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Topic: Where is "prolixitysquared"?
Posted: Monday, October 12, 2009 6:12:32 PM
I am so incredibly sorry to have worried you all ! I am fine, please know. But I have to say that I felt very touched knowing you are all so caring like a family. I thought of you that way before, but now you've really affirmed that for me.

I have just had a lot going on in my life, and time sort of slipped away from me for certain activities.

Until your posts, I didn't realize my last writing contribution was about sleeping pills. Please know I am fine and that is all just coincidental ! I feel terrible for having fretted everyone up !

I will try to get my act together and keep in touch on here more often. But thank you so much for your concern, and now hopefully I've made it easier for you to relax a bit. Lordisa knows I have missed it and our language-happy connections.
Topic: Good Advice
Posted: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 11:06:33 PM
TYSON wrote:
Try anything once, except incest & folk dancing.

What an unexpected response !

I would take neo-folk music before any kind of dancing. Dancing without form might suit me better.
Topic: What do you want to be when you grow up ?
Posted: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 10:58:22 PM
noura wrote:
" What do you want to be when you grow up ? "
When we were young,that question had been asked to us by several people. but as a kid,I never gave a thought of what might come behind this predetermining question, so therefore I would simply answer " I want to be a doctor ", like any other kid did in my class back then. ;p

So while growing up I came to think of that question's answer as a personal decision that will affect the quality of my life in the future rather than just being a mere conversation in a school.

My question here is what was your answer to that question when you were little ? ;)

I never knew. I still don't. I just write rambling sets of words. Maybe that says it ?

I hated the question probably because I was never certain. But who is ? I guess some people know for sure what they want. But most people go through at least a handful of unrelated careers in a lifetime. I suppose that those who spend the most time pursuing academia for higher level degrees are more likely to have stayed in their main career field for longer periods of time than those who don't. But I'm sure there are exceptions either way.

I do have to edit myself a bit. I became so annoyed with the question that I would often reply by saying that I wanted to be a roller coaster tester. I really did think that would be cool, except for the part where you could die or become injured seriously if the equipment and design were not already pristine.

What's funnier now is that I have become less able to handle unsteady movement, and so I am sure while I found roller coasters to be wildly fun when I was young, riding one once now would probably make me nauseous.
Topic: trice.
Posted: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 10:54:25 PM
Murdoch wrote:
Same here! I am sure I had this word passing in front of my eyes but I was not paying enough attention to it.

Have you ever noticed that once you discover something (or someone draws your attention to it) you encounter it more often than ever before?

It happens to me all teh time, especially with words.

That happened with me and the word 'gaol,' which is an antiquated spelling of 'jail.' I suddenly saw it (or noticed and remembered it) twice in my life instead of no times !
Topic: trice.
Posted: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 10:53:03 PM
Romany wrote:
"I'll be back in a trice to tan your hide!", "You, Miss, are into mischief in a trice whenever my back is turned." "I was only gone for a trice and you managed to disrupt the entire class.!" - the last two were complete calumnies, of course.

But, here's the embarrassing thing: until you gave the definition I hadn't ever thought about the actually meaning. Somewhere in my head I must have got "thrice" and "Trice" connected. So, my entire life until this thread, if I had ever had to think about it I would have said that a trice was a period of three seconds!

As you can see above, it was always said in relation to the short period of time I supposedly took to raise the devil, so I just thought it meant 3 seconds, and was used rather than "just a sec." "For a minute"!

I love this forum: in such a short time I have learnt such a lot: not least of all how many misconceptions I carry around in my head!!

Darn ! I was not notified of your response through my email, so I didn't find it until now.

I like your misconception of the word's definition. I can see how you might think that. I thought a lot of bizarre and often far from logical things as a child. My family told me that my one brother ate a watermelon seed and had to be taken to the hospital to have the fruit removed, as it grew large in his stomach. I never thought about how silly that was back then. They loved to play tricks on me with my gullible nature.
Topic: Add a flag or bookmark for specific posts
Posted: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 10:48:20 PM
pkeadle wrote:
I have yet to get an email about a post.

I am fairly certain that you can only receive emails about replies to posts that you write yourself. So even if someone writes a great post and has tons of worthwhile responses I would love to read, I will never get a notification. I just have to hope I find the great post on my own while perusing the forum.

If you have made your own posts before, there is a little white box in the left-hand bottom corner of the screen. Put a check mark in the box, and you should receive notifications of any responses people write. It does not seem to be foolproof. Most of the time, I am notified of responses. Sometimes I later find that some notifications were never sent. Still others are sent several times, but often it's because someone edited his or her response, or because more people posted responses. But like I said, most of the time it's generally accurate.

If you have written your own posts that people have responded to, you marked the check in the box at the bottom of the screen before submitting the post, and you still have not received any email notifications, I am really not sure what the issue is ! Sorry in that case.
Topic: what words do you hate hearing ?
Posted: Sunday, September 20, 2009 10:17:01 PM
RuthP wrote:
risadr wrote:
Epiphileon wrote:
Words made up by the media I usually find abhorrent. The one I most loathe currently is stay-cation.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so happy to hear that I'm not the only one who cannot STAND this particular term!

I have never heard this term. What is it supposed to mean? I am boggled.

It's a combination of staying at home + vacation. So it just means making a good time out of staying home for summer (or whenever you'd normally go on vacation) instead of going on vacation. My boyfriend's employer has banked on this by putting signs up at their restaurant trying to persuade people to enjoy their stay-cation by dining out at the establishment. They fancied things up a bit and I suppose tried to make it mildly festive in some summery manner. I think some Ahi Tuna was part of the stay-cation fun.

Edit: Oops ! I just realized I didn't finalize my post from hours ago ! But gg responded more thoroughly than I did anyway !
Topic: Signatures of TFD users
Posted: Sunday, September 20, 2009 8:45:20 PM
JackH wrote:

I have enjoyed reading the signatures of many of you forum users. It is so much fun.

Now please check out mine. Have just come across it. So simple but so true.

Interesting !

I never use signatures. Maybe I should consider coming up with one, as I used to be very into inspiring and aesthetic quotes many years ago.
Topic: you're very/so beautiful.
Posted: Sunday, September 20, 2009 8:42:42 PM
marineguy wrote:
hi. everyone.
what's the difference between very and so?
could you let me know?

To my knowledge, they are both adjectives that usually mean to describe something as more extreme than the usual. But 'so' can also be used in a conditional sense.


Bob was out of cash, so he used his credit card to pay for groceries.

But in the sentence you offered in your subject line, there really is not much of a huge difference between the meanings of 'very' and 'so' in that context. They are synonymous in your example.

I had an English teacher my senior in high school year who abhorred the word 'very' and never wanted to hear it because she felt that it didn't really express much, seemed empty, and thus did not need to be said ever.

I'd also suggest looking up the definitions of these two words on this site ( to get a better idea of the ways you can use them in sentences.
Topic: irreligion.
Posted: Sunday, September 20, 2009 8:31:50 PM
Epiphileon wrote:

Sorry Prolixity, I just reread your original post and realized that none of this answers your question. No I have not read the book but will definitely order it. I have read "The God Delusion" by Dawkins though, and feel he has some compelling arguments. There is of course no proof for the nonexistence of some godlike entity. To quote someone from the other side of the issue, the absence of evidence, is not the evidence of absence.

That is quite alright ! While I do appreciate that you answered my question, I don't mind that it all became so semi-off topic because I am just as guilty of that too in many other threads. Especially because this discussion has become very informative, and I'm hearing points I was not familiar with beforehand.