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Topic: Questions for grammar of Spanish
Posted: Tuesday, January 14, 2020 3:53:40 AM
This is about 'contraste entre indicativo y subjuntivo'.

-Me han regalado un libro que ensena a programar.
=> In here, I thought the answer is "ensene" because it says 'un libro', not 'el libro'. Could you explain it?

The following three sentences are about 'estilo indirecto'.

-Sabes si Julio va a ir a Argentina este verano? -Si, me comento que iba a ir.
=> 'Va a ir' is a future form, but why they say 'iba'? It's a past form.

-Dice que no pudo venir ayer porque estaba enferma.
=> why can't 'pudo' be 'podia' or can't 'estaba' be 'estuvo'? Is it because she was sick first, and then could come?

"Soy Luciano, Dile a Marga que me espere, que voy hacia alli."
-Con quien hablas? -Con Luciano. Dice que lo esperes, que viene hacia alli.
=> Are 'espere' and 'esperes' a subjuntive form?(-e, -es) I don't understand why they are.
Topic: Could you recommend these kind of books?
Posted: Monday, December 2, 2019 8:52:01 AM
I know there are many books of English phrasal books, and I'd like these kind of book:

1. A book which teaches regular verbs vs phrasal verbs at the same time to show how to extend English expression.
ex) 'to review' and 'to brush up on', 'to choose and to pick up'... etc.

2. A book which teaches such as: 'to pee' and 'have a pee', 'to cut' and 'make a cut'...etc.

I have some phrasal books, but they don't focus on teaching two ways to say the same meaning or their subtle differences like regular verbs and alternative phrasal verbs. They just teach me useful phrasal verbs in daily life, their meanings and example sentences for them.

Thank you!
Topic: Usage of 'a'
Posted: Wednesday, June 26, 2019 3:58:36 PM
I saw the following problems in my English vocabulary book. There are five pictures and I need to put in correct words.

1. [A picture of a block of flats]: the answer is 'a block of flats'.
2. [A picture of something]: the answer is 'a lift'.
3. [A picture of something]: the answer is 'a balcony'.
4. [A picture of something]: the answer is 'a cottage'.
5. [A picture of something]: the answer is 'front door'.

I don't understand why the number 5 doesn't have 'a'. The picture of number 5 just has the front door, of course. The four problems have all 'a', but not the number 5. Could you explain, please?:)

Topic: The meaning of the lyrics
Posted: Saturday, April 14, 2018 2:05:34 PM
This is a song called Move On Now by Hard-Fi.
I have three questions for it.

Baby, Baby i think its time we move on now
Baby, Baby i think its time we move on now

Looking out my bedroom window
See the planes take off from Heathrow
one by one they come and go
on and on on and on

I think about the places i'd go
I think about this place i call home
All the shots and all that come
all around all around

Red light blinking in the twighlight
tracing in a path right out of here and now
Red light blinking in the twighlight
tracing in a path right out of here and now

Baby, Baby i think its time we move on now
Baby, Baby i think its time we move on now

Don't you think its quiet around here
Doesn't seem so much to do here
Thinking back to this time last year
Good times good times good times
Don't you think we stay for too long
Don't you think the colour has gone
Get on a plane it can't be wrong
Moving on, Moving on

Red light blinking in the twighlight
tracing in a path right out of here and now
Red light blinking in the twighlight
tracing in a path right out of here and now

Baby, Baby i think its time we move on now
Baby, Baby i think its time we move on now

Baby, Baby i think its time we move on now
Baby, Baby i think its time we move on now
Baby, Baby
Baby, Baby
Baby, Baby i think its time we move on now

Those things they look empty
But wait til it all comes down
Nothings going on round here
Its time we let it change
Got a feeling my love
We've gotta get out
Before it brings us down (down down)

1. Does 'They' mean 'people' or 'the planes'?
2. What does 'All the shots and all that come' mean? I think 'the shots' means some photos or drug, but I don't know what 'that come' is.
Thank you!
3. What does 'comes down' mean here?
Topic: Song lines translated into English
Posted: Wednesday, September 6, 2017 2:36:06 PM
Hi. The following is from a song called On Ne Change Pas by Céline Dion.
I translated the two bolded lines into English and got a translation from Google.

One gives the change, one believes
Make choices

But I am not sure this is right and don't understand what it means even if it is translated right.
Could you explain the lines, please?

