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Topic: When politicians try to do the right thing.
Posted: Saturday, July 11, 2020 12:38:50 PM
DF, as an atheist, you can't be defender of the faith. Not talking

Topic: When politicians try to do the right thing.
Posted: Friday, July 10, 2020 10:57:35 PM
towan52 wrote:
. But then you can't put lipstick on a pig.

Yes you can, I remember going out with her sister! Whistle

Huge digression since this thread is dead anyhow -

Towan! You are bad! :) Whistle Whistle Whistle

Not sure if I've told this before on this Forum or not - not remembering who you told what happens when you get old. ;) Anyhow:

When I was a ten year old or so we lived on a farm and I belonged to a 4-H club. Since my parents could not afford to buy me a calf outright to raise as the other kids were doing, I got two piglets on consignment and raised them.

Pigs are actually intelligent and trainable. As they grew, I trained the male to respond to a stick held near his shoulder and I guided him around the show ring at the fall fair. Later my Dad had him breed the female so I got a litter of piglets to sell. I also sold the male to be butchered. Broke my heart at the time but I had to pay back the original loan.

4-H stands for Head Heart Hand and Health. I still have the little pin. I think they may still have such groups in farm land - I don't know but I hope they do. It was an excellent learning experience for me in many ways.

Ah memories - angora rabbits, our collie dog, Mack who just disappeared one day and my brother and I looked for him for ages in the woods, cats, horses, cows, and lying in a field in summer making objects out of clouds. Mucking out stalls. Priming the pump. Propane lanterns and a new fangled washing machine that ran on propane. Eating handfuls of wheat seeds in the silo until one day my Dad said we couldn't do that anymore - they were now treating the seeds. The beginning of chemicals in farming. Trying to milk a cow. My Dad squirting milk into our mouths from the teat of a cow. Riding a horse bare back.

Of being told not to go into a field by my father, disobeying and being chased by an angry cow who had just had a calf. (Why didn't my Dad tell me why not to go in the field? Curiosity almost got me into trouble - not for the first or the last time.) I ran like hell in my bare feet, not even stopping when I stepped on a coiled up snake - probably a garter snake. Just made it to the fence before the cow got me with her horns.

My brother and I setting up a huge field of wheat sheaves in stooks to surprise my Dad when he came home from town and a strong wind blowing them all down the next day.

Ah, childhood memories to buffer all the garbage that seems to be worse these days. The good old days.

However, you can't go back.

I learned way back then that we have to: Embrace change. Live in the present. Not the past or the future.

Stay well everybody.

😷 😷 😷 😷 😷

Topic: little donny says "open the schools" no matter the consequences
Posted: Thursday, July 9, 2020 10:47:47 PM
The current occupant of the WH wants to talk about schools and threats.

I think the CDC is not going to revise their recommendations.

Why doesn’t he talk about the Russians killing Americans and how Covid is killing Americans? Instead he is willing to kill more Americans, even children.

BTW - I've heard about some excerpts from Mary Trump's book. Interesting but not surprising. It does explain a lot about why he acts as he does above.
Topic: When politicians try to do the right thing.
Posted: Thursday, July 9, 2020 2:57:50 PM
Lotje1000 wrote:
Hi FounDit

Thanks for continuing the discussion on abusive behaviour. Here are my two cents:

Cent 1, if we're going to condemn Blaidd-Drwg's creative comments on republicans, here are some examples of

Foundit about Trump opposition: "No matter what Trump says, it's horrible to the Democrazies (that includes the Far Left and the Media) and some Repulsicans."
Foundit about Socialists : "It's very telling that sixty years ago, there could never have been a candidate running for President who would openly declare themselves as a Socialist. Nor would a person working for the President openly declare themselves as a Communist, as Van Jones did in the Obama Administration. They have been very successful at embedding themselves into our society, like ticks on a dog, feeding off its health."

