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Topic: debacle
Posted: Saturday, January 10, 2015 5:46:14 AM
Vis-à-vis Debacle, in the word origins traced to débâcler, from the Fr. infinitive meaning To Unbar or Unbolt, from bâcler (with or without circonflex, je ne sais pas) to bar or to bolt (as in Bâcle meaning buckle, I wonder) but then connects to bacculum, a Vulgate latin word for stick or staff, then connected to bacillus:

Here's what caught my attention, posted on 9 january by dr wwww:

debacle (n.) "disaster," 1848, from French débâcle "downfall, collapse, disaster" (17c.), a figurative use, literally "breaking up (of ice on a river)," extended to the violent flood that follows when the river ice melts in spring; from débâcler "to free," from Middle French desbacler "to unbar," from des- "off" + bacler "to bar," from Vulgar Latin *bacculare, from Latin baculum "stick" (see bacillus). Sense of "disaster" was present in French before English borrowed the word.
from the Online Etymology Dictionary

I am not quite sure how to proceed now with the comment I wished to make about the etymological regression from 'debacle' to 'disaster', related somehow toward the end (though really, near the beginning) to a 'bacillus' except for the fact that I have lived through a medical and human disaster of epic proportions related to a virus, which tho I know it is different from a bacillus in its particulars, is nonetheless very similar in its general definition, namely a tiny tiny tiny agent that is literally, used correctly, microscopic but which nonetheless can sicken the person or large mammal who comes into contact with it without immunity or defense even unto death.

Is this another reason why "The Walking Dead'" is so scary and so compelling and so much in my thoughts as I rewatch it from Episode One, Season One during this midseason break in Season Five??? having survived that Debacle and yet never far from thoughts of its continuing effect, not entirely sure that it is not waiting quietly in the wings somewhere, having marshalled all its own resouces to great the Virus's version of anti-virals and the Bacillus's miracle anti-penicillin penicillin, called what Bacillusillin ? BaccilusSillin?