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Topic: The Best of Cartoons
Posted: Tuesday, April 7, 2020 12:22:07 PM

Topic: Quarantine Kitchen: Keeping Your Spirits Up With Good Food!
Posted: Tuesday, April 7, 2020 10:06:28 AM
Sarrri, I actually converted this recipe from one that made double and I used to knead too. It is from an old Robin Hood flour booklet that is 60 + years old. Robin Hood is a brand of flour over here. That's why it is still in cups. Although we are metric in Canada, a lot of baking is still in cups.

Right now there is a shortage of yeast where I live - imagine it is pretty much everywhere as people are adapting to new (old) methods of getting food. I had a full jar of bread machine yeast so am good for a while. It may be easier to get than regular yeast, I don't know.


I have a few more recipes on my iPad from when friends requested them, and since it is so easy to copy and paste, I'll find some time later to post more.

Topic: Quarantine Kitchen: Keeping Your Spirits Up With Good Food!
Posted: Tuesday, April 7, 2020 12:34:54 AM
I make my own bread and buns all the time. You need a bread machine for this recipe and ingredients must go in in order given. Never use the delay function with egg in the recipe. Accurate measurements are very important, as is the temperature of flour.

Use a liquid (not dry measure) measuring cup for the water and get down to eye level to see the 1 cup line. My cups have metric too but I use cups.Then add 2 T of water and warm in microwave for 15 seconds. Pour into machine bread pan.

You make the dough in the machine and then shape and allow the buns to rise again before baking. About 50 mins and then preheat oven. You must get the dough out and shape immediately as soon as the dough cycle shuts off before it can rise again in the machine. My oven is set at 375F for 15-17 minutes. Just bake until brown on bottom.

You do save money making your own bread and you can put your own wholesome ingredients in. It takes about three minutes to put the ingredients in and maybe 5 minutes to shape the 15 buns into a 12 x 15 pan. But you do have to be there three hours after putting the ingredients to mix, or to remove the loaf.

I have a new Cuisinart Convection Breadmaker that I like very much. There are lots of recipes that come in the instruction booklet.

Put the ingredients into the machine bread pan in the following order. I use filtered water and all organic ingredients. I have not tried milk lately. Covering your hands with oil and greasing the pan with butter makes it easier to handle the dough and remove the cooked buns.

1 and 1/8 cup room temperature (important) water (1/8 cup is equal to 2 Tablespoons)
(the recipe says liquid but I always use water.)
1 teaspoon salt (seasalt)
2 Tablespoons oil (I use olive)
1 egg (I have used chicken or duck egg) I buy large chicken eggs.
1 and 1/2 cups all purpose unbleached white wheat flour and 2 c whole wheat flour (level with a knife after dunking the tip of the knife in to flour to settle it) at room temperature (important) Plus 3 Tablespoons of gluten.
1/4 cup sugar + 1 tsp (I cut the recipe from a larger amount)
1Tablespoon bread machine yeast

Set machine to Dough setting. Takes 1 hour forty minutes. Take out and shape 15 buns. Or one loaf and 3 buns in two loaf pans. Cover wth greased wad paper. Rise 1 hour or so. Take buns out of oven at 15 minutes, move rack to lowest level, and finish bread 8 minutes. Brush tops with butter. Enjoy! Check online for how to shape bread or buns. You can make all kinds of shapes of buns. I make mostly dinner rolls or HB buns.

Slice loaf, put into Ziploc containers, and freeze after one day as it goes stale. No preservatives. I bought a bread cutter apparatus that comes with a really sharp bread knife.

There is a request every family dinner for Nana to bring rolls.
Topic: Quarantine Kitchen: Keeping Your Spirits Up With Good Food!
Posted: Tuesday, April 7, 2020 12:11:33 AM
Try mine Epi!

Recipe ingredients:

Lasagna Noodles 1/4 lb (about 9 pieces)
Oil 3T
Onions 0.5 Cup finely chopped
Garlic 2 cloves finely chopped
Hamburger 0.5 lb
Tomato Paste 6 oz can
Tomatoes 20 oz (I use the whole 28 oz can)
Mushrooms 1 tin 10 oz? optional
Salt 1 tsp
Pepper 0.5 tsp
Basil 0.25 tsp
Oregano 0.25 tsp
Sugar 1/2 tsp
Cottage Cheese 0.5 lbs dry
Cheese 0.5 lb mozzarella or swiss (I usually use more cheese)

Cook Lasagna noodles, drain and rinse. Saute onions, garlic in 2 T oil. Brown hamburg, add tomatoes, seasonings, and sugar. Cook 30 mins. Grease casserole, arrange in layers. 350F 30 Mins. (I think the original recipe tossed the cooked lasagna with the third T of oil. I don’t measure the oil - just dump some in the electric frypan.)

