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Topic: Carpet Crawlers
Posted: Thursday, November 17, 2011 3:41:21 PM
I'm sorry.
Right after posting my original question, the freedictionary website automatically found through google the correct explanation. But I did my homework and tried to find it myself!!! d'oh! hahah LOL

Thanks any way!

Topic: Carpet Crawlers
Posted: Thursday, November 17, 2011 3:32:53 PM
There is this song from the group Genesis called "The Carpet Crawlers"
The lyrics doesn't tell me anything about the name of the song.
Is this phrase a common one? I mean, is this used in regular English, and does it have any special meaning?

I seem to have heard that some people call babies "carpet crawlers"

Thank you.
Topic: Never use two past tenses simultaneously
Posted: Monday, January 18, 2010 12:37:48 PM
john.hayes7 wrote:

I wait to stand being corrected by an expert.

Funny it is, that even the speaker of his/her mother tongue language cannot call him/herself an expert on it.

My mother language is spanish, and I am also far from an expert in spanish. In fact, I started learning (being aware) of it when I began learning english. And now, I am learning even more of spanish by becoming a spanish language teacher! d'oh!

I am an english/spanish teacher who happens to be mexican hehe Whistle

And yes! I am also waiting to be corrected in all of the mistakes I made in this short off-topic posting of mine.

Topic: Esperanto?
Posted: Thursday, July 23, 2009 11:18:43 AM
ameebolah wrote:
You know scientists that speak Esperanto!? That's fascinating!

What hurts my brain regarding that---> from what I know about Esperanto, it doesn't boast a large lexicon. What I'm wondering is if there are words in Esperanto to correctly express the jargon of science. If so, then Esperanto would be a useful language for the science field. Is this the reason why the scientists use it or do they speak it for other reasons?

The main purpose of Esperanto is the communication between people, no matter their walk of life or occupation.
For my own part, I can say I am far from being a scientist... but I do speak Esperanto! Dancing
You'd be surprised as for the large quantity of literature written in E-o, from romantic novels to -yes- scientific documents. And about the lexicon, that is one of the main strengths of the language: It uses a relatively small set of roots, but with an extensive use of prefixes and affixes your vocabulary grows exponentially. But it won't stop there, because Esperanto is also (and mainly)a very friendly language for everyday communication.
Give it a try and you'll find how enriching an experience it is. Go to this very popular site (in English) for learning Esperanto. Gxis revido!
Topic: does language shape the way we think ?
Posted: Wednesday, July 1, 2009 11:19:31 PM
I remember being surprised when I found that cars, ships, airplanes etc. are "feminine" in english; also in french. In spanish, we think of them as "male."
Some time ago, I read that eskimos have a lot of words to describe what whe would only call "snow". Of course language shapes the way we think! Psychologists have always known this and they struggle to create tests that are culture independent, "abstract", to measure intelligence and personality. I don't want to go in depth about my beliefs on these tests Dancing
Topic: Grandma's Aspirin and Coke: The Date-Rape Drug?
Posted: Wednesday, June 3, 2009 5:15:35 PM
Bayer sells an over-the-counter drug made out of aspirin and... caffeine! It is meant to relieve you from aches and make you feel better, more awake, thanks to the caffeine. Many medicines that are used to treat the symptoms of flu or colds contain this kind of combination although not necessarily aspirin, but other pain-killer. Aspirin by itself is already bad for the stomach and intestine, but coke doesn't make it any worse. In fact, it could actually be a little better because the bubbles in it soothe the stomach.
A truly bad combination of beverage and drugs is grape-fruit juice and any medication. This juice makes many drugs work much faster than what they are meant to.
Topic: rules for remembering practical information
Posted: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 11:26:33 PM
My mom taught me how to remember the days of the month.
Make a fist with your left hand, then start counting on the first knuckle. That's january which has 31 days. Then the space before the next knuckle, february... a short month (hence the "valley"). Third knuckle, march (it's a bulge so it's a long month)... next a valley or a short month (april, 30 days). When you reach the 4th knuckle which corresponds to july you count back, but using the same knucle again for august.
Easy! and you don't have to actually remember a thing hehe Applause