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Topic: for good, cast, cling
Posted: Tuesday, April 13, 2021 12:02:21 PM
Penz wrote:
In this excerpt, Superman's father is telling him to strive toward greatness.
"Embodied within that hope is the fundamental belief in the potential of every person to be a force for good."
1)for good or for goodness?
2)fundamental belief?

"They will join you in the sun.
What does it mean?
It could be good or goodness, but is most often said as a force for good.
They will join you in the sun, in countries with temperate climates being in the sun is often thought of as a good thing, it’s warm and pleasant rather than cold and damp. One of Sir Winston Churchill’s WW2 speeches known as the “Their Finest Hour Speech” includes this idea.
The whole fury and might of the enemy must very soon be turned on us. Hitler knows that he will have to break us in this island or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be freed and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands.
. If you come from a country where the sun is too strong sometimes it might seem strange.

Steppenwolf is talking to Diana.
"Why did you abandon your own sisters, only to cast your lot with these creatures. clinging to their puny lives?
1)cast your lot with these??
2) And "clinging to life"?

To cast your lot is an idiom meaning to join one side wholeheartedly, to give them your full support.
“Clinging to their puny lives” cling to life.
Cling means to grasp hold of, to hold tightly, life is the state of living, being aware and functioning not dead. Humans try their best not to die, but unlike Diana have short, fragile lives.

Batman is thinking of the Justice League base.
"Big round table"
"Right there."
Are all "Round table" round in shape? Could they be square or perhaps rectangle?
Do you know the legend of the English King Arthur and his Knights? They were heroes and sat in his castle Camelot at a round table, this was to show that all were as important as each other, all equally heroic. The table for the Justice League could be square or rectangular but no theirs shall be round like the legendary Round Table of old.

Flash is assuring his dad who is in prison.
"Dad, you're gonna get maced again."

Mace is a chemical spray, a form of tear gas that police officers, prison guards and in some countries people carry for protection.(It’s illegal in the UK though). To be maced is to be sprayed with that chemical as the guards might if they thought the Flash’s father was being too unruly.

Flash is talking about the toxic place where steppenwolf is.
"Right, it's probably so radioactive that you grow an extra foot out of your neck."
Shoud not it have been "so radioactive that you would grow..?

It should be, but in naturalistic speech people often leave out a few words.
Topic: is the SOP to be used
Posted: Tuesday, April 13, 2021 11:31:24 AM
This isn’t where a place, but where in what circumstance or situation.

In which circumstance is the SOP to be used and in what circumstance is it not applicable?
Topic: We can't run away from this responsibility/blame?
Posted: Tuesday, April 13, 2021 6:30:56 AM
Yes that’s fine.

You could also use “We can’t duck this responsibility”.

You say that someone ducks a duty or responsibility when you disapprove of the fact that they avoid it.

Topic: Is "potential" redundant?
Posted: Sunday, April 11, 2021 7:17:35 AM
Koh Elaine wrote:
While Deputy Prime Minister Heng Sweet Keat's decision to step aside as Singapore's potential next leader came as a surprise, industrial watchers said it should not rattle investor and business confidence.

Is "potential" redundant? If it isn't, what is the reason?


Deputy Prime Minister Heng Sweet Keat is the potential next leader of Singapore, if the current PM were to die or step down he might take over, but we can’t be sure that will happen. His party might lose the next election and the new Prime Minister could potentially be Pritam Singh leader of the Opposition in the Singaporean Parliament.
Nothing about Mr Heng Sweet Keat becoming the next leader is yet set in stone, he is as Audiendus suggests the possible or probable next PM but it’s not certain he will become that.
Topic: Blink off the charts
Posted: Sunday, April 11, 2021 4:00:24 AM
Penz wrote:
Thank you so much.
What does "blink" mean though?

It means to rapidly increase, so fast that you cannot see the change happen.

