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Topic: I think someone is cheating with neurons
Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2022 12:48:30 PM
I’ve now seen this happen in Words Within Words. I’m pretty good at this game but find that over five days I can seldom get more than 4500 neurons. I obtain that score from identifying around 2800 words (involving completing most games). Once I reach that point I can’t gain any more neurons. Now I see a user who has compiled 5489 neurons having found over 5000 words! They have apparently never completed a game. How is that possible? There is something afoot here which basically goes against fair play.

My maths skills tell me that the maximum score you can gain from any game is approximately 2n + 12 (where n is number of words in the game). This varies as, for every 10 games you complete you win 100 neurons but also depends on the multiples of 3 words involved in the game. Is there something I am missing?
Topic: Bookman
Posted: Thursday, December 9, 2021 12:03:40 PM
I’ve been playing Book-Man for a few years now and have got to the end of the “adventure”. I play the daily game which has been terrible lately, with only three or four letter words. But when I revisit my earlier games I find it difficult to accrue scores which are higher than my previous efforts. However, I look on at those who continue to accrue thousands of neurons a day. How is this possible? Buying lots of lives? Which I will not do! Can anyone let me in on the secret? Or am I simply useless at the game?
Topic: Bookman
Posted: Tuesday, November 26, 2019 4:07:39 PM
I have played this game for a number of months and actually paid for coins. Now I find that having reached level 150 in the animals section I am unable to find any keys to take me to the next level. I have played over 40 games at level 150 and not once have I had the opportunity to win a key.. I guess if I purchased more coins that would be the way forward but I am tired of paying my hard earned money to do that. Book-man has a completely limited relationship to knowledge of language and it upsets me to find that the neurons you can earn playing this game are completely skewed against the harder games which require some knowledge of language. Furthermore, the information provided about Book-man indicates that once you lose your lives, every six minutes you will be awarded a new life - in fact I am finding that this is now fifteen minutes per life! Additionally the rules are not clear and some of them do not bear any relationship to reality. I feel completely let down by this game. I really enjoy the Farlex Free Dictionary but this is enough to destroy that enjoyment. I would be interested to hear comments from others users especially those that circumvent the money machine.
Topic: Problems with article of the day and other links
Posted: Friday, November 23, 2018 2:32:17 PM
Yes I have experienced this too. Furthermore the rankings tables are not being updated!
Topic: implode vs explode
Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2018 10:44:09 AM
My scientific understanding of an implosion is that it normally occurs where there is a difference in atmospheric pressure on each side of a barrier. Thus, for example, a cathode ray tube (CRT) which is under a high vacuum can implode when there is a disturbance on the exterior of the CRT. That is the disturbance causes the materials in the high pressure region to move into the low pressure region. The force generated then causes the CRT to explode. Thus the implosion causes an explosion!

In human terms if you use the term “my brain imploded” it is simply a metaphor used to indicate the external pressure you are experiencing.