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Topic: cavort
Posted: Friday, February 4, 2011 10:47:35 PM
excaelis wrote:
I don't think that you can truly cavort unless you are also bedecked in all the flowers of Sodom And Gomorrah. Just one man's opinion.

Then there's Dr Jack Cavortian, often hired by exasperated hosts to euthanise parties that have gone on too long.

-That-is-funny. Could not control the laughs. It is my favorite humor: Black.
Topic: Perceptions, opinions and *seemingly* pointless questions :)
Posted: Friday, February 4, 2011 10:35:04 PM
wercozy wrote:
hmm... the OP is titled 'Perceptions, opinions and *seemingly* pointless questions :)' but now it seems the topic has been cyberjacked to be about "how somebody can be a scientist and also believe in gods and/or spirituality?" Well, that's OK I guess.

I've often wondered how obviously intelligent scientists, doctors, and philosophers can have "room in their minds for both science and religion." Can't people see a pimple on the end of their nose (something obvious in front of their face)? Well, no! Some people can't see it because their nose is too short (prejudices or defects in reasoning), they don't know how to cross their eyes to focus on something so close (far-sightedness), or they don't have a mirror that reflects a bigger picture (an education or a mentor).

-ONE'S Perception, is the thread regarding: *Opinions* and **Seemingly** ***Pointless questions***.
- It has never bean a Treaty on the *subject matter* of *obviously intelligent people's minds* (such as scientists, doctors and philosophers). An exam of room in their minds and the space they dispose in their minds, that make science and religion buddies.
The discussion witch started in this thread, evolved without attracting a need or interest from some of us. So it was lost for some of us.
That doesnt make ''Syberjacked'' a valid accusation. No one is looking for a Doctorate, just searching to communicate
Wercozy it's sad what you wrote above. Wish you Peace.
Topic: Perceptions, opinions and *seemingly* pointless questions :)
Posted: Friday, February 4, 2011 6:05:35 PM
intelfam wrote:
Thank you noorfr, for explaining, I think I understand, So, is the discussion about how somebody can be a scientist and also believe in gods and/or spirituality? How they have room in their minds for both?

Hi interfalm,

I don't remember any mention of room, (room for both?) i don't understand it. (sounds sarcastic)
My apologies, sorry this is a hijack.
I believe i was the second to responde to this thread..just after noorf? Now i feel bad.
Topic: Adding Parents’ Name
Posted: Friday, February 4, 2011 4:54:49 PM
noorfr wrote:
when we want to write someone’s name with his father’s name, we write –
son – bin – father. احمد بن اقبال

what we use for daughter? is bint correct –
daughter – bint-e – father. حنا بنت اقبال

what if we’re writing mother’s name??? –

son - ??? – mother.
daughter - ??? – mother.

thank you.

Angel -Bint is correct.

Mothers name is; Oum-son's name - Oum-daughter's name.

Bint - daughter comes before mothers name.

The same as for father - ibn or bin - come before mother or father's name.
Topic: Democratic Uprisings in the Arab World
Posted: Friday, February 4, 2011 5:23:46 AM
Jyrkkä Jätkä wrote:
GreenSleeves wrote:

-Dear Mr J.J. What makes you say the above: On What do you base your ''Strong doubts?''-''Any Christians?''
From where do you take your knowledge about Christians in Palestine? On which authority?
At the same time; The Christians in Lebanon? Syria? Jordan? Ex-Mesopotamia?


I do find you to be aggressive. Please enlighten US

-As for my citation ''there have been Christians for ''much longer than 2.000-years'' means the following; The Land of Canaan is 5.000-years old, and there also they had a population, it was not an empty land. People were there before Abraham came from Ur in Chaldea. Go make a recensement on who was there before Abraham. I have heard on several occasions, Palestinian Christians say (occasions of War), I am a proud Christian living in the Land of Canaan for 5.000-years. This is my Home. Nevertheless, Christians and Moslems suffered the same faith, when Israel was created, out of Anti-Semitism IN Europe. Christians run away or migrated as Moslems. The fact remains that, there where 20 to 22% of the Population in 1947-48.

You find it as indication of aggressiveness if you are asked for clearance or disagreed on something you express here? Wake up and look at the mirror ;-)

So what you meant was 1.5% Thanks for clearance. Don't mix decimals and fractions in one numerical value. Your 1.1/2 can be interpreted as 1.05 or 1.1 - 2 (1.1 to 2).

Aggregate figures on the number of Nasrani today are estimates, due to the difficulty in collecting comprehensive information on the different Diaspora populations. The latest estimates are between 1 to 2.4% Did you know there are also Arab Christians living in Israel, even more than Palestinian Christians?

Re-think again how old is Christianity. Not much older than 2000 years but a bit younger. Christianity began as a Jewish sect in the mid-1st century. The first, originally Jewish followers of Christ were called Nazarenes. It was however not until the 4th century it had grown to religion and Church.

I'm quite well aware of the prehistory of the area and of the people and tribes who inhabited the triangle from Turkey via Iran to Sinai. Genetically Jews and Palestinians are close relatives despite the Jews long diaspora. Genetic analysis shows Palestinians are of mainly Levantine ancestry, similar to Jews, Turks (Anatolians), Lebanese, Egyptians, Armenians, and Iranians. Finns and Estonians are nearly as close relatives linguistically but not genetically.

