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Topic: In trumpwrld, kindness = weakness
Posted: Saturday, July 25, 2020 6:29:02 AM
Hope123 wrote:
Letter to Trump supporters by Hope123 - tell me one fact here that is not true about America now. You may not like the facts, but there is nothing wrong with the message or the messenger.

Only 3 miles of wall got built. Mexico didn't pay. Americans are locked in their own country, not welcome anywhere. Not even Mexico. Hillary's not locked up. Obamacare wasn't repealed. The deficit's skyrocketed. Millions are unemployed. The rich are richer. Trump tells a pimp he wishes her well. Crooks are pardoned to protect the president. A girl is put in jail because she didn't do her homework. One third of Trump's days spent at his own businesses - playing golf. He attends to HIS businesses instead of country's business. Under his watch 140,000+ people dead and counting - worst country's numbers in the world with a small percentage of world population. Labs and hospitals overwhelmed as close to 4,000,000 cases. Refrigerator trucks brought in to house the dead. Instead of being "great again," America is the epicenter of a global pandemic.

Federal forces in Portland are being investigated. Federal forces sent to more cities could make the protests worse, with more, and more violent, agitators showing up and attacking police. It’s as if Trump wants this before the election to show his “law and order” mantle.

So the country is not better off than four years ago - mass infections, pandemic petulance, rising deaths, rioting in the streets, children in cages, country split even more, women losing their rights, the economy in tatters, racists rampant, cops killing black people, military thugs and mercenaries teargassing moms and mayors, and clubbing veterans, more and more of those associated with Trump being investigated/charged/found guilty, a decaying president lying - how much more greatness can America take from this GREAT PRESIDENT?

Y'all got played.

You will notice that these facts don't mean sh*t to them. White supremacists and militia gun freaks are being hired by the current occupant to do the jobs that normal humans won't do. They are desperate, and just like a cornered wild animal, they will viciously attack anything near them.
Topic: In trumpwrld, kindness = weakness
Posted: Friday, July 24, 2020 1:15:51 PM
Oscar D. Grouch wrote:
Read the full transcript of Mary Trump's interview.

Listen to the full interview.

Psychologists and commentators from all ideological camps early converged on a label of narcissistic personality disorder as the condition that “explains” Trump’s behavior. Among those making this assertion are more than 70,000 mental health professionals who signed a petition warning of Trump's potential dangerousness, despite longstanding professional injunctions against "diagnosing" public figures whom experts have not personally examined.

Trump’s presidency has given rise to heated discussion about a range of psychological phenomena, well beyond the debate about his own personality. The term “gaslighting” refers to the manipulative attempt to make people question their own perceptions or memory, and it has often been invoked to describe Trump’s actions and statements, especially those about “fake news.”
Topic: In trumpwrld, kindness = weakness
Posted: Friday, July 24, 2020 11:23:47 AM
Oscar D. Grouch wrote:
Read the full transcript of Mary Trump's interview.

Listen to the full interview.
"Donald's pathologies are so complex and his behaviours so often inexplicable that coming up with an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis would require a full battery of psychological and neuropsychological tests that he'll never sit for."
Topic: little donny deploys more federal forces
Posted: Thursday, July 23, 2020 3:49:28 PM

This isn't just something that has come up recently. In 2019, his own former personal attorney, Michael Cohen issued this ominous warning: “I fear that if he loses the election in 2020, that there will never be a peaceful transition of power.

There has been a lot of discussion about this because it could happen a number of different ways. From never-ending court battles to simply denying the legitimacy of the election, people have been discussing the possibilities. One thing that is front and centre of all of these concerns is the long history that the Republican party has of voter intimidation, misinformation, ballot tampering, voter purging (legally and illegally), and a plethora of other methods of fixing elections in strategic locations.

One thing to take from all of this is that the only reason he would do this is to create as much damage as possible as he leaves office. It would be the ultimate temper tantrum.
Topic: little donny deploys more federal forces
Posted: Thursday, July 23, 2020 11:12:50 AM
And when (not if) he decides not to leave the White House after he loses the election, what will the country do? Right now the country is not strong enough to expel him (the Democratic Party leadership is certainly not), so what then?
Topic: little donny commutes roger stone's sentence
Posted: Thursday, July 23, 2020 9:36:36 AM
As our country bounces from one self-inflicted disaster to another, like a puppy bouncing and hopping amongst fragile china and crystal, we lose sight of the fact that this is all being done for our benefit. As in Federal Forces being deployed to certain cities because those cities 'need it badly' and 'should want it', but when you listen to this what does it really sound like? Or when the emoluments clause of the Constitution is repeatedly used to wipe the ass of the current occupant after some explosive diarrhoea and the country ends up thinking, "Well, we really didn't need that clause anyway. Maybe we will try again with the next President".

Most of us are still living and breathing and many of us still have jobs, for now. And when we look to the Democratic Party leadership, we see a lot of Tweeting, hand wringing, and campaigning using the word "Trump" as much as possible, but not much else. So we are left to think that this new normal cannot be all bad. I mean, did we really need those pesky titles of "The Greatest Democracy in the World" or "Global Police" or "Land of Opportunity"? And when we look at the US Constitution now, it really is just a quaint old thing that a very small percentage of the population of the US has redefined as needed in order to cement their power and control over the rest of the country. It has lost most (if not all) of its import and meaning by being hijacked by privileged, white male, Christian, gun nuts and is now, like so many other valuable aspects of our country and government, just a weapon to be used against the people. But since it is being used as a weapon against "the right" people, for example, minorities, women, non-Christian, non-Republican, then it's ok as long as we personally are not one of "those people".

There is so much head-scratching going on now, by those overseas. "How could we have let ourselves get in this situation?" "Couldn't we have seen this coming?" "Don't we understand what this means to the rest of the world, to see the bastion of Democracy fall like this?" The answer is, look at your own democracy and see this happening there as well. In different stages and at different rates, but it is happening all over the world. The US just happens to be the largest, most exaggerated, most accelerated example right now.
Topic: little donny deploys more federal forces
Posted: Thursday, July 23, 2020 8:37:07 AM
Here they are, controlling the narrative. And where is the Democratic Party leadership? Tweeting, and tut-tutting, and for the most part staying quiet. But local representatives are out there getting tear-gassed, like Portland's Mayor.

From the post: For three days, apparently anarchists violently spray-painted graffiti. I'm not really sure how you do that.

Topic: FYI- How Rwanda Has Crushed Covid19 - Lessons for Next Pandemic
Posted: Wednesday, July 22, 2020 10:23:41 PM
This is a great article and puts quite a few things in perspective. I think what we see here is that it isn't the physical or monetary resources available, but the motivation and commitment, not just of the leaders, but of the majority of the citizens.
Topic: Some People 'Have The Sniffles'
Posted: Monday, July 20, 2020 10:07:52 AM
thar wrote:
They just don't get it, do they. Again and again and again so many of these people completely miss the point. It is not about "you". Brick wall
You are OK - you have the sniffles, you are statistically unlikely to die (but it is not impossible and the 'minor' effects can be devastating), you have the right not to wear face covering, you have the right to go out to a bar or a party.

It is about everybody else!

But that simply isn't true in their world, where it's all about 'me'.
Topic: A message from Adam Schiff
Posted: Saturday, July 18, 2020 10:58:47 AM
Dr Sanchika Gupta wrote:
I really wonder is this political forum?

Yep, Sanchika, it is the politics section of the forum.