equal 10?It doesn't sound correct to me very much,so can anyone give me an explanation?

Thank you all for reading and please do give me a reply if you know the answer to my question.
Topic: Ahem!!
Posted: Thursday, January 17, 2013 11:05:57 PM
First,'genius' is my username,I'm not really one(Or...not yet recognized?)You can't and shouldn't talk that way because if I were really stupid,I'll feel hurt.I hope you get that.

Once again,I'd say you misunderstood my problem.I'm not here to argue with you about this little thing.I'm just hoping that you will read more carefully before you give an answer.

You yourself said,"How many combinations of ONE block can be found in a set of SIX blocks?". That's totally a different thing,and I didn't ask so.That definitely was not my question,friend.

If I'm sounding rude (Okay,in fact I feel it myself.I know it now) again,I'd apologize again,but I really had to say that since you replied me that way-I'm very sorry.

Anyway,thanks for letting me know what a combination is,Drag0nspeaker.

I don't want anymore arguments. Thank you.


Thanks for your kind reply.

That's all I can say and umm,I agree with you.I think I did improve because of all the people here.(In fact I don't use and honestly,I 've NEVER used a phone to text.My mobile phone is just a phone,not a 'smart' one.I don't use them at all.I think they spoil teenagers.A simple one is reasonably sufficient.)
Thank you and I thank you again(I don't have anything else to say).

from 'The Genius'
Topic: Ahem!!
Posted: Thursday, January 17, 2013 12:07:39 AM
Thank you everyone.This is really a good forum which is quite formal and your answers are so straight-forward.I like this,and I think I shall thank you again. After all my knowledge is very insufficient for this hard problem. However my adoration for math (And all sorts of that things)has again increased. I think I shall read more if I really want to solve this,or determine that this is an unsolvable problem.

Lastly, I want to ask if my English was poor. People in Hong Kong always compliment me for my English, but I don't agree.
Were there any strange mistakes written that made you think I 'm not native?

Thank you and don't reply if you think this question is frivolous.
Topic: Ahem!!
Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 5:02:18 AM
THX Epiphileon.In fact just now I found that article too. That's coincidence. But I 'm sorry,what I want,is the calculation,not the answer. Knowing the answer means nothing to me. What I want to know is actually the way how people calculated it.By a computer program,your answer would probably be,but...Is it that this cannot be calculated by a human brain?I mean,Math?Einstein... what would you say?
So there's really NO solution at all if we should use our brains?

Now I am even more confused than ever.No one tend to calculate it-by Math?

But I thank you. Thanks.

Hey guys please don't misunderstand me.I'm not blaming anyone here. All sorts of technologies are improving in today's world...but are men's brains evolving... or degenerating?

Haha. Please don't laugh.12-year-old children are indeed naive.
Topic: Ahem!!
Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 3:37:51 AM
Hi Drag0nspeaker,
THX for reply,but I 'm sorry to tell you that your answer is not the one I want. Maybe you misunderstood my question.
First,there are no redundant words written in the question,Drag0nspeaker.'2x4 lego block' is an important information because the number of combinations varies with the block.The number of combinations of different blocks (Say,2x2 and 2x4)are TOTALLY different.This one is not unneeded.
Also,'without repetition' is a required information. I do not know how to explain you this cuz I can't show you a lego block.But if you(PLZ don't think I'm looking down on you)try to work this out with lego blocks,after rotating the blocks,you'll find many repeated patterns.
And,Drag0nspeaker,sorry to be rude,but I really don't get why one block has 6 combinations. That's impossible(Unless you 'chop' the block-but,still it 'doesn't make sense' because the number of combinations would be INFINITE if so(You can chop it as small as you can if you have a really sharp equipment to help you!))1 block(Whatever the block is,this is always right)has 1 combination.
However 6 blocks only have 1 combination.(?)That's again quite impossible(please excuse me for my courtesy).
I'm not quite sure if you got me. How did you make the calculations actually?
Thank you but I'm sorry,I don't think you are right.
THX anyway.
Topic: Ahem!!
Posted: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 5:44:37 AM
Okay,okay.I really don't get it-this is not a 'sensible' question? And,I'm sorry,if I was really rude(In fact I don't really recognize it),I do apologize-only if I REALLY was rude.PLZ tell me why.
If this isn't a 'sensible' question,well then,tell me what a 'sensible' one is like.It doesn't mean it's nonsense just because you don't understand,guys(Is this forum very formal actually?Then I shall erase the 'guys'...). Simply ignore if you are uncertain. Who said answering me is compulsory?
If I am sounding rude again,please forgive me for my courtesy.You know,Hong Kongers(Duh!) are not very nice-I wish I was born in another country despite the good education system in HK. Well,I really hate people with bad manners and etiquette. Thanks for reminding me then,and it is really great to find out this forum.THX.
Back to topic-I know this is a tricky one. Yea. My foolish Math teacher didn't know the answer(She just yakked out something totally different,in which I could see that she knows nothing.),and though that was just what I expected. I think I should investigate by myself and maybe... find something NEW?
-So now you'd believe that I'm 12. The childishness-Finding something new!Ha! But I can't stop thinking about it.So... yea.
THX again.
Topic: Ahem!!
Posted: Monday, January 14, 2013 7:58:48 AM
To Tovarish:Well,why?If you don't know the solution,just don't post your 'answer'.And,why should I be careful because of being a 'Newbie'?
Thar: Ha,you're there again.Okay,let me investigate,and of course I would,but if I could learn to CALCULATE it,it would be much faster,and of course I'd love to listen to a solution...I mean,has anyone thought of the same question?No?Thar,do you really know the solution,or are you simply pretending?You SEEM to be very smart,but,well,do you really know the answer?
For IMcRout:??????????????????

Topic: Ahem!!
Posted: Monday, January 14, 2013 6:03:31 AM
Ladies and gentlemen,welcome to 'Ahem!!'
In fact I am not quite sure if my topic goes in this category,but whatever.
Yesterday I suddenly thought of a truly vexing problem-here it goes!

There are six 2x4 lego blocks,and they all look exactly the same. How many combinations can we make with the blocks,without any repetitions?

How was that?I couldn't sleep well yesterday because of this.So,hope you,yea,YOU could offer me a helping hand.
(I want the sum,the calculation,not the number-that'll be enormous!)