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Topic: 1904 Coin Knife
Posted: Tuesday, March 19, 2019 5:15:17 PM

I have this knife, or maybe it's a cigar cutter (I'm not sure yet), from the 1904 St. Louis Louisiana Purchase Exposition. It says that on one side while the other side might be... a yen? I'm hoping someone could read it for me!

Sorry if it is not right side up!

edit: I swear I cannot get imgur and this board to play nice!!!!
Topic: Characters on a card box? Thank you!!!!
Posted: Sunday, February 24, 2019 8:05:18 AM
We found this very old card box, cards like business cards. The box is sandalwood, probably from the mid 1800's. The characters are written in pencil and on the wood and faint, and I didn't even notice them. My eight year old did.

Thanks so much!!!!!

EDIT: I cannot seem to figure out how to get a picture in this post, so I included a link to imgur...
Topic: Bowl with medal in the center?
Posted: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 6:08:50 PM
Wow! Thanks for the reply! How did you even find this post, thirteen months later? :D
Topic: What is this? Is it even Chinese?
Posted: Friday, May 5, 2017 7:31:58 AM

I'm going to push my luck here...

He also had a weird medal regarding Xiangqi that he posted to a Facebook Group, looking for info.

Maybe you could ask in your bbs about it as well?

That would be so awesome!!!! :D
Topic: Bowl with medal in the center?
Posted: Wednesday, April 5, 2017 3:33:28 PM

I've got a few items that I'd love to have translated, but I'd really like to start with this bowl.

In the center is a large seemingly brass medal.

Thanks so much!
Topic: What is this? Is it even Chinese?
Posted: Monday, February 13, 2017 12:50:49 PM
This was loaned to me a few years ago for me identify it.

I've gotten nowhere.

I thought that maybe someone here could identify the writing, or maybe even know what this is.

Maybe it will help, but each below photo is actually a link to a larger version of that photo.

Someone once suggested that it might be a stamp, so here's the sides of the largest box with the images reversed.

Topic: Translate this ring please, if it's even Arabic?
Posted: Thursday, February 9, 2017 4:35:05 PM

Someone asked me to help them translate this ring. I'm guessing it is Arabic. I honestly don't know. It was important enough of a ring to have it resized, so it meant something to someone.

The ring is really small. A seven year old child put it on and it was a little big for her.

Since I don't know which way is up, I included the front of the ring both ways to make it easier for you.

Would would also be really awesome is if you could let me know in the text what the characters are so I can email it to the owner along with the translation.

Thanks for your time!