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Topic: California is a confused state which harms the rest of America.
Posted: Tuesday, October 10, 2017 10:12:27 AM
Hello Everyone. As a new comer to this site, I welcome the chance to participate in the discussions here. There has been recent news on that the current California Governor has decided to sign a bill which effectively makes his state a "sanctuary state." What this means is that people living illegally in that state will be afforded a degree of freedom allowing them to not fear being deported. While some people may think this is a positive and progressive move by California, the truth is that it does nothing except reward people who have taken it upon themselves to enter and live in the USA in violation of the law.

It is a most strange aspect of American society which feels the need to both condemn and reward people who break the law. An American shoplifter can find himself in a jail cell, but a foreign trespasser, which is what people who enter the country illegally are doing, can be rewarded with safety and freedom. The problem is that there are very few other countries willing to extend a helping hand to people who enter their land under cover of darkness or without letting the government know they are living in the country. Yet, California is doing this and it could effectively hurt the rest of the country. How? When people enter the USA illegally, be that place California or any other state, they are already showing themselves to be willing to break the law to get what they want. So, it is not too hard to imagine that such a person will break other laws in order to get the things they want or think they need. Further, they may likely leave California if they find that living is more comfortable in other states. Thus, Governor Jerry Brown of California is putting many Americans in jeopardy by what he and other politicians are doing in California.

Hopefully, the powers that be in California will come to their senses and make their state one in which everyone who comes into the country legally is welcomed with open arms, and those who sneak in will be sent back to the country from which they came.