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Topic: The $20,050 Video Game
Posted: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 6:59:15 PM
Microsoft developed this table according to an article around this time last year about a TABLE PC. I've seen it used in movies already and is comparative to the way Cruise uses the 'board' in Minority Report and as desribed above. What is more is anything u have that is Bluetooth, you can just set on the screen of the BOX and it will unload docs for you and you can throw them around, enlarge, etc.
As we all know, it all starts out more than we can afford. In 5 to 10 years at most you will have them in your home. Just like big screen and flat screen TVs use to be out of range for general populace and now most have one. Just my 2 pence. The magazine's name won't come to me, it's the one that is ALWAYS about cutting edge technology and I can't remember it's name at the moment. It is WELL respected. Anyway. Ciao.
Topic: Legalize It!
Posted: Sunday, June 14, 2009 4:19:19 PM
I cannot think of anything smarter. No different than the regulations regarding prostitution outside of Las Vegas where the women who CHOOSE to make thousands a week, are tested reguarly for STD's, are protected, everyone wins if that is their personal choice to do what they want with their own bodies. I am a firm believer in government controlled growth and sales of marijuana and other 'drugs'. If a pharmaceutical company can sell Marinol, I should be able to grow a God given plant that grows naturally without synthetics and can be picked and smoked and used medicinally or recreationally. We can drink beer and alcohol at sporting events but NO SMOKING cigs or pot or any other drug even though beer and the like is one of the most destructive things on this planet when done to drunkeness. That's why we have screaming idiots who start fights over soccer and football games or whatever, domestic violence often tied to drinking, etc., but you never hear of some riot of pot smokers. The worst they would do is possibly overeat Cheetos and pass out...LOL. Yes, there are downsides to Pot as with ANYTHING, like Aspirin. Take too many, you die. Should we make it illegal too? I think if I am having an anxiety attack, i should be able to write my name and have it logged at the pharmacy and get 10 Xanax or the like for my need at that time and have this log cross connected with all other pharmacies, easy to do by the way, and people would be able to help THEMSELVES, doctors wouldn't be overloaded, nor would emergency rooms for pain when we can go get Tylenol 3 or 4, or even a few Vicodin until we can get to our physician or whatever. We are treated like babies in this country by doctors and drug companies who pay politicians to keep everything just like it is so the right people are still making all the money. Well, that's my two cents.
Topic: sexting.
Posted: Friday, May 8, 2009 1:33:07 AM
This is a GREAT topic as it finally gives me another outlet other than getting published in newspapers in Opinion Columns, etc.

I find it very funny that 'children' who are anywhere from 12 to 17 can be viewed as 'children' if someone even 18 years old has sex with any of them. I am no PRO-all out sex with whatever you want. I am more the Amsterdam side of things where there is no real AGE enacted as a LINE where consent is able to be given since it depends on way more and I would say AGE would be the least of the criteria as to whether a younger person has the ability to give consent emotionally, intellectually, sociologically, psychological able to give consent. Age has nothing to do with any of these attributes.

I, for example, at age 15 was more than ready to and wanted to actively seek or be found by someone close to my age and possible up to age 20 to engage in sexual activity. I probably wouldn't have gone very far, but I would've done SOME things. I understood how to protect myself, I knew how to leave notes of who I was with, their numbers, their addresses, etc., I always remembered in shows that was always the reason a child or even an adult couldn't be found or even have a clue where to begin because nobody leaves notes on fridges anymore. It's not hard to do and if anything, God forbid were to happen, there would be something the cops could IMMEDIATELY follow-up on.

So, looking at me, and as I referred to Amsterdamn, this is how they judge whether or not a law has been broken. No force can be involved, no money, etc., all the regular stuff, but most important, a meeting between parents, child and alleged perp are all weighted to see if there has been an actual crime and at was priority or level or severity it should be dealt with instead of a LAME and LAZY way we Americans just throw a number at it and go, "Ok, no drinking before 21, but you can die in war at 18, even 17 in some cases in prior wars even younger. Civil War and others, if you could hold a gun and had a penis, you were ready to die. At 18, you can die for a war, and you can smoke cigarettes, something else that kills you, but NO DRINKING. You do not have the ability to discern and use good judgement about drinking. Now, handling an M-16, that you can handle.
You don't understand the intricacies of life but you are old enough to know what to do when a 8 year old is running at you with a grenade in their hand (circa Vietnam and other guerilla types of warfare). You are more than able to know exactly what to do at that age.

