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Topic: jejune
Posted: Tuesday, October 19, 2021 9:51:17 AM
Examples from modern media.

• There is roughness and polish in equal measure, sophistication and that jejune quality that is typically British.
• They circulated out-rightly false and jejune information that 80% of the staff was being considered for retrenchment due to idleness and incompetence.
• To start with, most of the criticisms are quite misplaced, irrational and off tangent in the sense that a lot of them are based on baseless emotions and jejune sentiments that can not stand shoulder to shoulder with the facts, figures, sound reasoning and logic reeled out in Adesina's essays and pronouncements on a close scrutiny.
Topic: inured
Posted: Monday, October 18, 2021 8:51:01 AM
Examples from modern media.

• But what you have to remember is that, unlike now, 1970s people hadn't been inured to violence and gore by relentless depictions on screen.
• Even in a city inured to trauma and loss, the shocking scenes of Beirut's devastated waterfront broke new ground for the horror it caused at the time, and in the miserable year since when answers have been few.
• Some employees are so intoxicated by the discriminatory practices that they are inured to the penalties.
• New Yorkers inured to minuscule galley kitchens won't find this snug space claustrophobic, but will covet the window, a luxury amenity in city apartments.
Topic: imbibe
Posted: Sunday, October 17, 2021 5:21:45 PM
Examples from modern media.

• Visitors can start the day with a strong cup of coffee, roam about different continents through books and come back at night to imbibe in a cocktail.
• Beethoven imbibed this spirit, writing in an 1819 letter that: Freedom and progress are our true aim in the world of art, just as in the great creation at large.
• Benedict Nightingale, in his New York Times obituary, notes that O'Toole read everything about his subject, imbibed Bedouin culture, learned to ride a camel, and virtually became Lawrence in his preparation for the role
• His interest in Buddhism originated with his mother, painter Aimee Seyfort, and her fascination with Eastern spirituality, as imbibed from Russian mentors during her fine arts training in Paris and later fostered in such New York venues as the Roerich Museum during the 20s and 30s.
• His spokesman, Tim Bormann, told a local paper that he hadn't imbibed any alcohol prior to getting behind the wheel and called 911 right after the accident.
Topic: impede
Posted: Saturday, October 16, 2021 5:38:55 AM
Examples from modern media.

• The pandemic adversely impacted employment and labour productivity by impeding growth in various economic sectors.
• Efforts to limit or impede access to this vital constitutional right for any citizen are not consistent with our values.
• The judge said the offence of impeding an investigation carried a maximum of 10 years' imprisonment and found that a headline sentence of nine years was appropriate.
• The culture of that workplace is full of gender bias that impeded women from progressing to senior positions.
• Every other civilised country in the world has such a ministry and it does not impede upon the independence of the judiciary but rather it makes the institution open to scrutiny in parliament and by the media.
Topic: alfresco
Posted: Friday, October 15, 2021 6:06:18 AM
Examples from modern media.

• A large private rear garden which becomes an extension of the living space in the summer months, ideal for a family BBQ or dining alfresco.
• Delicious meals are served alfresco in different places -- in the terrace overlooking the Narmada or the courtyard garden of the erstwhile cow shed or the lush Poshakwada filled with greenery.
• With access to the generous alfresco entertaining area, there is a servery window from the kitchen - a must-have for entertaining.
• If your alfresco wedding is set for 2020, Cove suggests experiencing the space beforehand.
Topic: instigate
Posted: Thursday, October 14, 2021 8:34:27 AM
Examples from modern media.

to initiate
• Politicians have consistently used the issue of land ownership to instigate violence and incite communities against each other.
• " Instigating change is a collaborative process and we want to ensure we accurately represent the needs of the communities of the Queenstown Lakes through this Cultural Masterplan, " Moran adds.
• He has long been accused of instigating hate crimes against minority Muslims in the Buddhist-majority country.
• Usually it is men divorcing women and when it comes to the rise in over sixties instigating divorce, often the men are the drivers behind it.

to urge on
• The effects of hate crimes are deeper and wide-ranging than those of other serious crimes such as murders and assault because their motives perpetuate hatred and instigate others to commit similar crimes.
• The official said Sami was found to be " instigating youth to indulge in anti-national activities and has visited various parts of the country to deliver his Takreer and Bayaan. "
Topic: tawdry
Posted: Wednesday, October 13, 2021 9:36:02 AM
Examples from modern media.

• Is it not morally wrong for a man of his age and position to have such a tawdry affair with a young woman less than half his age?
• By now, of course, some of the more tawdry details of those financial manipulations have become better known, thanks to the diligent work of reporters from The Washington Post and The New York Times, among other spaces.
• New York City's salons capture the tawdry reality of illegal immigration, which creates islands of lawlessness where people can be mistreated with little consequence.
• Moreover, Ruto and Odinga share more than a love of squabbling parties, with each having a very tawdry past on the corruption front.
Topic: supine
Posted: Tuesday, October 12, 2021 9:51:23 AM
Examples from modern media.

lying on your back:
• Studies have suggested less reflux when the infant is in the prone position versus the supine position, so it is acceptable to place an awake infant prone after feeding if the infant is continuously monitored
• But a recent study in New Zealand suggests that supine sleep - the technical term for sleeping on your back - is linked to higher stillbirth rates in high income countries also.

weak and indifferent
• Furthermore, Sedat Peker has already been accused of colluding with foreign powers by the largely supine media, that is of unleashing his videos in collusion with the CIA, the Mossad et al but it hasn't dented his credibility.
• There are reasons to be critical of the EU, not least their supine response to Spanish aggression toward their own citizens in Catalonia, as well as lack of democracy.
Topic: inviolate
Posted: Monday, October 11, 2021 5:50:58 AM
Examples from modern media.

• Forest department said the creation of new infrastructure at the settlement by Noolpuzha panchayat went against the objectives of the project which aims to create inviolate space for wildlife.
• We all have the inviolate right to personal safety and to pursue our own personal dreams.
• There is no reason that treaties, commitments, and deployments from 1950 or 1953 should remain inviolate today.
• One group believes forests need to be free of human settlements and made inviolate for wild flora and fauna to prosper; the second group is batting for traditional dwellers who have lived off the forest alongside wild animals and plants, and have taken care of the ecosystem.
Topic: collude
Posted: Sunday, October 10, 2021 9:32:51 AM
Examples from modern media.

• Fake manufacturers collude with owners of patent medicine stores in the sale of fake drugs.
• Officials reportedly collude to dodge taxes, overprice projects or simply work with private investors to take kickbacks.
• Two former executives of a Eatontown, N.J.-based Heritage Pharmaceuticals were charged Wednesday with conspiracy to collude on prices for an antibiotic and a diabetes medication.
• This petition is to ensure that the system is not allowed to collude against the common law-abiding citizen of this country, but instead is set right in a way that serves complete justice to the people of India.
• If Coke and Pepsi were allowed to collude together you would have higher soft drink prices. The two biggest carriers colluding together -- inevitably the fares will rise.
• If passed, the Act would favor those large conglomerates with the means to collude over the smaller, more independent news outlets.