I double this recipe of the main ingredients excluding noodles and cheeses, and put the second half into Mason jars enough for two and into the freezer for spaghetti sauce.

We make up a batch of chili in a second electric frypan at the same time - uses similar ingredients so that makes the mess at all once. We package the chili in single serving sized jars and freeze. Take out of freezer the night before - or very carefully thaw in microwave on defrost.
Topic: What is the word for brushing the teeth, etc after getting up?
Posted: Monday, April 6, 2020 11:57:58 PM
Exactly Romany. You choose your friends on FB and limit who can see your material.

There are also interesting closed groups you can join if approved - and they kick you off if you don't behave.

I have only a few friends and family on FB but recently joined several of these groups. Two are from two areas where we used to live and the posts are all memories and photos from years ago. There is a Beautiful Nature group that posts gorgeous photos of animals, birds, plants, scenery, and flowers. I also follow the Royal Family and see many photos of years ago.

The two latest groups I joined are a Caremongering group for Burlington - people helping people to get groceries and material to sew masks and any way they can help - one lady offered to stay outside with single parent' s children while the parent shops so they don't expose the kids to microbes these days. The second group is people posting what is available and how long the lines are at the Burlington Costco - a popular and always busy warehouse store.

So that's what I do - call cadence sometimes when the mood strikes me. Not having a military background I had no idea that's what it is called.

Yeah, I remember the words to “Roll Me Over in the Clover” that were considered to be “naughty” back then.

Elaine, I've been known to use the word ablutions - sometimes jokingly - as it explains it all in one word. However, I am old as dirt and so is the word.

Topic: Queen Elizabeth's Rare Address to the Commonwealth and the World
Posted: Monday, April 6, 2020 11:32:35 PM
Lazarius, thanks for the translation. So glad other countries besides the UK and the Commonwealth listen to her.

This is only the fifth time, I believe, that the Queen has addressed her people except for her Christmas address every year. Since it is so rare it is a big deal.

Unfortunately it may be a while before Boris Johnson speaks again. He is in ICU because of the Covid-19 but last news said he was not on a ventilator.

Kirill, wouldn't it be nice if, as well as citizens of great countries getting along, that their governments could cooperate too?

Topic: Queen Elizabeth's Rare Address to the Commonwealth and the World
Posted: Monday, April 6, 2020 11:15:51 PM
I love how the Queen mentioned self discipline and quiet good-humoured resolve. That is exactly what is needed in the world right now.

"I hope in the years to come everyone will be able to take pride in how they responded to this challenge. And those who come after us will say the Britons of this generation were as strong as any. That the attributes of self-discipline, of quiet good-humoured resolve and of fellow-feeling still characterize this country. The pride in who we are is not a part of our past. It defines our present and our future.

Vera Lynn was 103 on March 20. She was born 1917.

Thar, I got kind of teary eyed when I clicked on your link and listened to the song.
Topic: Queen Elizabeth's Rare Address to the Commonwealth and the World
Posted: Sunday, April 5, 2020 3:27:39 PM

'We will meet again': Queen urges strength amid coronavirus pandemic

'If we remain united and resolute, then we will overcome it,' Queen says in rare address

She thanked all the workers and was telling the rest of us in so many words to do our part too by staying home, being careful, and not spreading it. I hope her message will resonate strongly with everyone around the world.
Topic: Can, and should, "sacred" be an atheistic concept? (The Sacred Relevancy)
Posted: Sunday, April 5, 2020 6:45:09 AM
Epi, I couldn't find the old thread where we were discussing the future of religion vs atheism and whether or not religious adherence is inherent, so this thread will have to do for my comment. Hope you see it.

The lowering of numbers may happen sooner than you think. I just watched a video of a woman in Ohio replying that she wouldn’t get Covid-19:while attending church because “she is covered in Jesus' blood”. She had just left a church service where even children were in attendance.

At least 14 states have exempted religious gatherings from stay at home orders. Book of Revelations?
Topic: They knew. They did nothing.
Posted: Sunday, April 5, 2020 6:17:24 AM
I wonder if this crisis will make world governments put money into healthcare and be better prepared with more supplies, doctors, and nurses for the next pandemic. They did nothing after SARS and MERS, not even make a vaccine. Be nice if this one scared them enough to act instead of becoming complacent again when this is over.

Ontario has needed money for hospitals for at least two decades. The ON governments have not even kept up with inflation, let alone the aging of the population and hospital equipment, and the increase in population. The need for new computer systems is crucial, especially with the criminals hacking into the existing ones.

I guess I'm a little ahead right now with wondering this for the future, as we need to get through this first - stay home except for necessities, help each other, make PPE, and get going on treatments and a vaccine. And wash your hands!