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Topic: QAnon
Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2020 2:31:35 AM
Speaking of BJs... How's Prince Andrew?

Taking the piss mate, couldn't be helped. US born but moved to Blighty when 6mo. West London = First Words, Steps and Memories, so Respect from across the Pond from a hybrid AmeriBrit.

Be well. Nice imagery btw!😂😂

Romany wrote:


Found that last bit confusing - with B.J's (that's Boris Johnson) name included?

Boris as "popular with the people"? I think not. He's one of the elite; went to Oxbridge; and represents , from what most people seem to think, one of the 'Hooray Henry"s; 'Chinless Wonder' class - the Upper Middle Class. All Old School Ties. The very class "the masses" despise.

He hasn't "promised social benefits to the masses" - we've had 'em since before he was born. And as for his policies being 'popularist'? Well, perhaps he's been trying, but so far as I can see, every idea he comes up with gets rubbished by "the masses".

He's just a wanker. His blithering and mumbling about Covid19 is just the blithering and mumbling of a bloke who's always been a buffoon. We can't even claim that it was his own convictions/ideas that led to him to bungle it.

A wanker is as a wanker does.Dancing

(p.s. the most comforting sentence for most English people re BJ is "But thank god he's not as bad as Donald Trump.". When that's the highest praise one can give someone you KNOW your country's in trouble!!)

Topic: QAnon
Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2020 2:22:03 AM
Populism doesn't equate to anti-science. Also, contrary to popular belief, Nationalism and Populism existed long before 2016, in fact US Nationalism traces back to the Founding of this nation and many of the Documents and Leaders espoused one of the two Nationalist Schools (the Third is Theoretical)

Mentioning Mexico is hilarious. Really? After 71yrs of PRI Rule? The Yucatán Peninsula Vote-buying Washing Machine Incident? PAN coming to power under Pres. Fox (both PRI & PAN are SI Members, so kinda eliminates the last quotation's validity. And they forgot a LOT of "Populist" Counties, but guess these didn't fill the variables needed to create the narrative needed before Deadline. Shame. #4thEstate used to have Honour and an Oath kept, no Sell-by-date, to defend Free Speech against all threats of Censorship and Protect this most Precious of all Rights, no matter what.

In a way, the post-2016 suddenly discovery of Nationalism by the average Base Voting American didn't come with a full lesson plan. Actually it's quite similar to what occurred post-2016 with the "sudden" rise of the US "AntiFa" AntiBes. They're about 40yrs late to the Ball and didn't get the memo on what the real AntiFa (non-Government based) stood for, how they were created, what they did and their Specific Goal. No lists and new additions as seen today. TBH, if US AntiBes ran into OG European AntiFa, they'd piss themselves. No Joking. They are/were hardcore.

The loose association today we're known as Anarcho-Communists, Occupy, MoveOn and segments of ELF/ALF, although they are OG AF and shy away from attention, but those who weren't picked for the Varsity Squad had to go somewhere. Luckily, someone read a book and liked what they saw in a pic. Just didn't read the caption. Seriously, they are miles apart in their MO.

I need to see the article and correlations used to draw the Populism & #ChinaFlu (Disclaimer: I've used this since 20 Jan. Nothing to do with Partisan Politics, the President etc. It was initially IDed as an Influenza-like virus, so to make it easier to communicate with our Teams, #China and #Flu, like Spanish Flu, seemed logical. As a former Fourth Estate Member, I still use it bc of our Oath and general opinion regarding Censorship: Foxtrot It. Plus, #baozi harbours a massive share of blame, so if calling it so is offensive to his arse, goody gumdrops. Instead of Hubris, had he sought help instead of telling the seven Members of the CPC Standing Committee of the Politburo and Additional 28 Members of the Central Committee a week later, maybe we wouldn't have this lil pain in the arse?