Cent 2, as we're talking about abusive behaviour and emotional irrationality, here is FounDit's own behaviour in debates from recent threads:

In this thread
- "I'm not sure if Blaidd-Drwg is simply ignorant, or if he's deliberately maintaining a long-distance relationship with the truth (a.k.a., lying)"
- "Some of them even post here on the forum where they reveal their ignorance and their lies."
- "But that’s what we get with the “woke” crowd."
- "but that becomes impossible whenever anger takes over rational thought."
- "the word “Man” doesn’t send her over the edge as it used to"
- "hysterical feminists"
- "So when confronted with such arrogant ignorance, I feel no need to justify myself, and I leave the foolishness with you."
- "the woman who has repeatedly scolded everyone on the use of “Man” and “Mankind” at every opportunity"
- "Breathtaking hubris"

In What we are currently witnessing
- "Progressive admirers such as Lotje, Hope, Romany, Oscar De Grouch, Towen52, Blaidd-Drwg, and others, who never offer solutions, but rather attack, criticize, tear down, impugn and assault the character [of the President]"
- "Even weak-minded people can do it, as we see here."

In Right wing extremists fomenting violence
- "That is a lie perpetrated by people like yourself who wish to propagate it."
- "C'mon, stop and think before you say things like that."
- "Keep it funny. [...] That's hilarious. That's like asking Adolph Hitler to define Nationalism. You're funny."
- "But none of that matters to the race-baiters, and hate-mongers on the Progressive Socialist Left. They continue to scream racism at anyone who disagrees with their far Left agenda, and have convinced the weak-minded to go along with them."
- "Please don't put words in my mouth I didn't say. You don't have the acumen to carry it off."
- "I would explain this to you, but since you have already missed the simplicity of it, I don't think I can be helpful."

In A good question
- "By making foolish assumptions such as the ones you make with these photos, leading not to good questions, but to foolish questions. But that's what fools do. Carry on."
- "It was obvious to any intelligent person [...] Sure; the voice of another foolish person who can’t see the truth when it is right in front of her."
- "The hubris demonstrated is proof enough of the foolishness and immaturity that abounds in the posts by you all: Hope, Oscar, Romany, et al."
- "And your provided no "truth", only opinion, and a childishly biased one at that (my opinion of your opinion)."
- "What can you do? Nothing, except sit back and criticize like a whiny unhappy child."
- "Can you do nothing but complain and whine? Are you EVER happy - about anything?"
- "It is true that all you seem able to do is trash leaders. Like a whiny, unhappy child, stamping her feet and demanding that Mummy and Daddy make her world comfy. Poor baby"

In Whistleblower report
- "When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~Jonathan Swift~ And if you needed proof, you have herewith been presented with an abundance."
- "Well, do enlighten us all, please. As an "adult", perhaps you could educate this "child" on exactly how much "influence" and "weight" your opinion has on what happens here in the U.S."
- "But you all provided the evidence, just as you are doing here with these silly and illogical arguments."
- "And if you think Trump has control of the media, that dunce hat will fit you perfectly."
- "I'm shooting so far over their heads, they don't even know they've been fired at. *sheesh*"

In America - a christian nation
- " I feel I have to shout to be heard through the fog that is passing for thinking on this subject."