Now, let's go deeper. At 13, you could NEVER give consent to an 18 year man for sex (not that I am advocating, merely pointing out that we need to change our laws to fit the times and the circumstances OUR life and times, not those of 100 years ago. For example, just recently in Texas it was argued in court that it IS legal to have sex with livestock. (Wipes brow), thank God, but they have also CLEARLY made it known that Homosexuality is NOT LEGAL. And still many states disallow Sodomy. Do any of you really know what Sodomy truly is? I bet 75% say it's Anal sex between two men.
It's true term is ANYTHING that is 'NON-COITAL', meaning, anything other than penis to vagina is SODOMY Ladies and Gentlemen, so the oral sex thing, isn't legal and you are all breaking the law just like the homosexuals. So, think twice before voting next time.

To sum up. And the most important point I will make today.

A 13 cannot consent to sex with a 17 year old or 18 year old, I usually use male to male cases as those are the ones we hear about because those are the ones that both mom AND DAD are FULLY IN AGREEMENT about prosecuting. If the older is a FEMALE, sometimes it is overlooked and swept under the carpet, like priests were handled by their superiors.
This is feeble and wrong, shame on you parents who have done this especially if your child is gay and sought out the connection in any way.
Also shame on EVERY SINGLE DAMN ONE OF YOU PROSECUTORS in this country who have stood up in one case in one courtroom and said, "This poor 13 year old (and yes, they may NOT be able to consent - but AGE is not what the judgement should be), (as i was saying), "This poor 13 year old was STALKED AND MANIPULATED AND SODOMIZED BY THIS MAN 5, 8, 4 whatever years older than him. He had NO CLUE what he was doing and therefore could NOT give consent. He cannot at 13 consider all the possible consequences of his actions and make an informed decision to have sex with this MAN!!!!"


"Ladies and Gentleman of the jury, yes he is 13, but when he walked into that class room with that gun, he knew exactly what he was doing and what impact it would have. He had full knowledge of his actions and he should be tried as an adult and we are seeking the DEATH PENALTY.

In one case, some dude may have fondled or done something very, unforceful and he should rot in hell and the kid is an angel who knows nothing and couldn't know.
In the other, he is a devil who MUST be stopped and knows exactly what he is doing and should be put to death.

In this matter, I think if the 13 year old were my child, not to be brazen, just really trying to show a possibility that we MUST FIX NOW AND SOONER THAN YESTERDAY, if my child, i would prefer that he had been fondled by the guy 5 years older, he can get over that with counseling if he needs it or if he wanted it he may have NO problems rather than to see him facing the STATE wanting to inject him, hang him, electrocute him to DEATH.

MAKE UP YOUR MIND STATES AND USA - Stop using AGE in once case and NOT in the other. Quit being hypocrites and seek REAL justice in EACH case and not just use Cookie Cutter ways of dealing with cases that aren't always so clear.

I may be controversial but please overlook anything that is overboard and just think about the facts and think about YOUR child. Which would you prefer for you child to be seen as if they shot someone, a child or adult. And if they have sex, willingly with someone older, are they children or adults? Or should those words along with AGE not even be used. I think it should ALL be based on situation, above listed attributes of the child, the record of the older person, the action itself (for I would be very angry if my 13 year had been penetrated and damage were done to him) or whatever the case might be. But if it wasn't hurtful in any outward, physical way and a psychologist signs off (and NOT one hired by the STATE), but by ME PRIVATELY to find out JUST HOW OLD IS MY SON OR DAUGHTER ON THE INSIDE and HOW DO THEY SEE THE WORLD AND THEMSELVES.

I'm not sure how this fits in with things. But I did want it in the 'sexting' and Catch a Predator area.
Just think if you and I were 13 and had a camera where we could have phone sex with a friend or something sending dirty pictures to each other, or even younger. Should an 8 year old who has a pic of himself naked on the computer doing something sexual and he hasn't even transmitted it be charged with possession of Child Pornography, because, guess what, that's what it is as far as THE STATE sees it.

Parents have a talk with your child as I have mine. Tell them the truth that right now and for a long time, they cannot do this. Just be blunt and make them listen. Share YOUR past with them, connect. That's how I got through it.
They HAVE to know it is NOT wrong it one way but the law sees it differently and they cannot have it on the computer, they can't send it to people or post it. They can't have it then delete it without special software or THE STATE will find it. And parents, do not forget that they will not FORGET YOU when these pictures arise and wonder if YOU took them.

We must have control over our homes, our privacy, our children. Do not give up our civil liberties and fight aggainst this stuff everywhere you see it.

Two Florida boys, abused from the beginning, one and I believe both molested by a serious predator, found guilty as adults in the murder of their Father. The younger of the two at the time was 10 or 11, the other 13. (The King Brothers, Alex and something in Florida, Google it). It was horrible to see those two babies who had been moved around, thrown away, and then meet Dad who takes a hard hand with them for whatever reason. Meanwhile, little ALex is sneaking down and having sex and 'falling in love' with this 40+ year old predator.
This is a clear cut case of a child with a deficiency pscyh-wise and emotionally, seeking male companionship and attention from anyone who would give it and some piece of crap who even built a trap door inside his trailer, surrounded by a large security gate, always giving him time to hide the boys in the crawlspace.