#FreeTibet #D4HK #D4789HK #FreeHK #FoxtrotBaoziBear

PS: AP, AFP & Reuters are Okd Skool Wire Services. Throughout Journo History, they provided a way to access information via a set payment agreement per use and by publication Readership. They're a Decent general info clearinghouse, outlet, but I would recommend using several Primary & Secondary Sources, even Tertiary. The Old 2-3-1:3-1-2 Equation always serves one well, remember: Always be Objective & Unbiased and read more Sources with which you disagree than those you agree. It's kinda like OppoResearch, one of the most valuable tools used in Political Campaign Science and PoliSci, Psephology etc. I'm not trying to be an arse, it's late and we're still running Reports, so my concentration is a bit off, but wanted to comment a bit on these Subjects as they're very important, esp Sources and understanding how to use them to paint a picture free of Bollocks.

All the best.

Hope123 wrote:
I signed up for Associated Press today to see if it is any better at dispensing facts. They just reviewed AP facts at Media Bias Fact Check and say “ Center is still the best bias rating for AP Newsl.

So here is the story I see:

It seems populist leaders who eschew science have the most deaths from Covid globally.

“ The countries that top the rankings of COVID-19 deaths globally are not necessarily the poorest, the richest or even the most densely populated. But they do have one thing in common: They are led by populist, mold-breaking leaders. Populism in politics means pushing policies that are popular with “the people,” not the elites and the experts. The United States’ Donald Trump, Britain’s Boris Johnson and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, as well as India’s Narendra Modi and Mexico’s Andrés Manuel López Obrador, have surged to power in democratic countries, challenging the old order by promising social benefits to the masses and rejecting the establishment.”
Topic: QAnon
Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2020 1:40:37 AM
Spot on!

towan52 wrote:
FounDit wrote:
Also relevant are the people who believe everything they see or hear on CNN.[/color]

As are the people who believe everything they see and hear on Fox News!
Topic: QAnon
Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2020 1:34:07 AM
An unrelated example, Q from James Bond. But the Q stood for Quartermaster, the Department and Department Head, or Agency.

Taking what caused QAnon to first emerge a few years ago and their initial cause célèbre, PizzaGate, I'm fairly certain the James Bond Series isn't the inspiration.

A lot of so-called Anons migrated from the 4 & 8-Chan Boards and arrived on Mainstream Social Media Platforms, picking-up new Followers and erm, Anons, en route.

Some are a bit much, Try-Hards. But some are Legit OG Black and White Hat Class A Hackers, with a few Southpaws thrown in for fun. These are serious Data-Miners and can cause a bit of damage if they fancied. Many are Gray Hatters but the majority are learning or LARPing.

The Drops have decidedly Militaristic Aspect, in their form, flow, word choice, codenames, project assignments etc, which is odd as DOE wouldn't communicate in this manner. Not really a reason to do so as only a few real Q-Level will see their work.

FWIW: Nope. I'm not a "Member" nor do I fancy Conspiracy Theories. Since they are very active (or try to be so) in the US Political Campaign Seasons and Individual Candidates, we've gotta keep an eye on them, just in case, same as we do with myriad others. Good news: We're VERY good at what we do... 😁

Cheers. If I need to translate or offer better examples/explanations, please ask. I'll try to sort it out.
Topic: QAnon
Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2020 1:12:49 AM
Q means Q Level Clearance in the US DOE. It's one Level above L Level and is comparable to Level 4 SecClearance in the DOD, IDC, DNI, MilIntel etc.
Access to Highly Classified Top Secret Need-to-Know, as it was formed by the Atomic Security Act (1958) and allows access to our most Sensitive Information: (Our Thermonuclear Arsenal and Device Designs , Physics Packages etc.)

It's a real Classification. I assume it's relatively unknown nature (most don't think DOE when thinking Top Secret³, they assume NRO, DIA, FBI, CIA and Military, so it's not as "glamorous" and not found in Pop Culture as often as Espionage and Agencies. Although interchangeable, the Departments like to keep certain aspects different from the other Depts. So, and I'm guessing here, someone is a Nerd &/or studied MilSci and decided this Rating (same as Ranking) would make a neat name, or something like that.

Hope this helps.
Topic: QAnon
Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2020 12:10:53 AM
Has crossed? This is a new one...


