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Topic: Anxiety/Depression/Bipolar Children?
Posted: Thursday, June 9, 2011 9:43:30 AM
I agree with the others. Just be patient, time and love are your best bet. Good luck!!
Topic: Gas prices...
Posted: Wednesday, May 4, 2011 1:01:08 PM
I am in the Chicagoland area of Illionis in the US. Our prices our the highest in the nation. Since oil is a traded commodity it will fluctuate as the markets do. This will keep us questioning where the prices will go next. But... the excuse for the fluctuating prices is so different all the time I have no idea what to think about it anymore. It should be a wake up though to the US that we need to reduce or need/consumption of oil. It will be difficult, but it can be done. Once we do this, the price will mean less to us and maybe then it will actually go down- MAYBE.Think
Topic: pretty neat
Posted: Monday, April 25, 2011 5:09:00 PM
It's not used as often as it was a decade or so ago. My teen still says coolThink , awesom, and sick.
Topic: Riot at Villawood Detention Centre
Posted: Thursday, April 21, 2011 10:37:10 AM
What a hot toic for us. I am in America and can tell you we have our fair share of foreigners coming to the states for many reasons. I really don't care that they come here, it's a nice feeling knowing they chose to live here because we have a beautiful country. we are far from perfect, I have to put that out there first. Now, we are dealing with people leaving their home country for what ever reason, in hopes of finding a better life. I know that is a difficult choice to make, then add the pressure of picking a country, uprooting your family, language barriers, culture clashing and I could see if depression does not kick in, anger will. The true matter here is HOW these individuals handle their anger. If they trully feel they are being helped, then they should try to do their best to remain calm. Acting out in violence and destruction will only create stereotype for others that may choose to follow them. Then the cycle is continued. It is up to the receiving country/land to have a plan in place to handle in the influx of the foreigners. It's not easy, but if we all keep in mind the reason this is happening, it may help. Of course, violence and destruction are NEVER the answer!!
Topic: Do you like your job
Posted: Friday, April 8, 2011 9:47:37 AM
I don't like my job at all!! But if I could do what I really enjoy, I'd be a party host, or event host for TV, or radio. I love working with the public and I can pump up a crowd in no time! I love it.Dancing
Posted: Thursday, February 17, 2011 11:05:03 AM
I just love this forum, if for nothing else, the kindness most share!! This one taught me something, as most of them do. Thanks! Applause
Topic: What or who would you be?
Posted: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 10:40:03 AM
I'd love to be the ocean. The power, history, lure of myself would awesome! Plus, I'd be all over the planet. And I do like whales and dolphins. Drool
Topic: Material World
Posted: Monday, January 10, 2011 10:12:48 AM
A material world (I believe it more refers to the US than the world)is just that, a world based on materialism. Everything is valued in money, nothing else. I can't speak for other countries but I can agree it is very much the way of thinking for a majority of the United States. And most of our youth are getting this message via music and TV. Very sad.
Topic: Tonsils and Adenoids
Posted: Thursday, December 30, 2010 10:29:38 AM
For the longest time my daughter suffered from high fevers. Constantly she was 100-104 Ferinheit. Her doctor had every excuse under the sun for us. After awhile I was asked not to accompany my daughter to the Dr. because I asked too many questions and debated the Dr.'s answers. The final straw broke when after a Dr.'s visit at age 7, my daughter's father told me the Dr. said she had allergies. I questioned, what allergies, and he said, "just allergies". I called the Dr. and he told me the same thing but added, "the usual, animal dander, pollen, etc." I was enraged, since he didn't even test her for any allergies.
That's when I took her to a nose, ear and throat specialist who discoved little "pockets" on her tonsils that were collecting bits of food and bacteria growing on this food was causing infection, which caused the fevers. He suggested removing the tonsils, which I did and since that day she has not had a fever.
Moral of the story, have it checked out, even if just to make you happy. But suggest the idea of a Dr. as gently as you can. I hope all turns out for the best for your ganddaughter and family.
Topic: What is your view on 2011 equities prospect?
Posted: Wednesday, December 29, 2010 9:47:22 AM
This is what I do for a living and I can tell you, like most "average years" there are some really good stocks to consider. Of course, events that are unforseen in the future could affect the market as a whole and no matter how good a stock, company or analysis, it could be bad.
My take on it is invest in a company that has weathered a bad market and recovered before. Your best bet is to put a comfortable amount into a stock that you can afford to take a loss on if it so happened. I have a few that I love and think will do quite well in 2011, but that is my opinion and not advice.
The market should continue it's recovery, it just will not be a speedy one.