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Topic: The word theory - your help soon would be appreciated!
Posted: Saturday, November 1, 2014 11:25:03 PM
Thank you LRai and Gordon,

Although I wasn't able to log in to FD until now, I truly appreciate your replies! I have learned from you both.

I ended up with a different costume -- I was going to do something that was a play on the words in "String Theory"..... Maybe I'll try next year.
Thanks again!
Topic: The word theory - your help soon would be appreciated!
Posted: Thursday, October 30, 2014 10:48:56 PM
This is going to seem funny, but I have an idea for a Halloween "costume" for myself for work and would appreciate my fellow FD fans opinion about the word "theory":

Can the word "maybe" be considered a synonym?

I've always understood it to mean, essentially, "possible", i.e. "maybe" . In looking it up on FD just now the definition seems to suggest something closer to "accepted fact" in a number of contexts.

I won't reveal my costume idea just yet... I'll share after if it works out.

Thanks in advance!
Topic: Generally Good Game
Posted: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 2:39:22 PM
My contributions:

1) Everyone envisions entities everywhere.

2) Great grandmothers give good gifts.

3) Dictionaries delight diligent diarists daily.

4) Cats crave catnip.

5) Dogs dig divots.

6) Zoo zebras zig zag zanily.

7) People pack picnics periodically.

8) Red rockets ricochet ridiculously.

9) Before bed, Betty belches blatantly.

10) Lizards leap lions lying lazily.

Candid comments, comrades?
Topic: The wise man does at once what the fool does finally.
Posted: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 11:20:34 AM
This quote is personally interesting as it compliments the message our pastor gave this past Sunday.
He spoke about Proverbs 27:12 which says "The wise see danger and seek refuge but the simple (or naïve) keep going and suffer for it." Essentially the message was that our direction, not our intention, will determine our destination.

Unfortunately I've experienced (read: been guilty of) procrastination far too much in my life despite both my intent and any hindsight I've gained (can hindsight be truly gained if not learned from? i.e. is it even hindsight if not learned from?), but perhaps the previously mentioned, more positive outlook, "Better late than never" will help me not focus on the past...... Well, if I am to learn today, right now, I'll be wise & go do at once what needs to be done... One last thought.. re: "Fools rush in..." -- I'd say that while the wise do at once what needs to be done, this includes seeing the need to wait, then act. Thoughts?
Topic: How do I file my taxes when working out of the country?
Posted: Wednesday, March 3, 2010 10:44:04 AM
miss z wrote:
I have an idea; pay your taxes. You are still an American citizen, reaping the benefits of being an AMERICAN. Why do you think you shouldn't have to pay taxes just because you live in CHINA? It's bad enough that you are feeding the Chinese economy instead of your own country in its time of need. Is your school paying taxes to the Chinese government? If so, you are supporting Communism and human injustice every day that you are there. Just sayin'.

Miss Z: Did you really read this members original posting??? Here is a portion of it: I have been hunting for an answer all year. My colleagues in the same situation have been grossly unhelpful. The most common answer I have received is "Don't worry about it, the government won't find you." That's not the way I handle things.

This person is NOT trying to get out of paying taxes---hence the "How do I file my taxes while out of the country?" question. In addition, you do not have enough information to make an accusation that this person is not helping the American economy. Corporate American (& Canada for that matter) is the real enemy, not the real workers no matter where they live/work.

Topic: SSRI's to treat neuroses
Posted: Thursday, December 10, 2009 9:56:25 AM
As someone who was on one for approximately 6 years I can testify to both the positive and the negative of the particular medication I was on. Ultimately I do not regret going on it and it was my idea to request it---I had a huge anxiety problem and I am positive the medication helped me with that BUT... on the negative side I suspect it is responsible for my chronic hives which I have had for almost 5 years and I also believe it was beginning to negatively affect my liver and increase my blood pressure.... so I stopped taking it about 5 months ago...which I did very, very carefully and slowly. I do not regret my decision to stop either but I still have a problem with hives... which might be because I was on the medication for so long.. My brother also tried the same medication and got hives but his appeared much quicker and it was a lot easier for him to make the connection to the medication as the cause so he stopped right away.