In A geopolitical earthquake
- "This is ridiculous. [...] Get real. And to say you only hate his policies is a lie. "
- "You follow the herd, believing what you are told, confirmation bias for your hate."
- "Perhaps if you had read it with a calm state of mind, and thought a moment about it, this would not have eluded you."
- "That's rich. It's his fault you hate because he doesn't please you. [...] Do you take any responsibility for anything? Oh, wait, I know. You're all victims. You don't bear responsibility. It's all done to you."
- "He allows people to have their own opinions on things - something you might consider permitting also, but I doubt that you're capable of doing that."
- "Tsk, tsk. This you get exercised over? Tempest in a teapot."
- "You have really quite lost your mind if you think the people in that stadium represent the general public. They are your fellow haters who displayed their ill-mannered behavior for all the world to witness."
- "So now you equate Trump with Bagdadi? Your hate is really showing tonight."
- "Bullshit. You know nothing about what went on in the situation room."
- "Besides that, you wouldn't be able to comprehend them. Your hate would get in the way."
- "Once again you reveal your ignorance."
- "Once again, your ignorance would fill an abyss."
- "Your ignorance of our system is extreme."
- "Another lie. Can you ever top with the lying, or does it come so easily to you that you don't even know you are doing it?"
- "Rotflmao. This from a Canadian who espouses nothing but hate for our President? You are hilarious!"
- "If only you could bring yourself to be as generous. But I don't think that's possible for you."
- "ROTFLMAO.[...] Another joke source reference. [...] Stop, please! My sides are hurting from laughing!"
- "Yada-yada...we all hate Trump - right."
- "Why would you want to live in hate? That seems a very foolish thing to desire. Wouldn't it be better to live in a peaceful state of mind, using logic and reason as guides. But whatever gives you pleasure..."
- "Bullshit. You use distortions, half-truths, and rather than think for yourself, you rely on biased new outlets, just as you have done here."
- "I'm hoping everyone has given up on reading your distortions, but I doubt it. Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) is still very active."

In Is England still part of Europe
- "Well, I was hoping for some intelligent opinions, and discussion, but this seems to have turned into another prime example of the idiom, “straining gnats and swallowing camels”"
- "Unlike some here on the forum, I do not see myself as being imbued with a quasi-divine right to sit in judgment of, or criticize the people of, other countries, telling them who they should elect, assuming the right to insult those they do elect, or how they should think and believe on topics affecting their lives."
- "I had thought some who are British might provide some cogent thinking on the matter, but once again, it became the usual exercise in “straining gnats and swallowing camels” criticism that prevails. It seems to be much more fun to attack rather than to think. After all, thinking is not much in vogue for many on account of the strain involved."
- "Intelligent thinking and some cogent thinking was sought on Brexit. This should not have been too difficult to understand. But as I said, criticism is easier for some than thinking."
- "You had a choice: you could have provided that intelligent information, as Sarriesfan did, or you could choose to be an RSoul. Your choice is obvious to all. Have a nice day."
- "Once again, thanks for starting my day off with a reason to LMAO."
- "Such illogical thought processes astound me. But then, after reading Romany's post right behind yours, which accuses me of childish behavior, I perceive that once emotion takes control, logical thinking does seem to suffer greatly."

In Trump confirms he is considering attempt to buy Greenland
- "*LOL* That's funny! [...] There are none so blind... [...] much to the disappointment of the extreme political Left...*Laughing*"
- "You are appalled. Oh, my. However, will Great Britain survive?"

In Reasons for the recent mass shootings
- "Ah, once again you hide behind a supposed care and concern for "the children"."
- "Well, you can, but you come across looking like a fool, or a hypocrite."
- "You will notice - well, you probably won't, but clear-eyed folks will notice -"
- "I would suggest using some common sense, but..."
- "A foolish argument."
- "Oh My Gosh! The Toronto Star editor and cartoonists don't like our President! How will I make it through the night now that I know that? Their opinion means s-o-o-o-o-o much to me!"
- "Have you developed clairvoyance, too?"
- "It's called "taking responsibility for your actions", or do you guys not believe in that?"
- "I see that, once again, you are being "economical" with the truth."
- "I guess this is your clairvoyance kicking in again"
- "What hubris!"
- "But I waste my time trying to have an intelligent conversation about this with you all. You are ruled by your emotions rather than logic or reason."
- "So for as long as you maintain that focus, your lop-sided decision-making and view of the situation creates a poor foundation for even discussing the problem [...] Fortunately for us, we have more rational thinkers in charge of the situation than you all."
- "Bullshit"
- "ROTF...Seriously? What you miss would fill a library."
- "Then you simply haven't been paying attention, or choose not to see. Your mental scotoma is not my problem to solve."
- "Even when I do explain myself, you all choose to ignore it and claim no evidence. There are none so blind...etc."

Well done Lotje - and even with all this evidence FD refuses to see how his behaviour is abusive. A man very persistently obtuse. But then you can't put lipstick on a pig.

