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Topic: are there in the cabinet / are in the cabinet
Posted: Saturday, September 19, 2020 4:37:51 AM

He used "cupboard" instead of "cabinet" because he is, I believe, from the UK. A cupboard in the UK is called a cabinet in many other places around the World.
They are essentially one and the same thing though. Other synonyms for cupboard are "press", "closet", "chest" to name a few.Anxious
Topic: sitting US President
Posted: Wednesday, June 6, 2018 7:02:47 AM
Stephen Senter🇺🇸📰 wrote:
Make America Great

Of Donald tRump and his thoroughly corrupt minions
Topic: Could It Really Happen That Way?
Posted: Saturday, January 20, 2018 3:38:21 AM
progpen wrote:
philips daughter wrote:
Fyfardens, Will, I agree.

I agree with and Fyfardens as well, and that leaves 60% of us (the actual majority) to fix and clean up after them. Unfortunately, in the US the conservatives have gerrymandered the elections to the point that their minority controls politics for now so the fixing and cleaning up have to be done outside of politics.

The gerrymandering is carried out by the state legislatures, and those delegated by them to proffer these prettily drawn up maps that make 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzles look logical.

There is, however, a glimmer of hope. The US Supreme Court has ruled that the prodigiously gerrymandered map in No.Carolina was illegally gerrymandered for the purpose of political gain. This ruling is unique in that it is the 1st time a state map has been found to be illegal due to POLITICAL bias, as opposed to racial bias!

There are many other states that have extensively used this same type of political gerrymandering. As a result, many more lawsuits are being filed to be heard in federal district courts all over the country!
Applause Dancing Pray Pray Pray
Posted: Monday, December 25, 2017 2:38:05 AM
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year And good tidings to all, however you celebrate this festive time of YEAR
Topic: What is the real meaning of "50% more than expected"? Thanks.
Posted: Tuesday, December 19, 2017 4:56:14 AM
Lingo wrote:
In their second year, the tunnel had 22,000 visitors - 50% more than expected.

1) What is omitted before "expected"? What is the full sentence of this part?

2) What is the real meaning of "50% more than expected"?

Does it mean "50% plus" than expected


50% "more than = over" expected?

Thanks a lot.

Best wishes.

The short answer is, 50%- more than = over the expected number of people. EG: We were expecting around 100,000 people to come through our tunnel in the second year, however, we ended up hosting over 150,000 visitors!

Your welcome and Happy holidays (whichever ones you celebrate!?)

Topic: a life of luxury vs. a luxurious life
Posted: Wednesday, November 29, 2017 3:06:49 AM
onsen wrote:

1. He was leading a life of luxuary in Australia.
(from Longman Exams Dictionary)

2. He was leading a luxurious life in Australia.

In what way is 2. different from 1. in meaning, in style (colloquial, literary etc.), if any?

Thank you

The first thing I noticed was how "luxuary"(sic) was spelled. Of course, as I'm sure you know its "luxury", if it isn't spelled this way in your exam dictionary, I would get a new dictionary.

If there is any difference at all, I took a small poll (lol), it seems to be that "life of luxury" implies something the Royals are living (Castles, Yachts, Servants, etc..) whereas "a luxurious life" seems to be more of a life being lived by someone who had to work hard to get it and wants to hold on to it. They don't, or seemingly don't take it for granted.

Topic: Should "has" been used instead of "had"?
Posted: Tuesday, November 21, 2017 2:39:09 AM
Koh Elaine wrote:
SINGAPORE — A train captain in his 20s was injured after lightning struck the MRT train he was driving towards the Bedok station on late Monday (Nov 20) afternoon.

He had been warded for observations at the Changi General Hospital, according to SMRT, which did not give further details about the nature of his injuries.

Should "has" been used instead of "had"?


It also has to do with tense. Was he warded when he first arrived and has subsequently been moved to an area for more stable patients? In that case had is correct.

If he came into the hospital and is continuing to be warded, then has is correct

Since there is no qualifier, I would say it's the latter.

Topic: they called them self Fat.
Posted: Thursday, November 16, 2017 2:07:28 AM
leonAzul wrote:
kingston124 wrote:
they means duo, who is them indicate?

The hands of a watch indicate the time. A pronoun refers to an antecedent.

There is no occurrence of the word "them" in the context you have given, so I have sod-all idea what you are on about.

leonAzul, you could be a little less 'coarse' in your answer, especially to a person who has just joined the forum and who also might not be familiar with the many English rules of grammar. Shame on you

Topic: My political opinion of the day
Posted: Sunday, November 12, 2017 5:02:28 PM
TheParser wrote:
No. 4

Several (nice) members have noticed that a certain (not nice) individual calls me anti-gay. They want my comment.


In my OPINION. gays and straights can live together harmoniously if both groups follow these guidelines.

DON"T ASK. Everyone in my ideal society would consider gayness to be a non-issue.

* The police would never hunt down gay men.
* Gay bashers (insecure straight males who beat up gay men) would not exist.
* Churches would never preach anti-gay sermons.
* No organization would presume to "cure" gay people.

DON"T TELL. Gay people would live their lives as happily as they can while staying under the radar.

* They would not ask for gay marriage.
* They would not show affection in public.
* They would not hold annual marches in the street.

I do believe that there are many countries that already come close to my ideal society in regard to this topic.

Well, I'll say this Parser, you don't disappoint. You were doing just fine until you got to the "DON'T TELL" section of your 'small' minded excuse for equal.

* Maybe heterosexuals should not ask to get married?!
* Maybe they should not show affection in public?!
* Maybe they should not hold annual marches in the street!?

You were doing okay, and then your homophobia came shining through like a beacon in the night.
We're sorry that everyone can't, shouldn't and won't live up to your kind and thoughtful (NOT) arrangement of our societal construct d'oh!

Topic: On his salary vs with his salary
Posted: Sunday, October 29, 2017 4:02:55 AM

They are both correct but as was mentioned there are colloquialisms in play here. In the US the sentence would probably be;

"He couldn't afford the new car with his salary!"

In GB it would be;

"He couldn't afford the new car on his salary!