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Topic: As best one can??
Posted: Monday, February 15, 2021 4:52:15 AM
"My colleague had a bit of an accident on his way to work and got himself injured. So I took out the first aid kit and patched him up as best I could."

"Mike really wanted to make her birthday special and he just went all out for the party. He baked the cake, prepared the food and drinks and decorated the room as best he could."

Am I using the phrase correctly?
Topic: Am i using "to come clean" correctly?
Posted: Saturday, January 23, 2021 7:33:11 AM
Romany wrote:


I can't see any reason not to express the sentence the way you did. As Thar assured you: you've used it correctly.

Every person expresses themselves differently: as long as your usage is fine, then it's fine to use it.

How, or whether, another person might choose to say it is interesting to find out. But it has nothing to do with the way you choose to say things.

Thanks for assuring me! :-) I guess I have a bad habit of overanalyzing stuff. Gotta break that habit.
Topic: Am i using "to come clean" correctly?
Posted: Friday, January 22, 2021 8:12:34 AM
FounDit wrote:
I agree that to "come clean" and "confess" both work and are often used, but to me they both imply having done something wrong. Simply losing one's notes was certainly not deliberate. So I would suggest simply using "tell", or "explain".

"I think it's better to tell the teacher now instead of waiting until she finds out. At least there's a good chance that she would let you off the hook if you tell her you lost your notes."

Well maybe I should just keep it simple and say "tell the teacher" instead of "to come clean". I've definitely seen it being used in situations where someone has accidentally done something wrong though.Think
Topic: Am i using "to come clean" correctly?
Posted: Thursday, January 21, 2021 2:37:39 AM
I have a friend who just lost her school notes and she is worried that she would get scolded for it. The notes are extremely important since our class teacher would check our notes every other week to make sure we actually do her homework. I said to her "I think it's better to come clean now instead of waiting until the teacher finds out. At least there's a good chance that she would let you off the hook if you tell her you lost your notes."

I wonder if I'm using "to come clean" correctly here. Think As far as I know the phrase means to tell someone something that youve been keeping secret. However in this case I don't feel like not telling the teacher is much of a secret :O *confused*
Topic: Could anyone check my writing for me?
Posted: Tuesday, January 12, 2021 9:09:19 PM
Thanks y'all so much for the replies! :D Hopefully I didn't come off as some weirdo on this forum. It kinda hard to pick a name with millions of users on here.
Topic: Could anyone check my writing for me?
Posted: Monday, January 11, 2021 1:50:06 AM
Hello, guys! This is my first time posting on the Language Forum. I just wrote an appreciation letter to a cab company to thank a taxi driver for returning lost belongings. I think I'm being way too long winded. What do you think?

On behalf of my mother, I wish to thank the honest taxi driver who returned her bag which she had left in his taxi.

Yesterday noon, my mother called a taxi home after we were done grocery shopping. We returned home in a blue NTUC taxi, but I couldn't recall its plate number. The driver was surprisingly friendly and chatty. We had some really meaningful small talks on our way home. We paid the driver as soon as we arrived home and waved him goodbye before he drove off. Just as my mother was about to unlock the door, she realized she had forgotten her bag in the taxi. We were really distraught as we had no way of contacting the driver to retrieve the bag. There were valuables in the bag like cash, credit cards and things that we couldn't afford to lose.
Just then the taxi driver showed up and returned the bag to us. We were beyond thankful nobody took the bag, otherwise things could have been worse than we could ever imagine! My mother offered the driver some money to thank him , but he politely turned it down. He is a tall middle-aged man, with brown skin and broad shoulders. We were extremely grateful to the driver for what he did and wish to express our gratitude in person. I hope we could get in touch with the driver soon.