Topic: When politicians try to do the right thing.
Posted: Thursday, July 9, 2020 2:49:35 PM
When politicians DON'T try to do the right thing and judges appointed even by the politician DO do the right thing, a weasel has been made to turn over his tax returns. Let's see if he tries to just ignore the DOJ as is his nature.

Other latest US news on the link from the UK too. Numbers of Covid cases exploded in Tulsa as expected after Trump got his rally “fix” and the rest of the world is against Trump too.

In a sign of ongoing global opposition to Trump and his administration over their handling of the crisis and subsequent Black Lives Matter demonstrations, a wooden statue of his wife Melania has been set on fire in her native Slovenia as an attack video entitled “#CreepyTrump” goes viral on Twitter.
Topic: The pandemic reigns on.
Posted: Thursday, July 9, 2020 9:55:53 AM
Oscar, in spite of all that that is horribly happening in the US, 80% of Americans in a poll want the Canadian US border to open to non essential travel while most Canadians are adamant it not be done any time soon. We are not stupid.

Some American in Government is even introducing a bill to get the border open.

But it takes two to tango and most Canadians shudder at the prospects of crossing that border, and the PM even turned down an invitation to meet with Trump.

Trump will consider that to be a snub so we are waiting for reprisals.

Trudeau Turns Down Invite from Trump, CDNs Won't Cross Border

Even Mexico has closed their border to the US - for which I know some Americans who will be happy.

Americans who have used loopholes and subterfuge to get in to Canada to holiday this summer feel entitled to behave as they do at home and have not followed Canada's Covid rules. Some have been caught and fined $1200 each and I hope they are banned from Canada forever.

If an American causes an outbreak or a death by such antics, the fine is $750,000 and jail time.

We may be a country full of peace loving sensible people who value life, even of our elderly, but don't mess with us is the message.
Topic: This!
Posted: Thursday, July 9, 2020 12:49:34 AM (Intended as information in summary form and not a solicitation so ignore that at the bottom.) is a new political action committee that is the brainchild of three brothers who believe that they have hit on a formula for drawing attention: Using Donald Trump’s words against him, or those of his family

Millions of views on each videos.

I read they got together because they time during Covid.

Topic: When politicians try to do the right thing.
Posted: Thursday, July 9, 2020 12:14:05 AM
That's all you've got, FD?

Topic: When politicians try to do the right thing.
Posted: Wednesday, July 8, 2020 10:47:32 PM
I could be laughing on the floor right now, but I'm not. It is just too sad that FD cannot see that calling someone a liar IS abuse, an insult, and character assassination unless it is true. I QUOTED you FD, fgs, and you say it is A blatant misstating of what I said, but that is typical of Hope. She then ascribes to me these characteristics)

Yes, I ascribe to you those characteristics (being willing to insult, and not admitting it) after you called Blaidd a liar. That is an insult. “ FYI - An insult is an expression, statement or behaviour considered to be degrading and offensive.” What part of that don't you get?

And you call us all fools in weasel ways all the time, often whining about your treatment the same way Trump does. But you have taught us how to treat you. And so has he. You get what you give.

Plus I have asked you politely many many times to stop making and writing personal derogatory untrue assumptions about me, one right in this thread. Yet you don't like it when we call you out and turn the tables. Well get used to it.

I did not however psychoanalyse you further. When I wrote the second post I was thinking of posters on Twitter and Trump in particular. But if you want to include yourself in an aggressive grouping, go ahead.

I'm just a good old Canadian Girl who values integrity and truth, who sees through Bullshit, and who intends to call it out from now on.

Topic: When politicians try to do the right thing.
Posted: Tuesday, July 7, 2020 2:07:10 PM

Under the law, people with diabetes who can’t afford the essential medicine will be able to get 30-day supplies with no more than a $35 copay. A separate income-based program is established for those with needs that extend beyond that.

When a vial only costs $25 at Walmart or $35 in Canada and those who need a one-time emergency 30 day supply will copay $35, why would Big Pharmacare sue the government for passing that law? Never mind. It's a rhetorical question.

Law is still in force in spite of lawsuit.