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Topic: Do You Know the History of Earth?#64
Posted: Thursday, May 28, 2020 6:53:26 PM
The earth is resting on the back of a giant tortoise. And if you ask what the tortoise is standing on, as the wise man said, "It's tortoises all the way down".
Topic: Is Black Lives Matter a racist organization?
Posted: Wednesday, May 27, 2020 11:07:07 AM
There is legitimate concern if a white police officer kills a black suspect without apparent justification. But I have to wonder why Black Lives Matter protests questionable police shootings, but there seems to be no acknowledgement on the part of the organization that the vast majority of black men killed in the US are the victims of other black men. If black lives matter, then why does the race of the perpetrator make a difference? I'm using "racist" in a very general sense, because I believe the term is often confused with bigotry and simple prejudice (Archie Bunker was a bigot, not a racist).
Topic: Two recently established important facts about the pandemic
Posted: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 7:51:39 PM
Hope123 wrote: A couple more things rmberwin - if it were your child who died because someone thought learning was more important than life, would you still want to open schools?

It is all well and good to be chomping at the bit to get back to work, making an abstract argument as arm chair critics. But ask how the families of those 90,000 Americans felt losing parents and grandparents, even children, or the parents who lost adult children or who young adults who will have heart conditions for the rest of their lives. Ask them which is more important. Ask yourself if someone you love is dispensable for the economy.

Countries that actually got substantial money to small businesses (not large corporations) and $2000 a month to the unemployed because of Covid had far more compliance by the people with requests and mandates. They felt they were helping and did not consider it as government control. And it worked. They are now opening up again.

Also, I resent being told that because I am old, my life is dispensable so someone can get a haircut.
I'm not suggesting a devil take the hindmost approach to older people. If resources had been better deployed, then the most vulnerable could have been better protected.

(I desperately need a haircut but I'd rather wait than have the mortician do it. Whistle )

The economy can be opened if people do it sensibly while taking precautions.

What I see in news around the world are crowds of people in bars and restaurants really just wanting their social life back.[/quote
I'm only skeptical of current US policies because there are qualified medical professionals who question the whole approach. It will be interesting to see what happens with Sweden.

Topic: YouTube is censoring videos that contradict the advice of the World Health Organization
Posted: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 12:18:21 PM
Hope123 wrote:

“There should not be gate keepers for the truth.”

What does this mean?

What management is doing is trying to protect the truth. The gate keeping is to keep out the lies and misinformation. This virus is definitely airborne and very communicable.

But scientific knowledge is always evolving. Gate-keeping is untenable and a slippery slope toward censorship for nefarious reasons.
Topic: Two recently established important facts about the pandemic
Posted: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 11:43:14 AM
Hope123 wrote:

1) is incorrect. Children get it, have died, and some have a very nasty associated syndrome.

2) The flu rate is 0.1. The Covid-19 rate is 1.4% as of May 2020. That is actually more than the ten times Fauci mentioned. And it is much more communicable. At the time Fauci had the data to date - he was not quoting off the top of his head. He's a scientist - and one with a respectable reputation for many years.

The article you refer to quotes the WHO saying on Feb 29, "When you look at how many people have died, you need to look at how many people were infected, and right now we don't know that number." Dr. Fauci made his statement on March 11. Furthermore, on March 27 the New York Times reported, "Because of the lack of testing capacity in the United States, the true case count and number of deaths are not known for sure." So, what was Dr. Fauci's statement based on?

Yes, children are sometimes affected, but the question is whether the actual danger outweighs the impact of shutting down normal schooling.

The article also mentions that the death rate is heavily skewed toward older people. But older people have limited time in any case. If someone in a nursing home dies after contracting the virus, a different cause, the seasonal flu for example, might have resulted in the same. This is why there are no 150 year-old people around.
Topic: YouTube is censoring videos that contradict the advice of the World Health Organization
Posted: Tuesday, May 19, 2020 5:35:00 PM
YouTube has removed videos, including an interview with the Irish immunologist Dr. Dolores Cahill, for violating their terms of service:

However, at least one interview with her is still up: She claims that wearing a mask is useless, because the coronavirus is not airborne.

Granted that her position is controversial, I find YouTube's policy paternalistic and troubling. There should not be gatekeepers for the truth.

Topic: Soothing French Baroque lute music
Posted: Tuesday, May 19, 2020 5:24:25 PM
Topic: Two recently established important facts about the pandemic
Posted: Tuesday, May 19, 2020 5:08:48 PM
1) Children are relatively unaffected by the virus and they rarely if ever pass it on to adults. Here is a UCLA medical school doctor explaining: (first item at 9:00)

2) The true fatality rate may be about 0.1 to 0.2 percent (the flu is 0.1). Here is a Stanford University doctor explaining:

My reasonable guess about what triggered the lock-down is that medical professionals, wanting to be responsible, gave a worst-case scenario about what was happening and politicians then acted on the this. But there was also misinformation. E.g., early on Dr. Fauci said that the virus was ten times as deadly as the flu. But he had no basis for this statement, because systematic testing results were not available. Undoubtedly his claim resulted in a lot of panic.

Topic: Is the hard shut-down a bad idea?
Posted: Sunday, May 3, 2020 11:24:20 AM
It will be interesting to see what happens in Sweden, although direct comparisons between the policies of different counties are difficult to make (Sweden has national health care).

Topic: Is the hard shut-down a bad idea?
Posted: Sunday, May 3, 2020 11:19:11 AM
Hope123 wrote:
This rallying around the constitution reminds me of the old saying about who has the right-of-way at a four-way stop - I'd rather be right than dead right.

I take issue with the Nobel Prize winner playing God as to whose life is more valuable.

Also children, even babies, have died from this virus, plus what proof do they have that children do not pass it on? They don't really know a whole lot about how this virus acts.

Rmberwin, you have heard that many young people with mild cases or even asymptomatic but tested positive are now having heart or stroke problems? Thirty year-olds being fine and then nearly dying while being left with damaged hearts needing meds and care for the rest of their lives.

Opening up slowly and carefully few industries at a time with people cooperating by social distancing and wearing non medical masks in public seems to be working in several countries or constituencies.

Yes, apparently children are able to pass on the virus--

I didn't mean to suggest a "devil take the hindmost" approach to older people. If a more sensible response had been made then more resources would have been available to help the most vulnerable. In any case, my reaction to Gov. Newsom was driven by emotion--for example, I saw that the Hans Beauty Supply store is open while bicycle repair shops are closed. This seemed to me arbitrary and counterproductive and made me question the wisdom of Newsom's whole approach.

That in practical terms all lives are not equally valuable is already operative in our society in how we deal with the seasonal flu. If the tens of thousands of deaths occurred primarily among the young, then vaccines would be mandatory, large gatherings would be forbidden, etc.