Imagine a chart like this ECG, then then the peak labelled R going up much more than that, so high in fact you can no longer see it on the screen and doing so incredibly rapidly.
This is another kind of chart a seismograph and the machine that makes them.

They are used to monitor seismic activity as time goes on the paper slowly winds along and the pen traces on the paper, when there’s an earthquake then a series of peaks will be created on the chart.
Topic: Blink off the charts
Posted: Sunday, April 11, 2021 1:31:18 AM
Penz wrote:
If I were to ask question. Could I just say like :
How many thousand year since our people spoke?
How many years since our people spoke.

how many thousands of years....?

How many thousand year since our people spoke?
It’s wrong, you might hear or read it used in certain dialects but it’s broadly considered poor English.
How many years since our people spoke?
It’s correct but thousands of years emphasises that it has been a very long time since they had done so.
Topic: Not all the Kong's horses, reach around
Posted: Saturday, April 10, 2021 3:53:30 PM
FounDit wrote:
Penz wrote:
Sorry, I'm afraid I couldn't make myself clear.
The question was "what does "reach- around " mean ?
And why he used "would"?
As in
"It's funny you "would" (INSTEAD OF LEAVING IT as in IT'S FUNNY YOU) talk about....

He uses "would" in the sense of "It's funny that you would (that you had/have this desire) to talk about ..." The use of "would" isn't necessary, but it is how we often say something like this. It points to that desire to hurt Batman. The meaning is the same without it.

The "reach around" is a joking reference (he is the Joker, after all) to an action that is considered vulgar to discuss in public. If no one has done so yet, I'll send you a PM to try to explain it.

FounDit it’s a tough job someone’s got to do it I guess.
Topic: Not all the Kong's horses, reach around
Posted: Saturday, April 10, 2021 5:43:32 AM
4) It is the end of the world as we know it Darkseid has won and billions are dead or enslaved.
There is a motley group of individuals who are still resisting some heroes such as Batman and Cyborg some villains such as Deathstroke and the Joker.
Some are questioning why they are keeping the Joker, who is more or less insane and a liability with them and alive.
The Joker makes some points as to why Batman is insisting he stays alive and gives one final joke about the reach around.

5) “You know it’s funny you would talk about people who died in my arms”.
This relates to storylines in Batman comics, the Joker has been responsible for murdering people Batman loves and it’s implied it’s happen in the movie continuity as well.

We see a blood stained Robin costume in the background of the Batcave in a case at one point.
The stress here is “You know it’s funny you would....”.
Topic: Stream into/ Design Flaw /what if
Posted: Saturday, April 10, 2021 3:23:45 AM
Penz wrote:
All of these citations are from Zack Snyder's Justice League.

1) Here, Bruce is talking about Victor who's gonna go inside the motherboxes to break their bond.(Victor is kind of a A.I there.
"You have to stream into the unity by yourself."
Why Stream?

Stream because that’s a term in computing, to transmit and receive information, mother boxes are very sophisticated alien computers after all.
2)Here, Bruce is talking about the weakness of the structure that Steppenwolf has created
"It's a design flaw."
Is design flaw something related to a particular instance or is it a universal thing as in "EVERY dome has a design flaw"?

It is a design flaw in that particular dome.
3) Aquaman is questioning Bruce.
"What if the dome's not destroyed."

Why not, What if the dome WOULD/WILL BE not destroyed.

4)Here, Flash has created the charge that Victor needed to STREAM into the motherboxes.
"Okay, I built a charge! You call it!"
You call it? What is IT here?

It here is the appropriate time for the Flash to take the next step in their plan, to run towards Cyborg/Victor and zap him with that electrical charge.

Thank you SO MUCH for helping me.
Posted: Saturday, April 10, 2021 1:46:53 AM
In English Rome is the capital of Italy, Roma is the word for people of that ethnic origin.
1. A member of a subgroup of the Romani people, primarily inhabiting Central and Eastern Europe with smaller populations in other regions.

Roma is the Italian name for their capital.

Your location isn’t listed as Bhaile Átha Claith.