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Topic: Which should i say?
Posted: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 5:45:58 AM
Do you live in / at Bluberry Apts
I've got a flat in / at Bluberry Apts
Meet me in / at the shopping mall in an hour
I studied in / at The Modern High School , Warwick University

My shoes make this funny sound / noise when they're wet/damp
Don't make a loud noise / sound when you enter the room
They talked so noisely
They were talking noisely

Today is / was a problematic day
She is a problematic child/person
He is such a problem
Maths is my problem area

They were bewildered at her/by statement/way of thinking/behaviour
He was shocked at/by her behaviour
We don't have any one by/with that name

Difference bet. “She stays with her mother” & “She lives with her mother”. Does "stay" mean temporary and "lives" permanent?

My house is near RL lane
My bungalow is on/in SW street
I live down this lane/on this street
My apartment is on that road/near that road(by-lane)
This is where he lived in
Don't walk in/on the driveway
in/on the campus
in/on a sprawling area of
Topic: Help needed with these
Posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 5:25:11 AM
-There's good breeze here
-You don't get any breeze there
-Keep the windows open for the breeze to come in
-Its breezy today
-Its so chill/chilly
-Do you get the fan's breeze here?

-I got a headache because of the sun / because I went out in the sun, was out in the sun for a long time
-Open the windows and let the sunlight/sunshine come in
-Avoid going out between 10 am to 3 pm, when its very hot/sunny
-Cover you head/hair when you go out, because the sun/sunlight/sunshine can damage your hair and make it very dry.
-The sunshine is nice & bright
-I can't sit here because as the sun's rays are /sunlight/sunshine is falling right on me
-The sun/sunlight/sunshine is too strong in the noon.

-I want to improve my knowledge about/on politics
-The club organsied a programme to spread the awareness on/about AIDS
Topic: which of these is correct?
Posted: Friday, May 21, 2010 5:42:47 AM
1) 3 to 5 students are assigned a teacher who will monitor their progress Or 3 to 5 students are assigned to a teacher who will monitor their progress

2) I can't bear her singing / I can't bear to hear her sing

3) I am fed up of hearing / listening to the same thing day in and day out

4) The chief guest of / for the program was Mr. Cooper

5) I studied in / at St. Agnes College (or at the Modern High School)

6) I did my schooling from / at / in the Presidency School in Madras.

7) I am a student of / from St. Ann's University.

8)For how many days, have you been having fever / been sick?

9) She sat opposite her face-to-face.