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Topic: How do I file my taxes when working out of the country?
Posted: Monday, November 30, 2009 1:59:33 AM
EllieMae wrote:
Hi ameebolah,
I don't know if this will help but another avenue to get your answers might be going to the website for the local library where you have lived or plan to live when you return to the US. You should be able to email them to get the answers. Usually the staff at libraries are extremely helpful and have access to many sources of information, and it should be fairly up to date (just in case anything has changed since doubtsuMother was working out of the country). Depending on things, you might even be able to arrange an online chat session?? (We have this ability with the libraries here in Ontario, Canada).
Barring that, perhaps a tax lawyer in the US might be of some assistance??
Or could there be an up to date book that you could order online (assuming you can get mail to China??)
Good luck!

Oh I just thought of another possibility--- is there a US Consulate where you are in China? They really should be able to help. Right?????

Thank you for the suggestions! I'm trying to get in touch with the consulate... great idea!
Topic: How do I file my taxes when working out of the country?
Posted: Monday, November 30, 2009 1:58:30 AM
doubutsuMother wrote:
I told you. you must file an extension.

Sorry, I missed that part of your explanation.

Thank you for your help.
Topic: How do I file my taxes when working out of the country?
Posted: Saturday, November 28, 2009 9:15:19 AM
Update: I finally found some information on the IRS website! It seemed that I'd found the correct form to use (2555-EZ).


The form says that I need to fulfill the requirements of the Physical Residence Test, which stipulates that I must be in the country for at least 330 days during 2009. This is a problem, because I came to China on March 3, 2009. So, that means that from March 3-January 31, 2009, I will have been here for less than 330 days. So, this is not the correct form, and I can't seem to find information on the form suited to my situation.

Harumpf! Does anyone know what I should do?

Thank you!
Topic: How do I file my taxes when working out of the country?
Posted: Saturday, November 28, 2009 5:18:50 AM
doubutsuMother wrote:
I've been through your situation... if you make under 80k overseas you do not have to pay taxes in American because you are already paying them in the country you are working in. However you still must file your tax return or you might be charged the taxes anyways.

You must work in the foreign country for a certain amount of time, a stay of residency, and it is very important that you meet this requirement before you file your taxes or they will tax you anyways.

If you do not have enough time for a stay of residency you are advised to file an extension on your tax return to meet that requirement.

When filing your taxes you will need proof of income translated into English, this might be your contract I do not know so ask. I did not translate my proof of income because it is difficult so I sent my proof on income with my income highlighted, circled, the important words translated, and the income exchanged into US dollars using the IRS exchange rate listed for the year on their website.

I also put this information in a short but concise letter.

IF you don't pay taxes I do not see how you can be reimbursed for expenses so I would not try it.

IF you come back tomorrow I will give you hyperlinks to better information on the subject but I am tired right now so I sleep.

Oh thank you!!! I will check back often, so whenever you have the time to provide the other information is good for me! Get some sleep. Thanks again for your help.
Topic: How do I file my taxes when working out of the country?
Posted: Saturday, November 28, 2009 4:44:39 AM
sandraleesmith46 wrote:
That might work, but I'd suggest contacting the IRS directly. They have all sorts of publications and even put on extra people to help folks figure out their taxes properly, starting in January. I expect they're on line too. I don't know their site, but is the main web site for Federal agencies, reaching your legislators, etc. If it's not there, I'd be surprised. The FDA, CDC, information center from Pueblo, CO, and all the rest of the "alphabet soup" are. That way you'd get the answers from them, and if they give you the wrong info, it's on them! I hope that helps.

Thanks so much for your ideas. I have been been on the IRS website for countless hours, but still can't find what I need.

Good point on on blaming the info center if any of their advice comes back to hurt me!
Topic: How do I file my taxes when working out of the country?
Posted: Saturday, November 28, 2009 3:58:29 AM
How do I file my taxes when working out of the country?

Background info: I am an American citizen, I work at a school in China, I have been here for 9 months, I am paid in cash, there no record of my salary except for what is listed in my contract, I will be returning to America in March to live (not sure if all of that is pertinent).

I have been hunting for an answer all year. My colleagues in the same situation have been grossly unhelpful. The most common answer I have received is "Don't worry about it, the government won't find you." That's not the way I handle things.

I had a family member at home (the USA) call H&R block to ask about what I should do. A representative told her that I should file my wages as if I owned a small business because I don't receive a paycheck from my school. The rep also said that I can be reimbursed for some expenses here like utilities and school supplies.

Does anyone know if this is right? Should I file my taxes like I own a business?

Your input is much appreciated!
Topic: Spoonerism
Posted: Friday, October 23, 2009 2:04:59 AM
I said this after having my first really good kiss:

"I'm kneak in the wees!"

It doesn't make complete sense, but it still makes me laugh. Having kneakness in the wees is funny stuff.
Topic: Favourite Flirts
Posted: Friday, October 23, 2009 1:57:56 AM
One of my friends likes to take pick-up lines and intentionally say them incorrectly. His drive for doing this is that if a lady gets his humor, then it was a successfully planted line.

My favorite is: "I lost my phone number, can you help me find it?"
It's a spin-off of "I lost my phone number, can I have yours?"

I love it.
Topic: what words do you hate hearing ?
Posted: Friday, October 9, 2009 2:04:07 AM
Romany wrote:
I hesitated to put in my two cents worth earlier because most people were talking about either grammatical errors or jargon.

The word I hate to hear, however, is a perfectly legitimate one. I just truly hate the sound of it.

It actually makes me recoil:- its.........Bosom/s!

Yuk! It even looks ugly sitting there in print and disfiguring the page. I think boobs is cute and sassy, breasts rather classical, titties sound like a cute little pair of birds - but bosoms?

Its like bazooka, Beluga, bellicose, basoon, belligerant...all big, heavy, ugly words for big, heavy, ugly things. I totally object to my two little fried eggs sounding even remotely like large ugly military armaments, or whales, or really ugly musical instruments; or being aggressive and sad.

So down with bosoms say I. And up with boobs. (n.b Hmm that sentence illustrates the importance of prepositions rather well, doesn't it? One slip of the lexicon and I could be inciting people to lewd behaviour. As it is, it sounds like I am advocating for plastic surgery though.)

Thank you for referring to your boobs as "my two little fried eggs." It made me giggle. Where did that come from, may I ask?
Topic: what words do you hate hearing ?
Posted: Friday, October 9, 2009 1:57:29 AM
I can't stand the use of the word "pop" to describe color use in design.

I watch a lot of DIY home inprovement shows for reasons I don't understand... and I've noticed that the desginers tend to say things along the lines of "This persimmon-colored pillow just POPS against the grey sofa" or "I want to add some POPS of color to this room to liven it up." Sorry for the poorly-structured sentence.

It makes me insane. The over-usage! Arg!