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Topic: If you were a hero/heroine of a novel ...
Posted: Saturday, April 30, 2011 11:32:52 PM
Claire in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series
Topic: Dust in the Wind
Posted: Saturday, October 30, 2010 7:48:13 PM
excaelis wrote:
thar wrote:
all we are (subject) is (vb) dust in the wind (sjct)

all we are is a collection of molecules
all we are is a body
all we are is worth nothing

more song lyrics
all I am,
is all I am,
is all I am
or what?

....I'm Popeye the sailor m-a-a-n !Boo hoo!

Uhn! d'oh! It's the MAN thing again! Brick wall

Topic: Which is the first music album you bought with your own money ?
Posted: Saturday, October 30, 2010 3:57:55 PM
More of the Monkees (oh yeah, I'm a believer!)
Topic: Diner Lingo
Posted: Saturday, October 30, 2010 3:20:36 PM
It looks as though the groups effort pretty much caught them all! Great topic, Joseph - thanks for the fun challenge!

gradyone wrote:
Not to threadjack, but while I've got you here, PM & Ruth, I just want to say:
Srirr wasn't the only member who noticed your prodigal post, Pocketmole, but dummy that I am, I didn't say Hi at the time. It's wonderful to have you back with us.

Thanks for the boost, grady. It's so nice to be missed!!

Topic: Diner Lingo
Posted: Friday, October 29, 2010 11:39:28 AM
Some of these I think I know, some I'm guessing, and some I have no idea! Eh?

Adam and Eve on a log: 2 eggs with sausage
Adam and Eve on a Raft and Wreck 'em: 2 scrambled eggs on toast
Battle Creek in a Bowl corn flakes (Kellogg’s of Battle Creek, Michigan)
Black and White: Coffee with cream?
Bowl of Red : Raspberry Jello?
Checkerboard: Chocolate sundae?
Cowboy with Spurs: Steak done rare?
Don't Cry Over It Hold the onions
Dough Well Done With Cow to Cover: Grilled cheese sandwich?
Drag Through the Garden: With vegetables
First Ladies: Apples?
Frosty Joe: Iced coffee
Hold the Grass: No lettuce
Hot blonde in sand: What excaelis ordered
Joe O'Malley: Irish coffee
Moo juice: Milk
Mystery in the Alley ??
One from the Alps : With Swiss cheese?
Pink Stick: Hot dog?
Popeye: Spinach
Put a Hat on It: Put it in a bun
Put a Red Light on it: Put a cherry on top
Put Out the Lights and Cry: Smother it with onions?
Splash of Red Noise: With ketchup?
Torpedo It: ??
Wimpy : Burger
Winter it: With ice cream
Zeppelins in a Fog: Could this refer to some of the customers?

Topic: Commas
Posted: Friday, October 29, 2010 11:04:22 AM
And this one:

that that is is that that is not is not that that is not is not that that is that that is is not that that is not Dancing

Topic: Ever wish you had your camera and didn't?
Posted: Tuesday, October 26, 2010 12:09:05 PM
Thanks, chopper! I understand the thread now. I don't think I could have kept from laughing either, but I also couldn't have done the push ups!
Topic: Halloween costume ideas
Posted: Tuesday, October 26, 2010 10:22:18 AM
Blow up a lot of purple balloons, attach them to your clothes and go as a bunch of grapes. Cheap and easy!

Topic: Ever wish you had your camera and didn't?
Posted: Tuesday, October 26, 2010 9:51:23 AM
chopperpilot01 wrote:
Last week when my JROTC SAI fell into a ditch while running PT. Applause Applause Applause

JROTC? SAI? PT? Could I please have a translation so I can get the joke too?

The most memorable moment when I wished I had a camera was: Years ago, when stopped at a red light, a white limousine pulling a U-Haul trailer passed in front of us on the green light. I did a double-take and cracked up; also thought about the great advertising opportunity for U-Haul "(Everyone uses a U-Haul")!
Topic: halloween
Posted: Monday, October 25, 2010 11:35:59 PM
My kids are grown up now, but two Hallowe'en traditions stand out.

They always wore home-made costumes. Parts were purchased at thrift stores and the rest we made ourselves. It was always so much fun, scrounging what was needed. They got very creative. Over the years, their costumes included the usual princess, fairy, gypsy, a cowgirl, a mosquito (we got the idea months ahead of time when one daughter was given a kazoo, and I told her she sounded like a mosquito when she hummed into it!), a tree, a birthday present, Medusa, Fire (D could have been Katniss's stylist in The Hunger Games - has anybody read it?) They still make their costumes for the Hallowe'en parties they go to as adults!

The other tradition was started by me in an effort to save their teeth because I was galled by the quantity of candy they collected! They got to keep all the chips and nuts, and they chose 12 keepers from the candy. The rest, they bundled into a bag and left in a special spot (in our house, usually by the piano). During the night, the tooth fairy would take away the bag of candy and leave a small gift (book, game, puzzle, etc.) in its place. Don't think I'm a mean mum for taking away their candy: every year, they ASKED if the Tooth Fairy would be coming. They liked the gift better than the candy - they had more than enough stuff with what they kept!

Oh, one more tradition: when I went out for Hallowe'en as a kid, a lot of people gave apples (not so much any more). But there was always the danger that some sicko would sabotage the apple with a pin or even a razor blade (ya really gotta wonder...). So my mother took all my sister's and my apples and cut them up to make a special Hallowe'en Apple Crisp.

Oh, that was a nice trip down memory lane - thanks for the opportunity, Biba!