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Topic: Favorite Song Lyrics
Posted: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 3:43:31 PM
The Mundahs (not sure if they are even still together)

excerpt from Good Day
"Traffic backed up sideway
And the road leads to the sea
There's a palm tree congregation
And they're worshiping the breeze
It's the sun's last chance to blind me
As it slips into the sea
Never gonna find me
it's a good day..."

Most David Gray lyrics are terrific. White Ladder CD in particular
"Sail Away", "Babylon", "Please, Forgive Me"

Here's one from a group you won't know (yes, it's me-shameless I know)

"Heaven's Lake"

The people come to drink & dine
The fare the Muse's set
Where converstions heady wine
May soothe the soul's regret

Of senses known and laid aside
Where the soul to flesh unites
What deeper vision could we gain
Could ego stand the sight?

Where time and mind and will are one
Asingle total view
With 3D minds a web we've spun
To tangle what we knew

Heaven's Lake
Heaven's Lake
Drifting in the gentle wake...

Action is the core of life
We live for leassons learned
Senses are the clumsy knife
That pares the core we've spurned

If we could glimpse the (w)hole inside
What insight we could gain!
But sanity demands it hide
To lock us in this mortal plane

Oh to sleep, perchance to dream
And never shall we wake
Until the current of life's stream
Takes us down to..

Heavens Lake
Heaven's Lake
Drifting in the gentle wake
I pray the Lord My soul to take
With all my friends
To heaven lake
(copyrighted, written & recorded by Alex Buttny with Deborah Hennesy) Inspired by Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts and Illusion's by Richard Bach

Streets of Gold

Runnin down the streets of gold
American dream has run cold
Facts of life can now be told
That all the promise is on hold

Images on the tv screen
The messages are white and clean
Corporate cuts left lean and mean
Those left behing are suffering.

Black crime & white girls missing
Disastrous war and two guys kissing
Sound bites and candidates dissing
Truth & justice is what's missing

Lawyers in court filing suit
Judicial courruption just pollutes
The backroom deals divide the loot
The unarmed always lose disputes

Celebrity has a personal disease
Prisoner of war on their knees
Evangalist says "money, please'
Taxpayers in the squeeze

Excuse me now while I sneeze
I can't take any more sleaze!

(copyrighted, written & recorded by The Napoleans, lyrics by Geno Masella) inspired by any newspaper or TV news show

She's got A Way With Murder

Like a bird help by the viper's eye
Or a mother drawn to her baby's cry
I'm help in place ny chains of mind
Bound and gagged my eye's gone blind
Like the termite in the tree once proud
I'm the rotten apple in the crowd
Trapped inside the danger zone
Sysiphus pushing passion's stone

Guess I knew it from the day we met
Had to have that woman yet
Guess I never saw the net

Now I see her other side
Why so many failed who tried
I've shed tears that never dried
(man sings) (woman sings simultaneously)
Shes' got a way with murder (repeat x3) (Now you've got what you had wanted, Now you've got what you deserved
She's got a way with murder, murder murder love will never be the same again. Repeat x2)

I'm the genie in the lamp
My power bridled, reined in, damp
The fragrant garden gone to seed
My vine's been choked by ruthless weeds

Could I break free and shed these chains?
And ride for the future's lonely plains
Or hurdle here at freedom's cost
With no blame had for battles lost?

Now I see my other side
Why so many like me cried
Her judgments made and I've been tried

Now I know my choice is made
I signed in blood, my will's been stayed
She's now the hand that wields my blade

She's got a way with murder etc

(copywrited, written & recorded by Alex Buttny & Deborah Hennesy) inspired by being more in love with someone than they were with me.