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Topic: I profess not to know how women's hearts are wooed and won. To me they have always been matters of riddle and admiration.
Posted: Friday, May 10, 2019 3:45:13 AM
Just be yourself.
Topic: eraser vs rubber
Posted: Tuesday, March 12, 2019 2:58:54 AM
In USA, rubber has another meaning - 'condom'. The word 'eraser' is a more direct descriptive of the object to erase something; usually pencil writing. So, if you are in USA and you want to ask for the thing to erase some pencil writing, don't ask for a rubber. People may mistake your meaning and they will tell you to go to Seven-Eleven to get it (condom) instead.
Topic: The world will never starve for want of wonders; but only for want of wonder.
Posted: Saturday, September 30, 2017 3:30:33 AM
Sometimes we just need some good b.s.
Topic: How reckless is Nature in the distribution of her gifts!
Posted: Sunday, September 17, 2017 3:47:34 AM
That is a pure notion of human. Nature does not require any comments from human. Nature is nature itself.
Topic: Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.
Posted: Wednesday, August 30, 2017 4:11:11 AM
But trouble keeps knocking on your door. Just answer them one at a time and they will be gone. Then they come back, and you do the same thing over until your maker call you to quit.
Topic: American Colonies Declare Independence (1776)
Posted: Tuesday, July 4, 2017 3:25:55 AM
It was same as the declaration of war on the British.
Topic: I shall ask for brains instead of a heart; for a fool would not know what to do with a heart if he had one.
Posted: Wednesday, November 16, 2016 2:20:42 AM
A fool has a heart, but no brain.
Topic: Pain like mine demands new modes of song.
Posted: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 12:58:33 AM
I think he needs new audience instead.
Topic: If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.
Posted: Wednesday, August 31, 2016 12:21:39 AM
Who's enjoying reading a book over and over again? There is no use to reading any book over and over again! Even it is the 'Playboy', men get tire of reading (the word 'watching' is more suitable here) it, every month there is a new issue.Shame on you
Topic: Money, which represents the prose of life, and which is hardly spoken of in parlors without an apology, is, in its effects...
Posted: Thursday, March 24, 2016 2:26:12 PM
Money is a nice thing to have [as beautiful as a rose] in real life (the way it works in our society [in its effects and laws]), but when we talk about it, we usually shy away from the topic [hardly spoken of in parlors] and we hide our true feeling (denial its importance) towards it (feel guilty of not telling the truth [without an apology]).