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Topic: Reduced to pulp
Posted: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 6:50:18 AM
Hello, I would like to ask.

What is the word or adjective for "Easily reduced to pulp" ?

Can "friable" be used in this sentence : "The noodle/pasta is overcooked that becomes friable when crushed with a fork."

Thank you.
Topic: Cup
Posted: Monday, May 8, 2017 7:35:31 PM
FounDit wrote:

Here, "cupped" does not mean "pick up", but rather to hold the seeds in her hand which is formed like a cup. She might pick up the seeds with one hand and place them into her other, "cupped", hand.

Which is why is not written as "cupped" only, but adding "up" to it.

You can't pick up water by grabbing it, so you may have to form your hand into a cup to get the water.

Imagine of the seeds in a huge basin, and you don't use your hand to grab them, but forming the hand in a cup and dig in to pick them up.

But I'm thinking of an alternative way to use the word :

"She picked up the seeds with a cupped hand."

"She picked up the river water with cupped hands."

Topic: Cup
Posted: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 4:21:40 PM

"She cupped the seeds in her hand." = Hold seeds with her hand

"She cupped up the seeds with her hand." = pick up seeds with her hand

Topic: Cup
Posted: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 7:45:05 AM
Hello, I would like to ask.

Can you use "cup" as a verb in these sentences?

"She cupped up river water with both hands and splashed it on her face." = pick up water with both hands shaping like a cup

"She cupped up the seeds with her hand." = pick up seeds with a hand

"He cupped his hand to cover his yawn." or can you say, "He cupped his yawn with his hand."

Topic: Ridge
Posted: Tuesday, May 2, 2017 7:40:09 PM
I found these examples :

“The spectacled caiman, which originates from South and Central America, has a boney ridge around its eyes which makes it look as if it is wearing glasses.”

"The correct method is to form a circular ridge of soil at the edge of the root zone and then lightly mulch this saucer so that the soil and mulch together trap rainwater and feed it to the roots.”

"Eska are a humanoid race with a ridge that goes from their forehead down to their nose.”

"A plastic print is a friction ridge impression left in a material that retains the shape of the ridge detail.”

"There was even a free-form apartment complex named Dimetrodon, after the ridge-backed dinosaur that inspired the shape of the underlying space frame.”

"Weng did was inset a comet of contrasting wool into a dress and continue the shape around the back, with a small ridge of fabric barely visible above the comet for the 3-D effect."

"The ridge of the nose."

Topic: Ridge
Posted: Tuesday, May 2, 2017 5:50:05 AM
Hello, I'm still confused with the usage of "Ridge".

Can a ridge come in any shapes?

Such as : a heart-shaped ridge, a circular ridge, a triangular ridge

For examples, can you say : "Form the snow pile into a heart-shaped ridge."

"Form the dough/flour into a circular ridge."

"A horse-shaped ridge on the wall."

"The ridge of a mirror frame."

"The kid is wearing a t-shirt that has a rhino-shaped ridge on it for the
3D effect."

Topic: Works and pomps
Posted: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 8:51:52 PM
Can anyone help me define the phrase "Works and pomps" in the following sentences?

"There is, of course, no factual connection between the two - if anything, the zealot opposes him and all his works and pomps.”

"It is time to call its bluff and close down the entire trough by abolishing the Arts Council and all its works and pomps.”

"The sisters of the Society of the Sacred Heart ‘really despised the world and all its exams and works and pomps.”

"Although its purview includes all the works and pomps of Government, the Journal emphasizes the Executive Branch.”

Thank you in advance.
Topic: A word for meditation which focuses on a single object or thought.
Posted: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 10:48:42 AM
I heard that in the medical term for it, it's called "Grounding".

But in a religious term is called "Namaz" or the daily religious ritual.
Topic: Attribute to
Posted: Thursday, October 27, 2016 8:29:49 PM
I made these sentences. Please tell me if they are correct or not :

I have to attribute a bad quality/violence to the movie. Attributing offensive element to the jokes. Attributing scandalous behaviour to some movie stars. Attributing lies to the salesman. I attribute a shocking effect to the horror scene. The children attribute cuteness to the animal characters. Attributing a singing talent to the children in the competition.

Attributing a gangster membership to the boy. Attributing the car to the man. Attributing the roses in the front yard next door to Mrs.Smith. I attribute dangerous substance to the toys. (I suppose this paragraph contains incorrect sentences as the object should be associated with and serving to identify a character, personage, or office)

Don't attribute no value to my efforts. Don't attribute triviality to the topic. Don't attribute weirdness to me. Don't attribute bad memories to the old house. Don't attribute tackiness to my new earrings.

I think I understand this part : "Attributing things (awful epithets/titles/labels/descriptions or bad deeds) to me that are counter with me."

Topic: Attribute to
Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2016 2:32:54 PM

“She assigned some importance to the research.” = (assign = place = put = give) ?

”The study suggests that it is a mistake to credit children with adult reasoning." = can you also use 'place' or 'assign' for the sentence : "The study suggests that it is a mistake to place /assign(match or pair with) adult reasoning to children."

"Attribute things (e.g. drug dealing, a gangster membership) to me that are counter with me." = does 'to attribute' have a close meaning with 'relate' : "Relating things to me that are counter with me." or "Referring things to me that are counter to me."