Hope123 wrote:
QAnon’s Madness Is Turning Canadians Into Potential Assassins

We talked about QAnon and also the Deep,State in other threads. QAnon has crossed the border into Canada and one member tried to kill Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and/or the Governor General. This happened a while back but I didn't know the QAnon connection.till tonight.

Apparently this is becoming a world wide phenomenon - crazy people who think they are heroes saving the world.

Scary that the world has become so crazy.

Seems to me there was a weird show called Q - I can picture the actor. I wonder if tha is how they cane up with the name Q.
Topic: Facebook pulls Trump ads using Nazi symbolism
Posted: Friday, June 19, 2020 5:26:18 PM
Erm... I think the rest of the world has more pressing priorities rather than giving-a-toss about a biased and unsourced Article and Campaign Pandering Tool used (I must admit, to great effect) in place of an actual Campaign Platform.

Examples? Sure!
Subcontinent & Oceania vs. PRC
Spec. e.g. Indo-Sino Border Regional Skirmish, PLA Troops & Equipmen & PLAA Assets Deployed in-Theatre. PLAN Assets suddenly missing from docked locations... See Type-002 "under-construction" (another STOBAR😂😂😂)

Nine-Dash-Line, BRI, AIIB and 98% of South China Sea vs. UNCLOS (10 Dec 1982) Ratification and establishing Outermost EEZ = 200nmi

The tracing, resurgence and blocking of investigation of #ChinaFlu* & locations

Increased Rioting, Private Property & Business Damage, Gov't Buildings & Sites Damaged

Near-Peer & Peer Parity Military Advantage

CBRNE Research by Iran (agreement with DPRK & Trilateral Association with RF & PRC)


PRC (again!) vs. ROC and ADIDZ Violation, Southern Sector Penetration

UK/NATO Interception RF Strategic Nuclear & Conventional Bombers; RF Fighters & Multi-Role Aircraft

Economic Issues

National Interest & IA/IR/FP & Diplomacy

Sooooo, yeah. Don't wanna assume anything, but it's a pretty safe bet (I'm happy calculating some odds if you lot fancy taking some Action! USD, Euro & GBP only!) International Leaders have more to worry about than a biased and shite opinion piece from WaPo.

On another note: Who are these "Weaponised 'Neo-Nazis'" and please cite their influence! I've worked Campaigns a longtime, Muni-Pres. DEM, GOP & UnAf, plus Orgs & PACs etc. & studied Them a bit/one Thesis Paper covered The Origins of Modern (1850 - Present) Extremist Groups: Left & Right Wing: Defining What makes an Extremist, Grouping and why US Groups differ from vs. International, esp. European, East Asia, S. Africa & South American Groups.
Please, do share!

If you support silencing ANYONE (UDHR 19 & 20 both influenced by Amendment I.) or US Citizens in particular (Amendment I, supported by The Due Think Process Clause extending protection from the Fed to State & Muni Gov't, via Amends. V & XIV) you support denying them access to the most important and precious protections promised by the Founders and re-established/enhanced via the US Supreme Court! Censorship is second only to High Treason re Vileness. Similar to Direct-Democracy - AKA Mob-Rule - and Theocracy, the former being what they wanted us to avoid more than anything! Censorship is an inherent trait in a Direct-Democracy. A lot of young Men died to allow you to write and say as you fancy. Many more do and will. Once Censorship begins, as we're watching, it's harder and harder to stop. What you cheer now WILL affect you later.

*SIGH! I've used this phrase since 21 Jan 2020, as it follows basic logic & historical patterns re location and illness profile/type; ∴ ZERO relationship with ANY indivivduals, entities; sans any partisan influence and harbouring ZERO offense towards PRC Civilians {CPC Standing & Central Cmtes Politburo Members & #baozi = unintended, but I don't care}
I'm a #4thEstate Press Member. We don't apologise for Speech & never Self-censore! Unless an error made & as directed by our EIC we'll print a retraction etc. Plus, the whole Gentleman's Code: If wrong or wronged another, a Man always Owns it and says I'm Sorry! Someone gets Offended? That's a personal decision and I cannot control Free Will! Besides, I offer zero, so it's your choice to feel...
God I hate disclaimers