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Topic: "try and" vs. "try to"
Posted: Friday, September 2, 2011 8:23:14 PM
Romany wrote:
I expect I'm going to come off like a pedant here but: - if someone told me they were going to run out to get a newspaper I would think that their main purpose in leaving was to get a newspaper.

If they told me they were going to run out and get a newspaper I would assume they simply wanted to get out of wherever they were for a while and getting a newspaper was incidental, or provided a destination in the absence of any other.

OK - a fairly unimportant distinction except that, if I thought they were just going out expressly for a paper I wouldn't hassle them. If I thought they just wanted out for a while I might ask if they could take the dog with them for a walk, or pick me up some bread and milk from a destination further than the newsagent.

(yeah, ok, living with me might not be easy!)

Resurfacing again!

I hope you don't mind this:

except that, if I thought

One should write that without a comma. (I don't know why we speak a pause, but pauses do not mean commas, in case you didn't know.)

I would love to live with you though! I am constantly trying to speak so as to be better understood, and it is not easy work, yet my boyfriend (with whom I DO live) doesn't "get it". He is simpler, more casual, and broad. He is not good with English and he wants things to be easier and is more forgiving, yet it's not like he's easy to understand (sometimes I ask him to clarify due to our "grammar" differences alone). I don't speak the way most do, so some find THAT more difficult.

That chaps me!!

By the way, I LOVE this thread. Such gems here.

Also, we don't have grammar in common, but he is the kindest, most giving, most respectful, "classiest" (non slut) man! We speak well together from our hearts, usually, with just some other issues I'd have with many who are less interested in English or less intelligent. I found intellectual compatibility does not actually matter like I thought it did.

I'm just adding that because I didn't make us sound well-matched, but our values and personalities are spot on. Most of our differences are just Mars and Venus things.