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Topic: Ummm, Sorry I was busy participating in a Hot Body Contest ....
Posted: Saturday, July 9, 2011 11:14:09 AM
Rusty wrote:
How did get off?? They did not have proof?

In the Casey Anthony Case, the prosecution could not prove HOW little Caylee died. The remains where not discovered for 5+ months. By this time much of the forensic and DNA evidence had been destroyed by decomposition and from the body having been in water several times during a particularly heavy hurricane season here in Florida. It has been said that the prosecution overreached in their charge of premeditation and perhaps should have just charged for manslaughter in the first. The death penalty is in place here in Florida and it is said the jury was finding it difficult to go with the guilty verdict knowing this. My problem is that they did not even find her guilty on one of the lesser 2 charges that were available. One of them being a child neglect/abuse charge. I can't understand how killing your child, leaving her in the trunk of your car for 3 days, dumping her little body in a swamp marsh and never reporting it to anyone is not a crime. I am a mother, I am an animal lover as well. I live in Florida. I know idiots are put in jail daily here for leaving their pets in their cars while they run into the grocery store. And I agree with that. But this woman faces no jail time. I just don't understand.
Topic: Ummm, Sorry I was busy participating in a Hot Body Contest ....
Posted: Wednesday, July 6, 2011 7:31:05 PM
I have been a spectator to this horrific story since July 17,2008. I am a resident of the neighboring town of where the Anthony family resides and where little Caylee Anthony was born & lived for a short 2 3/4 years and was murdered.
This has been a part of the lives of everyone that lives within a 50 mile radius since that first day little Caylee was reported missing.
Who lied for 31 days as her daughter rotted in a swamp just 15 houses away from her parents front door ? Casey Anthony
Who reported Caylee missing? NOT Casey Anthony
Who claimed her daughter was with the imaginary "Zanny the Nannie" ? Casey Anthony
Who had access to the duct tape,heart stickers,laundry bag,baby blanket ? Casey Anthony
Who had access to clothing that the child wore was all found at the recovery site ? Casey Anthony
Who as a child used the recovery site as a hideaway place and hang out ? Casey Anthony
Who had the odor of decomposition and evidence of maggots and larvae in the trunk of their car ? Casey Anthony
Who abandoned their car on June 18,2008 next to a dumpster and told no one ? Casey Anthony
Who helped the police, sheriff's department, FBI try to find Caylee ? NOT Casey Anthony
Who participated in searching for their "kidnapped"daughter with the thousands of volunteers ? NOT Casey Anthony
Who was outraged after being arrested because everyone was only concerned about Caylee and not her ? Casey Anthony
Who offered zero assistance to ANYONE when it came to trying to locate little Caylee ? Casey Anthony
Who told their father they were the best dad and best grandfather anyone could ask for ? Casey Anthony
Who do I think killed little Caylee Anthony ? Casey Anthony

