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Topic: Why did God create non-theists ?
Posted: Monday, December 20, 2010 2:39:55 AM
Epiphileon wrote:
intelfam wrote:

Hi, Epiphileon , sorry, I can't follow your thinking on this. I know that neurology is starting to question the idea of freewill, but staying within your framework, I am still puzzled. d'oh! Perhaps you could explain?

Hi Intelfam, no problem, this argument can be carried out extensively, particularly if all the Biblical references that support it were cited.
It could be said that the arguments in the Bible for predestination are a different argument but, I maintain they actually can be distilled down to the above observation.
God is eternal/omnipresent, he is every where/when, so when he created the universe, he was also present at its end, therefore the resultant destiny of every human being withing that universe, would of necessity, be known to him at the creation moment, what he knew at that moment was perfect knowledge, therefore it could not change, therefore wherein lies the possibility of freewill in man?

Now I can go to bed knowing that I learned something today. Thanks for that piece of information, Epi.
Topic: Liberal Lunacy? or what!?
Posted: Monday, December 20, 2010 2:24:00 AM
Can someone please provide a link to your sources of news? Obviously, some people are more up-to-date with the situation than I am. I haven't heard in the news how exactly Manning is guilty. If you don't have concrete evidence, then why are you so certain that he is a traitor?

BTW, if he is indeed guilty, they should first see how leaking information helped or harmed America.
Topic: God is Not a Helicopter Parent
Posted: Saturday, December 18, 2010 5:59:28 PM
Does this mean that praying is useless? Think
Topic: Liberal Lunacy? or what!?
Posted: Saturday, December 18, 2010 5:52:43 PM
redgriffin wrote:
I'm not shocked to see that Berkley wants to honor the young man who leaked the documents to Wiki Leaks. I'm not surprised but I see you are but Berkley is a very Liberal community. While I applaud the things that Mr Assange and his organization profess to want to do I do see that this young soldier did break the law by giving secret documents to another group without the permission of his superiors should his superiors be investigated, without a doubt they are as guilty as he is in someways. So if small town in Northern California wants to praise Private Manning that is fine but don't expect me to agree with it. The truth is that the City Council of Berkley and anyone else in this great country can praise Bradley Manning to the heights of the capital if they wish, because of our Freedom of Speech, It was GHeorge Washington who said “If the freedom of speech is taken [b]away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” [/b]but Private Manning must still fight for his freedom in a military court and I have yet to see anyone putting up any money for his defence even Mr Assange has stepped away from helping this young man who was his best source of information.

He hasn't been found guilty yet, why do you speak with so much certainty? How do you know that Manning actually leaked the documents? Think
Topic: Why did God create non-theists ?
Posted: Friday, December 17, 2010 4:32:54 PM
Cat wrote:
I think it was ego. I would prefer to know someone loves me for me rather than because they have no choice but to love me. I would be sure of their feelings that way.

Knowing that god exists doesn't guarantee that people will love him. Perhaps people will hate him for allowing misery in the world. Who knows? god knows.Anxious
Topic: Where does orthodoxy end?
Posted: Thursday, December 16, 2010 12:44:10 AM
Wercozy, science can explain everything, or everything could be explained through science.Anxious If something like that happens to me, I would just admire the panorama. Then, if not tired from hiking for 26 miles (!!!) I would turn my laptop on and admire the science behind it.Drool
Topic: Where does orthodoxy end?
Posted: Tuesday, December 14, 2010 2:19:43 PM
This is interesting. I don't recall labeling myself as a Catholic (Christian). Although I was a Catholic, is not something you think about when every single person surrounding you is one. I just believed in God, Jesus, and the Bible (although I prayed daily, I can't say I was a very religious kid). When in High School things changed, I changed. I started to think things through. Always questioning everything. I was about 17, and after so many years, I started going to church again. I was a new person by now. I listened to the stuff they said and it was all absurdity to my ears. I think it was then, after going to church for a few times, that I finally called myself an Atheist.
Topic: Trojan Horse
Posted: Saturday, December 11, 2010 12:00:05 PM
Democrats want extended tax cuts for the poor (those earning less than 250,000 [I think that even that's a lot of money]). The Republicans don't want rich people to pay taxes. My question is, how the hell are SO MANY Americans supporting the Republicans? Are all the Republican followers wealthy? I just don't get it.

Same with the "Dream Act" and "repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell". If the majority of Americans are in favor of the aforementioned, why isn't the government doing something about it? I thought this was a democratic republic.
Topic: Math problem
Posted: Friday, December 10, 2010 10:20:08 PM
Out of 21 problems that I solved (so far) this is the one that is giving me headaches. I fell asleep twice while doing this problem today. It looks so damn simple, but I just can't do it by adding the two fractions first.

Can someone please do it for me? I finally did it, but I want to learn to do it in a more efficient way.

How I solved this problem (don't laugh)Anxious :

Topic: Math problem
Posted: Friday, December 10, 2010 2:55:09 AM
excaelis, I don't think drinking solves the problem in my case! The only time drinking works is when one gets kicked out of the house. lol JK!

JJ, thanks for the website, very handy. No, I mean, thanks for reminding me (because I had forgotten) that you need to put the expressions(?) inside parenthesis. For example; (2x-3). I got a calculator in the browser (extension), a pretty good one, and after entering the problem (like you did in the website) it gave back the answer. One thing that I still don't get is, how do you actually solve the problem? I don't want you to do it for me, you'd spoil the fun, but I want some hints (properties). Do I just try to simplify without moving anything to other side of the equal sign?