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Topic: What this woman doesn't have you don't need
Posted: Sunday, March 29, 2020 9:39:17 AM

Dear All,

Could you please tell if I understand the meaning of "what this woman doesn't have you don't need" in a right way?
Does it mean that Lucy is a perfect woman?

“What’s the real reason you broke up with Lucy? And don’t give me crap
about wanting someone younger or hotter, because what this woman doesn’t
have, you don’t need
. So what is it?”

Thank you!
Topic: resigned sort of hope
Posted: Sunday, February 23, 2020 4:05:28 AM
thar wrote:
It is that ambiguous mixture. It is hope, so they are not hopeless. But they are conditioned to expect disappointment, despite their hope that it will be different this time.

Thank you!
Topic: resigned sort of hope
Posted: Thursday, February 20, 2020 12:23:10 PM
Dear All,

Does "resigned sort of hope" mean,that doctor has some hope about the success of the mission, or has he given up any hope?

“The only people allowed to come near are children on field trips,
who are shown the base as a way to impress them with the strength of
the Nazi fleet. Garçon, you are doing an exemplary job with the informational pamphlets. But there are not many who could manage this
“I will go,” said Fabrice. “I will take photos.”
“This is a very dangerous mission,” warned the doctor. His tone
had a resigned sort of hope to it. The physician had been a healer of
bodies for decades, but was now called on to help heal his country, and
seemed unsure that he was up to the task.

J. Blackwell "Lost Carousel of Provence"

Thank you a lot!
Topic: rub the contents of the vacuum bag into crevices
Posted: Thursday, February 6, 2020 2:24:02 AM
thar wrote:
No, that is it.

It is not about repair, it is about making it look old by faking it having a few hundred years of dust accumulated in its crevices.

Thanks a lot! You're great help, as always! Applause Applause
Topic: rub the contents of the vacuum bag into crevices
Posted: Tuesday, February 4, 2020 3:32:26 AM
Dear All,

I have a sentence saying: "But over time Maxine taught Cady how to do some basic repairs on antiques and how to make new things look old with crackle paint and sandpaper, using the contents of the vacuum bag to rub into crevices and voids."

I got confused a little bit. Do I understand right: contents of vacuum bag = dust..etc? Does somebody really use such trick, in renovation of some old things by filling cracks with pressed dust? I've found some advice about filling cracks with epoxy and instant coffee, so may be its true...

Or this phrase has absolute different meaning?

Thank you!
Topic: "Should never marry anyone who'd have us"
Posted: Thursday, December 19, 2019 3:06:34 AM
thar wrote:
have = accept

ie if someone wants to/ is willing to marry you, there must be something wrong with them. Therefore you shouldn't marry them.

There is a famous quote from the comedian Groucho Marx
“I wouldn't want to belong to a club that would have me as a member”

Oh well, it would never have occurred to meSilenced Now I understand :) Thank you!
Topic: "Should never marry anyone who'd have us"
Posted: Thursday, December 19, 2019 2:42:54 AM
Dear All,

absolutely confused d'oh! about this saying. Would be so grateful for any thoughts.


Alex had been unexpectedly generous with tools,supplies, and advice. In fact, he had started dropping by
at least once a week, possibly because renovation and construction were his area of experience and his help
was so obviously needed.

“What do you think he wants?” Sam had asked Mark.

“For his niece not to be flattened by a collapsing house?”

“No, that would be attributing human motivations to him, and we agreed never to do that.

Mark tried, without success, to hold back a grin.
Alex was so cool and emotionally distant that on occasion you had to question the existence of a pulse.

“Maybe’s he’s using any excuse to spend time away from Darcy. If I didn’t already hate the idea of marriage
so much, I sure would think twice about it after seeing Alex’s.”

“Obviously,” Mark said, “a Nolan should never marry anyone who’s too much like us.”

“I think a Nolan should never marry anyone who’d have us."

(L. Kleypas. Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor)
Topic: Entertain
Posted: Wednesday, December 4, 2019 11:43:36 AM
NancyUK, thank you very very much! Angel
Topic: Entertain
Posted: Wednesday, December 4, 2019 8:19:45 AM
Dear All, could you please help to understand the word "entertain" in this context?

I am not sure if it is meant that wife's duties are to entertain husband, or (as I find another meaning) to organize some receptions, o maybe entertain guests of her husband? Thanks a lot!

"They’d lived there happily for nearly nine years, raising two bright,

attractive children, hosting dinner parties, cocktail parties, garden

parties. Eliza’s job, as wife of the chief of surgery of Mercy Hospital

in nearby Asheville, was to look beautiful and stylish, to raise the

children well, keep the house, entertain, and head committees."
(N. Roberts Under Currents)
Topic: casual grace could not be taught only learned
Posted: Sunday, October 20, 2019 5:11:24 AM
Thank you all for great help!