This is the opposite of the topics I was talking about earlier where the law is often wrong. This one, is very easy to see and he even had a history of sex abuse against boys. It proves my point entirely.

I will shut up now. Comment as you wish. I look forward to your thoughts. Again, take them in legal perspectives and my wish to see the laws changes to be consistant and to view children not my age but by other criteria.

Thank you for your consideration,
Joe Pray
Topic: how do we all immediately know what 'to sleep with someone' means ?
Posted: Friday, May 8, 2009 12:41:37 AM
I would say also the term 'sleep with' is predominately referred to in a sexual term but really only among adults. For example, my parent's use to call my friends that were boys, my boy friends. "Joey's boyfriend is staying the night tonite with Joey.", was not uncommon and in just that ONE statement it applies to both posts.

[p]To kids sleeping together, means just that and only that.
For an adult it is AT MINIMUM an act of Sensuality if not Sexual Acts.

Kids just see it as they get to giggle and wrestle as they go to sleep, or whatever we DID when we are kids depending on our ages (hint hint - yes it DOES happen if it didn't happen with you, it did me and it was innocent and not about sex as much as exploration). We would giggle and pass gas and make noises until the 2nd or 3rd time we got the SERIOUS "Don't make me come in there. Now go to bed!!!". Then we gave up and fell asleep giggling.

These were innocent times and far from anything that would have anything to do with some adult being involved. This does NOT preclude when an ADULT, sleeps with a child for comfort. I have had to lay down with many of my kids, nephews, nieces, kids I babysat when younger, even a couple foster kids needed me to just lay in the bed where others needed cuddled. There is nothing wrong with this as long as the entire need is from and for the child and ends with them. Once asleep, outta bed unless you fell asleep too which I've done (See Mel Gibson's Directorial Debut in "Man Without A Face" for just how misunderstood things can get and be where MEN are involved even there there has been a flood-life increase in women being OUTED. Notice I do not say, they've STARTED, they've always done it, it just wasn't talked about at all. And unfortunately still in society if the ages are just right, we have, unfortunately Dad's and Friends telling us we are NOW MEN. It's just as and can be even MORE destructive forever changing everything in how they view themselves and trust in relationships, etc,.

But what these people, men and women alike purport and plan to do on Predator, entirely, 180 degree difference in intent. One has nothing to do with the other. Also, children of teenage, most often know the term 'sleep together' and would NOT be confused as to at least there would be something sexual done to some degree. Any younger than certain ages, depending on the specific child's emotional growth and understanding, and you are out of luck scumbags. They do NOT equate it with sex unless you are 7 years old and you both just happen to be in a curious mood. Other than that, you are not welcome to 'sleep with' any child.

I also agree the big 'takedown' at the end seems overdone but you MUST understand possibly a couple things.

More cops get in hurt or killed in simple domestic situations, simple car stops, etc., these are mundane, everyday occurences. There are many of these people apprehended who end up with a long history of assault, or robbery, rape, etc., if these people have ONE inkling the thing my be a setup, you never know, as a cop, what they might be carrying for the cops, not to mention, do they have anything for the child they've come to visit, a knife, mace, taser, gun.

SO, I don't blame the cops. They have to clear about 25 feet minimum to get to the person and still maintain distance and cover to not scare of newer ones that show sometimes at the same time as we've seen in some episodes. They MUST close that distance to not allow the person any slight second to think, screw it, I'm pulling a gun because I'm screwed already, especially the ones who are already violent sex offenders. So, understand, they are pumped and ready to detain as soon as possible and eliminate any threat and protect all around and themselves at the same time. What if the perp ran back IN the house? So, it may seem TOO MUCH but, time flies when you are apprehending a perp who you cannot even imagine what they might do in any situation.

I've seen video footage of a man, in front of his child, a woman cop, all calm during a SIMPLE traffic stop and without any indication, no escalation, no signals at all, out of the blue without warning, he busts her in the face as hard as I've seen a man hit another man -- and his child just is in shock while he continues to pummel and punch full punches like she was a man instead of a small framed officer and he acted as nice as possible, there was no warning.

She ended up barely living and entire face reconstruction.
I wouldn't blame cops for not walking up to every single car, even for a simple traffic stop with their gun out, maybe not point but out at least, because of all the times they end up getting shot or ran over by perps who pull over.

That's my two cents. I'll leave another post for my general thoughts of the show since you almost asked two questions. What do we think of the show? And, do we feel the cops are over zealous in their take downs?

Ciao Bello,
PS - Excuse my 'signature at the end here, I coded it wrong'