Why or How ? Casey became a mother at a young age, 19. She was not in a relationship at this time and was not planning this pregnancy. She has yet to accurately name the father of this child. There have been many fingers pointed and many paternity test submitted, without a match. She had a volatile relationship with her parents due to her lifestyle and this pregnancy was not a welcoming event. But as many grandparents do, upon the birth of little Caylee they were just taken by this new life and prepared a loving place for her in their home. George & Cindy were very attentive grandparents and jumped at the chance to babysit and take care of this little child. But as any middle class family they expected Casey to participate in the care of the child, HER child and in providing for her financially. When it became clear that they wanted Casey to return to her job at Universal Studios, she lied and told them she got her job back & she even got a promotion. This "promotion" required her to travel to overnight events and would require her to retain a full time nanny. Well we know their was no job, their was no nanny except for the invented "Zanny the Nannie " to appease her parents. At this time Casey Anthony had already gotten back into her party lifestyle and was enjoying her participation in recreational partying, and as many from her circle of friends stated "Xanax " was part of the mix. But in this circle "Xanax" was referred to as "Zanies", hence Zanny the Nannie. It has long been suspected Casey was giving this drug to Caylee to keep her sleeping while she was out and about with friends, whether as a shot girl, participating in hot body contests or just spending the day in bed with whichever guy she was vetting. As Caylee got older and started to get more vocal and her grandmother and grandfather would ask how her day or nights were with "Zanny ", it became obvious that Casey needed to find an alternative. It is also believed that Casey no longer had easy access to Xanax and had to resort to a more affordable fix. There is where Chloroform comes into play. In the month just prior to Caylee's murder, it is believed Casey Anthony resorted to using a homemade cocktail of Chloroform to use as a sedative for little Caylee. On the evening of June 15,2008 Casey Anthony had a volatile argument with her mother Cindy Anthony. On the morning of June 16,2008 Casey & Caylee Anthony left their residence on Hope springs Drive and little Caylee was never to be seen alive again. Casey spent the next 31 days partying with friends and lying to her parents constantly about her and Caylee's whereabouts. Never did she give a glimpse of worry, concern or stress regarding her daughter.
I think Casey overdosed her daughter with Chloroform on June 16.2008. She then put duct tape over her daughter's face to prevent her from breathing. I believe she was planning to bury this child in her parents yard but changed her mind and instead returned to a familiar childhood sanctuary just a 60 second drive down the street on Suburban Drive. With Caylee wrapped in her Winnie The Pooh blanket, placed in a laundry bag from her parents garage, she dumped her daughter in the swampy marsh. This area of land is easy access from the street, but it is at a steep decline and is not a place that gets traffic. It also fills with water when there is a heavy rain. Due to the length of time this poor child was decomposing in this wet wasteland, it left no DNA on any of the objects that were there, only poor little Caylee's DNA could be identified on her remains.
I watched every minute of the trial live and at times in person. There is not one thing the jury heard or saw that I did not hear or see. Her defense was presented at the last minute as an "accidental" drowning in the family pool. This theory was not presented until opening arguments. I found this to be suspect. The disposing of little Caylee she blamed on her father and an obscure meter reader. This same meter reader was the person who had discovered the remains. The theory presented by the defense just got more & more bizarre as the trial continued. I honestly believe they made things up as they went along.
If we are to believe the defense, then an accidental drowning of a child was made to look like a horrific murder and disposal of a toddler. Why ? For what reason ? Why involve a meter reader to help you with the disposal of the body if this was to have been a big secret between father and daughter ? Why as the father would you insistently ask your daughter to speak with detectives, the FBI and other law enforcement in trying to locate this little child ? My mind is just blown by the actions of Casey Marie Anthony, her defense team, and the 12 person jury. I know what the law is and how it was read to the jury and how they were instructed to follow the letter of the law. I know what reasonable doubt is. I know that there are people who look at things as black and white. I also know that had there been a hung jury, then Casey could have been re-tried again at a later date. This would have given her defense team more time to ivestigate their "theories" and the prosecution more time to bring forth more evidence. If she had been found guilty, her defense team would have filed a motion for a mistrial. Either of these options would have served better then what was found by this jury. For now no one will be held responsible for the murder and disposal of this poor little child.
Now Casey Marie Anthony will be free tomorrow on July 6, 2011. She will be free to sell her story to the highest bidder. She will now profit from the murder of her daughter. Her meniachle smile will just get bigger as will her bank account. I will personally boycott any production company, publishing company or management team that supports her financialy in any way. I am also turning my disgust in this case into something more productive. In Caylee's memory I am volunteering my time to agencies that help and support children from domestic abuse. My prayer is Casey Anthony never births another child in her lifetime.
Topic: There's A Story In Here Somwhere ....
Posted: Tuesday, July 5, 2011 1:16:42 AM
Have you ever had a great idea for a story or maybe thought you did ? You had the first line,the first paragraph, or chapter and then .... NOTHING ?!?
Well, let's solve the dilemma for the individuals who struggle with pen to paper. Just write the next line to the previous posted and lets see if WE can produce THE Masterpiece and, who knows we may get a book deal out of it !!

Bringing the family together was never a good idea. Anger,resentment,sibling rivalry....history.Just add free flowing liquid courage and the Barrett's will not disappoint. Even the most challenging contenders in a bar fight would steer clear of the group.All one had to do was look at Annemarie the wrong way and she was sure to let you know exactly how you where to blame for her lot in life. Everyone is to blame, not a family member was spared. It's just too bad it all had to happen at the memorial service.
Topic: Ummm, Sorry I was busy participating in a Hot Body Contest ....
Posted: Tuesday, July 5, 2011 12:07:28 AM
Casey Anthony : 25 year old Florida woman accused of killing her daughter Caylee Anthony on June 16th 2008. Jury is in deliberations as of 12:10 p.m. Monday July 14th 2011. Prosecution is asking for the death penalty. Do you agree, disagree ? Do you not know of the trial ? Have questions ? I would love to discuss. I am in the city where all is taking place. This is huge here and more people here think she is guilty then innocent. YouTube or Google either name & you can see story.
Topic: A Mother's Wish
Posted: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 10:07:19 AM
Marissa La Faye Isolde wrote:
To Spellcheck:
Your poem is beautiful to read. Thank you for posting it. Marissa

Thank you for your kind words ...
Topic: A Mother's Wish
Posted: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 10:05:53 AM
Casper wrote:
It reminds me of Jesus and Mary. Beautiful... :-)

That means so much, thank you for your comment ...
Topic: A and Q
Posted: Monday, June 27, 2011 9:27:15 PM
Q - Where can I get me one of those size 44DDD underwire garments ?

A - Just give me one minute, and I will let you have every inch of it ...
Topic: Word Chains
Posted: Monday, June 27, 2011 8:43:50 PM
ages and stages
Topic: Association game
Posted: Monday, June 27, 2011 6:05:34 PM
Topic: A Mother's Wish
Posted: Monday, June 27, 2011 5:31:38 PM
There stood a mother,a fragile frame

Through disbelief and heartbreak

Her son's life she struggles to reclaim

Intense sorrow for a man so young

Request for prayer and masses said

Others survive, why not her son

A woman, Marie, has held on to thread

Borrowing days, hours of time, with hopes

Seeking signs of his light

Standing vigil by her son's bed

There, as his last breath is taken

Witness to a smile befall his face

A blessing or a curse she ponders

To know this would be her last to see

She bows her head and asks for grace

Take my son and protect him

Prepare his place with thee

She knows not the reasons why

No answer can explain

Memories flash before wet eyes

Hugs, laughter, song's and beauty

A mother said goodbye this day

To a life she'd brought to be

With all the tears inside her pocket

She knows that he will wait

To embrace her once again

Wipe away her tears of sorrow

at Heaven's Holy Gate ......