-Oh! I do find You Very aggressive: As an Artist with my imaging i can see you as i am reading you, a Tall Figure looking down on a little dog, Furious, pointing in the air his index to teach him an big lesson.

I am very sorry, it was not my aim or intention in coming ''hear'' to YOUR Dictionary, to teach any lessons, ever. If you will be so good as to accept my involuntary and spontaneous..(in English those two words seem to be synonyms...however in French..oh never mind), efforts to widen some misleading little facts, little misconceptions in the Western-World which have Ben going on forever, i mean WWII, that Israel's Arab Citizens where and are, only Moslems. No one cared enough in the West, to wonder why there was never, ever, any mention of Israeli citizens other than Moslems, whilst it was the birth-place of Christos, or Yassouh.
I mentioned to a member i forgot his name, xxx1961 ? -Not to you.
I was of course stunned by the aggressive tone to witch, ensued mine..Yes?
I thought, today we have tools which give people from all over the Globe, an opportunity to learn about one another and find that magic possibility, humans are capable of, from completely different societies traditions and culture, to communicate, share..
The numbers, keep them for a more important occasion. Such as One to Twenty, those decimals are irrelevant. If you remember what i was talking about; 1947-48. At that-time; 20 to 2w2! I don't care about Nasrani. I know you went check-browsing everybody does it ''hear'' before pronouncing a word. I hope it is not such a Capital to you. Who do you think was hosting Christian Pilgrims from around the World?
Here there must be a misunderstanding from my part. You from Finland are asking me, if i know that there are Also Arab Christians living in Israel, evem more tha Palestinian Christians? That is Beyond the Pale. I forgive you for you really don't know WHAT you are talking about................Please.
The re-think paragraph is what you learned in Kindergarten, sorry i don't speak German.
And why go to such trouble to show me that you '' you are quite well aware of the prehistory of the Area... and...all those...People..
and Tribes... The prehistory of what? Do you have a prehistory? Lets talk about it then. Why a Triangle? In the time of, sorry, the pre-times of the ''Sect from Nazareth''. I presume you are traveling from Finland, who is on the north of all the Balkans, next to Ruskia, then it becomes Your Triangle via, Anatolia(prehist) via Persia(prehist.),,here there were no lebanese; a Mountain in Syria, Jabal-Loubnan, then you go down to Egypt-North Africa. Then you go back up to Armenia. Genetic analysis are the most similar to Jews, (although similarities were traced to Yemen, for Jews)-Semites.
Turks, Armenians, Iranians, Egyptians are not Semitic, ( Arab-Jews) are the only Semitic race in the World. The only close relatives linguistically. At the same-time this puts some light on: The denial that the Palestinians, would not have ben Jews, who became Christians and Jews or Christians, who became Moslems. Where are they the Palestinians Christians? We only know that, some of them did not run away in 1947-48. They are second-class citizens in Israel, as are the Moslems.
Topic: Pronouncing fleur de lis
Posted: Friday, February 4, 2011 12:41:01 AM
Babezy wrote:
So TFD got the spelling AND the pronunciation wrong?

The spelling is right the flower lily is called lis in French and it can also be spelled lys. But you're right, in the lis article of TFD in French the pronounciation is wrong.

quote]- Fleur de Lys is a symbol: The translation of the lis is right. It is part of The Heraldics; the Royal Arms of England.
Richard-II, 1935. Eaton College 1440, Berkeley. The Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, personal Arms.
Disappears in the end of the 18Th century.
Is still present on the Heraldic Crown of England, the Inheritance Crown.
On the Royal Arms of England, where it is written;
''Honni Soi (t) Qui Mal Y Pense''... ''Dieu Est mon Droit''.

So yes, it is still present today on the Quebec Flag.
Topic: How does God rule.
Posted: Thursday, February 3, 2011 11:07:25 PM
dev_sircar wrote:
wercozy wrote:
A figment of man's terrible imagination.

I know what I know, and I know what I don't know. That is the difference between myself and a charlatan.

If, in your belief, GOD is a separate identity, who wields absolute power to rule His creation, then He is an Autocrat.
However, if you believe that GOD pervades his creation and resides in us all, then He is a Democrat.

Topic: Google translate in Latin
Posted: Thursday, February 3, 2011 6:12:55 PM
Jyrkkä Jätkä wrote:
Google has finally added Latin in their translator, marked as Alpha so far.
Just tested it with some basic, familiar Finnish and English words, seemed to work well.

Not far from; Alef,Beth. (Arabic and Hebrew)
Topic: Google translate in Latin
Posted: Thursday, February 3, 2011 6:08:04 PM
cassandra wrote:
You're absolutely right SandraM, but that's true for any language. Google can be easily used with single words but if you ask for the translation of a full sentence... good luck!

As for horrors in student's translations... latin is nothing compared to ancient greek. Been there, done both, wrote things so outrageous that you could have found them into a Dalì painting.

I was once asked (please help us improve,..translation from French)..the story of a woman dining out with friends, who was handed (la note) by the waiter, Google's translation; she recieved a bill of Law.
Topic: How does God rule.
Posted: Thursday, February 3, 2011 5:38:56 PM
[quote=dev_sircar]Is God an autocrat or a democrat ?

Pray For God's Sake. Futile boring question!
SORRY, and provocative.