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Topic: How do you best describe yourself?
Posted: Saturday, June 12, 2010 4:06:03 AM
I basically have two problems with myself:
1. I get tempered easily these and I shout a lot but later regret it to the extent that I start crying to myself.
2. I love mixing up with people but I don't know what stops me. I accept that I'm introvert but I don't like it.

I am spiritually inclined. I am very optimistic and I'm proud of being one. I wasn't like this before. But two years of my life (when I was in 11th and 12th standard), my thinking completely changed. There were a lot many factors which made me spiritual and that converted me to a positive thinker.
Topic: Ranked 'Guest'?
Posted: Saturday, June 12, 2010 3:41:22 AM
How can anyone have -5 points
Topic: Calories?
Posted: Saturday, June 12, 2010 3:36:16 AM
srirr wrote:
I third the post by KM. :) And welcome to the club.
You cant see temperature, you cant see force, you cant see time, you cant see.......(a lot can be named). You dont even know how it looks like. Do you?
But you measure.

((Oh No! Only measurement can prove. ))

But you can feel all those. You cannot feel calories.
Topic: 7 11
Posted: Friday, June 11, 2010 4:12:47 AM
AG, if you could specify in which movie you encountered that phrase or what the movie was about or at least the scene or dialogue where the phrase occured, it could be of much help as we find many interpretations for that phrase over here.
Topic: Your favorite subject
Posted: Friday, June 11, 2010 3:53:27 AM
kisholoy mukherjee wrote:
Isn't it really curious that though both geometry and algebra are similar things which require a logical approach, many of us actually found problems with one while being really good at the other?
Even I was much better at algebra than geometry, though I wasn't that bad in the latter as well.
However, I remember I was pretty bad at sums involving componendo and dividendo. Anyone else had the same problem? Boy, they involved so much calculationd'oh!

Even I was better in algebra rather than geometry. But I found geometry much interesting. Algebra was so easy that it hardly required any brains. But in case of geometry every question seemed new. But if we fail to crack it, its a headbreaking task.
Topic: Your favorite subject
Posted: Friday, June 11, 2010 3:45:33 AM
TL Hobs wrote:
I love to learn new things. I spent over 8 years in college. I graduated from high school. I have taken correspondence courses on subjects of interest. I am self taught in cartography, which is what I do now for a living. But, I hated school.

The school system in the US drives me up the wall. I used to meet with the high school counselor who would ask, "TL, what do you want out of school?" I replied that he answered his own question. I wanted TL out of school.

My goal in high school was to graduate at the bottom of my class. That was a noble goal, I thought. Anybody could try to be 1st in their class, but what was the challenge in that? If they failed, then so what? They came in 2nd or 3rd. But, to be last in their class was tricky. If you went too far, you failed and had to take the year over again. Not far enough, and nobody noticed. I used to calculate how low a score I could make on an exam and still barely pass. When the end of school came, the teachers passed another kid who actually failed his studies, but they didn't want to have to deal with him for another year and passed him anyway. That put me next-to-last. I protested to the administration and told them that I deserved to be last and was being cheated. They were too stupid to understand.

I was thrown out of P.E. The coach was a redneck, retired Marine drill instructor who hated me. Each day the class began with me and an overgrown farm boy named Andy putting on boxing gloves and the coach telling Andy to "Go out there and beat the crap out of that S.O.B." Andy had arms 7 ft. long and used to come at me like a Brahma bull. After he landed a few blows, the rest of the class did their thing in the gym.

One day, I didn't feel well and did not change clothes for class. I sat in the bleachers reading a book. The coach asked me why and I told him I didn't feel up to it that day. He asked for a note from a doctor saying I was sick. I didn't have one. He told me to go to the basement and stack folding chairs instead. I replied that I would like to help him out, but my parents paid taxes to hire custodians to do that sort of thing. I was there to get an education.

That was my last day in P.E. class. I still chuckle thinking about seeing the veins in his neck stand out and him turning blue in the face. He was funny. I had some other funny teachers, too.

That's very interesting.
Topic: Your favorite subject
Posted: Friday, June 11, 2010 3:34:42 AM
kaleem wrote:
Favorite - History
Most dreaded subject - Maths
Most hated subject - Economics

I used to sleep in my economics class. My place was farthest from the lecturer and the lecturer's voice was so low that even the first bencher could hardly listen. I had no other choice but sleeping.
Topic: Your favorite subject
Posted: Friday, June 11, 2010 3:13:49 AM
Literature was my favorite.
Life sciences the most deaded,
and History I hated the most.
Topic: Playing with Money
Posted: Friday, June 11, 2010 3:08:33 AM
Lent it to friends who were a kind of people who would never return.
Topic: Political Correctness
Posted: Friday, June 4, 2010 4:26:32 AM
Tovarish wrote:
Honestly JJ, I am totally sick of PCness.

Once we had a 'chairman' and no woman I know took umbrage. Now its 'chairperson'.

'Horsemanship' just turned to a tongue twister.
'Handyman's Store' is now Handypersons Store.
"Man holes' are Person holes?

Ladies now have

Oh, that's right, I am not allowed to use the term 'Lady' for females who work for charities, because 'Ladies dont work', we have to be called 'Women'.

That was the final straw!!

'Fireman', 'chairman', I think all these words did mean man because previously there were almost no women working there. But now these words have been changed may be because you can't call a lady in a fire department, a fireman or a lady in a company, a chairman.