As for counselling, etc., the biggest draw backs to those are: Takes a long time to get to the point of solving one's issues, usually costs a lot of money and finding the right person is often difficult. Also, depending on that person, just as Isaac said you often can't avoid the meds... We have a friend in this kind of situation and he has been in this vicious cycle for about 3 years now and we truly believe it is the meds he is on that is making it worse instead of better but he's in a situation where he can't get a different therapist ("not allowed"), and can't go against her directions which kind of ties into the connection with Brave New World and other Sci-Fi stories... like Big Brother, etc..... and so I would not in any way put it past government or secret socieities with hidden agendas to be pushing the meds and attempting to create a society with the majority of the population drugged in some manner in an attempt to control behavior and/or beliefs... Or even for the most base of reasons---MONEY. There is much money to be made for Big Pharma, obviously, and they are so edept in enticing people into taking drugs or making it all seem so good (despite the required addmission of the "potential" side effects). If someone doesn't pay attention to those (& I suspect most people don't if the advertisement is to be read vs watched) then they can really hook them...and I think because most of the televised ads list the side effects in such a way as to invite a "tune-out" mode in viewers.... But I am still grateful at this point for the relief I did get and I do know it was real--I was also fortunate that I only needed half the "usual maximum daily dose", so perhaps I was spared some of the nastier ill-effects---I just thought of something... why are they called "side-effects" instead of "ill-effects"??? Probably not good for business, eh?

Topic: For those of you who celebrate it...Merry Christmas
Posted: Friday, December 4, 2009 9:00:20 AM
Merry Christmas!
And to all those who celebrate other holidays at this time of year, Happy "please fill in the blank", as I know there are a few and I sincerely wish EVERYONE the best. We are different, but ultimately since we are all human, we are the same---at least enough that that should be enough to not hate just because of culture, etc. Yes I know that may sound naive (spelling?) but I am 46 and have ALWAYS believed it is wrong to write people off for their religion (or the religion that we think they follow), skin colour, etc.

Having said all that, I agree with everyone else that Nibbles comment was completely uncalled for but I am curious why the original text appears in those who quoted his post... not to nit pick but it seems unfair to Nibbles that his comment was edited by Admin but the auto quotes are not...Think Anyone else agree?

Topic: Quiz of the Day
Posted: Tuesday, December 1, 2009 9:58:51 AM
My very first impression was corn, but after reading the postings so far, I have to guess and comment as follows:

Guess: Money???

Comment: Someone said that sex was not a commodity but in connection to the other posting "women (as in flesh trade)", I would have to say that sex is most definitely a commodity and it is most sadly not limited to women being treated as such; men and children of both genders are also victims here. If one excludes the illegal aspects of this "commodity", then the legal ones would certainly qualify since the pornography industry is worth billions although supposedly they are suffering from the negatives in the economy and internet proliferation......

On a completely different slant, though, I propose that there is another "commodity" that is traded "in secret" as it were: that being FEAR. Fear really is universal, fear of death, disease, loss of income, loss of freedoms, loss of specific things like water, clean air, electricity, oil and other energy resources.... fear gets people to do things that those who "trade" in it want; it also allows its cousin CONFUSION to enter the "trade game"... with the immense sea of knowledge---real, accruate and false and misleading---around, it is all to easy to trade in these cousin commodities....

Aside from my little tangent there, it would be interesting to know the answer.....
Topic: Language game
Posted: Sunday, November 29, 2009 7:10:02 PM
As promised here are the answers... some of you got some correct and some were close.... I must apologize for number 9, however, as it is more of an optical puzzle than a word puzzle.



Answer: What's in a Name



Answer: Room for improvement



Answer: Mixed up kid



Answer: Head over heels in love



Answer: Word in edgewise




Answer: Mutiny on the high seas



Answer: Painfree or painless operation



Answer: leftovers



Answer: A white kitten caught in a snow storm (again my apologies on that one)

Thanks for playing!Dancing Dancing
Topic: Food for Thought
Posted: Sunday, November 29, 2009 7:02:23 PM