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Topic: Demonizing words to fit the agenda of the well-offs
Posted: Wednesday, October 28, 2015 11:18:16 PM
Thanks Hope. I do get worked up but, I'm weary of fighting. Canada sounds real nice but, I barely own a coat. I couldn't get out of bed when the temp was 56. There should be an ice cube emoji for here Whistle I've known some real good people from Canada and one lives way out in Manitoba. If I was younger and didn't have so many kids and grandkids I would go. Forty years of struggle and I feel like I've slid down to the bottom of the hill. However, I've got the best children in the world. I had three aneurysms. One was bleeding and the fact I'm alive is a miracle. My husband died 3 months before my aneurysms. By the way, they say it was a congenital thing I was born with. My father died of a coronary aneurysm. I didn't get any disability but my children supported me in my house. Can you believe it? I am now getting social security but I've gone through a lot of my savings because of medical bills. It's been hard and I hear people talk so ugly about affordable care. They are still vowing to repeal it! When I point out to them how much it would mean to me. They tell me "Well, I didn't mean you." I tell them however much they don't mean me, when they vote it is about me.
Topic: Demonizing words to fit the agenda of the well-offs
Posted: Wednesday, October 28, 2015 10:05:45 PM
Hi. Sorry it has taken long to answer. I have a seizure disorder and sometimes a white page is intolerable.

Yes Hope, these are all southern states. I should have explained more. These are the state's articles, not federal. States or not, I think it is unconstitutional. It is the issue we fought a civil war over. State's rights. Like I say, it is a dangerous situation. Let me blow your mind. According to the constitution all ammendments must be ratified by 2/3 of the states to become law. The 13th ammendment abolishing slavery and involuntary servitude, except for convicted criminals. After the war it was sent to the states for ratification 3 states held out. Delaware didn't until 1907, Kentucky 1976 and Mississippi in 1995.

While southern states are still po-ed about their states rights they have taken advantage of the last part. The part about incarcerated prisoners. The privatization of prisons incentivizes arresting as many young people as possible and overwhelmingly men of color. Black and brown men. Is it any wonder that we have more prisoners than any other country in the world?

Sharonk, please tell us the words you hear in your life that are used to demean and criminalize you and cause you to feel victimized. I said socialist and did that start some s stuff. As I think has been evident, that word on the wrong ear or eye caused a big reaction.

This is dangerous to a country when states refuse to obey the constitution they say they say they love. I live in Texas and I get so angry when I hear people say they only vote in important elections. State elections are just as important. In my state of Texas the Tea Party got elected to the state legislature because people didn't think state elections are important. They have gerrymandered the state so much that on the first year after redistricting my husband and I voted in different districts!!!! They gerrymandered my HOME. We hadn't noticed it on our voter registration cards but, we voted at different places. We went to the polls at the fire station like we always did but he was in one district and me in another and the polls were closing. I couldn't vote. I wrote my representative a long angry letter and my district clerk got an angry call. I got a new card but it flips me out that my neighbors and I have different districts. So, trying to do an awareness thing for a candidate I am supporting gets real hard to know who is who and where they vote.

I got booted off a minute ago and had to re-write this whole thing so I'm hoping its not too messed up to read. But I did want to say this about the phrase group-think. That is another of the words that are being used to characterize their opponents. I don't like being characterized as a whiner for government handouts. I am a member of a very fundamental religous group and I don't believe in it. I would counsel against it but, it isn't my choice. I am FIERCLY independent and believe in responsibility. I believe that those who are exorbitantly blessed with wealth are required to be exorbitantly responsible to those who produce the wealth they build their fortunes on. And many of these large consortiums (?), hedge-funds, banks have sold shares of their businesses to foreign interest and they own shares around the world so that who knows who is responsible. And the Supreme Court has given these business equal status as a citizen. How do you throw a far-flung company in prison?

One more thought, these privatized prisons in Texas also do politicking for privatization if schools. That pulls money from state run schools and causes bad schools. Then they have a perfect school to prison supply. They have kids in juvie (majority of color and poor anybody) pulling cotton in the summer. Yes we have machines for that but, the human hand does a more thorough job and enhances profits. Does the irony of this hit anybody? I know F'D thought my argument was silly and humorous but, really tell me? I've had 3 brain surgeries so sometimes I wonder or am I just wandering?
Topic: Demonizing words to fit the agenda of the well-offs
Posted: Tuesday, October 27, 2015 10:44:03 PM
Those were only a few of the examples I could produce. I hope if your eyes have been opened you will tell someone else. This is dangerous to our country. It's dangerous for the world when the USA says they want to give their gift of democracy to the world.
Topic: Demonizing words to fit the agenda of the well-offs
Posted: Tuesday, October 27, 2015 9:25:56 PM
Arkansas, Article 19, Section 1:
No person who denies the being of a God shall hold any office in the civil departments of this State, nor be competent to testify as a witness in any Court.

Maryland, Article 37:
That no religious test ought ever to be required as a qualification for any office of profit or trust in this State, other than a declaration of belief in the existence of God; nor shall the Legislature prescribe any other oath of office than the oath prescribed by this Constitution.

Mississippi, Article 14, Section 265:
No person who denies the existence of a Supreme Being shall hold any office in this state.

North Carolina, Article 6, Section 8
The following persons shall be disqualified for office: Any person who shall deny the being of Almighty God.

Tennessee, Article 9, Section 2:
No person who denies the being of God, or a future state of rewards and punishments, shall hold any office in the civil department of this state.

While these don't specifically say muslim, it is certainly against atheist.
Topic: Demonizing words to fit the agenda of the well-offs
Posted: Tuesday, October 27, 2015 2:53:20 PM
Romany, I apologize. It is not right to ask those questions of you. You are good and kind and I apologize.
Topic: Demonizing words to fit the agenda of the well-offs
Posted: Tuesday, October 27, 2015 2:36:21 PM
Ben Carson, candidate for the Republican nomination for president and Trump and many others for the last 8 years have argued that a Muslim couldn't be president because it would be against the founding principles of the United States. The far right have called for all candidates to sign an oath that they would uphold Christian ideals and principles as a litmus test as to whether they were fit to govern. That is NOT what the constitution says. The constitution couldn't be clearer in Article VI it states, "no religous test should ever be required as qualification to any office or public trust." Can you square the assertion that the USA was founded on religous beliefs such as those of the Puritans who wanted a theocracy?

Maybe I misunderstand. It happens to me.
Topic: Demonizing words to fit the agenda of the well-offs
Posted: Tuesday, October 27, 2015 12:44:07 PM
Dragon, I think you left one out and I wonder why. Theocracy. Why leave it out when the discussion has been whether the Puritans way of governance is in discussion?
Topic: Demonizing words to fit the agenda of the well-offs
Posted: Tuesday, October 27, 2015 11:28:00 AM
Thank you progpen. Now I get to say, someone understands what I'm trying to say. Thank you for explaining it.
Topic: Why did America get into worldwar11 late?
Posted: Tuesday, October 27, 2015 12:33:04 AM
The Japanese ambasador was still in Washington on December 7. I don't believe the ambassador knew what was going to happen.
Topic: Demonizing words to fit the agenda of the well-offs
Posted: Monday, October 26, 2015 5:33:38 PM
Socialism for the rich, rugged capitalism for the poor.