On ne change pas
On met juste les costumes d'autres sur soi
On ne change pas
Une veste ne cache qu'un peu de ce qu'on voit
On ne grandit pas
On pousse* un peu, tout juste
Le temps d'un rêve, d'un songe
Et les toucher du doigt

Mais on n'oublie pas
L'enfant qui reste, presque nu
Les instants d'innocence
Quand on ne savait pas

On ne change pas
On attrape des airs et des poses de combat
On ne change pas
On se donne le change, on croit
Que l'on fait des choix
Mais si tu grattes là
Tout près de l'apparence tremble
Un petit qui nous ressemble
On sait bien qu'il est là
On l'entend parfois
Sa rengaine insolente
Qui s’entête et qui répète
Oh ne me quitte pas

On n'oublie jamais
On a toujours un geste
Qui trahit qui l'on est
Un prince, un valet
Sous la couronne un regard
Une arrogance, un trait
D'un prince ou d'un valet
Je sais tellement ça
J'ai copié des images
Et des rêves que j'avais
Tous ces milliers de rêves
Mais si près de moi
Une petite fille maigre
Marche à Charlemagne, inquiète
Et me parle tout bas
Topic: the shadow of something
Posted: Monday, August 7, 2017 4:35:49 AM
This is a song translated from Swedish into English. I know Swedish version is more accurate, but I don't speak Swedish.
In this song, does 'the shadow of a hope' imply positive or negative? I'm confused because I have the lyrics translated into my language.
At first I thought it was the positive meaning, because, for me, it sounds that "A hope is coming, so I see or feel the shadow behind the hope. The shadow always follows a thing. It shows a hope is coming". But I always feel like it was unnatural for the last line in bold of this song, so now I think it is saying "There is the darkness around a hope, so the hope can't come". It is pretty sad.

+ And Could you check my English if you have time? Thank you!

Darling, summer's coming slowly
I wish you only saw
little Sweden changing shape
houses and streets they are all empty
vacation, and this land is in a state of emergency

A motorway cuts right through the city,
over squares and over concrete
in a sudden storm of hail
forgetting that nights are very short now
my sleep it keeps deceiving me
with my aching heart

(and the summer, it deceives me

with the sadness of my heart)

But darling tonight you did return here
and all was then forgiven
in a rare and happy dream
and right then in the moment when I wake up,
the shadow of a hope is still hanging in my rooms

Darling, I know you are awake now
the signal reaching your world,
but it’s met with no reply
in this heat the air is still and deadly
what if you could see now
how the process looses speed

Darling tonight you did return here
and all was then forgiven
in a recycled dream
and right then in the moment when I wake up,
the shadow of a hope is still hanging in my room

Darling, I found my way from darkness
there's hope a change might come along
but it it will take its time
a new start, and I am thinking new thoughts
but all those things you fell for,
are still a part of me
everything has changed now,
but I still feel the same

Darling tonight you did return here
I got all explanations
in a recycled dream
and right then in the moment when I wake up I see
the shadow of hope leaving from my room
the shadow of hope is leaving from my room

=Finally he gets out of the negative situation if the shadow means negative?

Topic: look you in the eye and look into your eyes
Posted: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 8:19:27 AM
When you were here before,
Couldn't look you in the eye,

This is a part of Creep by Radiohead.
I'm always curious about how English speaking people feel and take this kind of expression, because it seems to sound the same when I translate. It even isn't 'look at you in the eye'. What's the difference from 'look into your eyes'?
Topic: Are they the spoken English?
Posted: Wednesday, June 7, 2017 8:38:00 AM
I know I put on pretty lots of example sentences, but I need to know if they really sounds like the natural spoken English. They are in a book for spoken English which is made in a non-english speaking country. Of course languages are subject and depends on what people try to mean. I know they can be approriate for writing English and perfect for grammar and vocabulary, but please give some more better sentences if you don't think they are appropriate for SPOKEN ENGLISH. Thank you.

1. John's car gained speed as it went down the hill.

2. John caught sight of Jane out there by accident.

3. Tom gave the walnuts a big hit with a bat.

4. Jane tried to put a stop to the conversation.

5. Jane is giving the key a strong twist to open the door of her car.

6. Jane suddenly brought a stop to the conversation.

7. Will I have 24-hour access to the Internet?

8. Daivd has two part-time jobs, which bring in about 50,000 won a day.

9. Tom talked his dad into accepting his suggestion.

10. The traffic was flowing in a steady stream as usual.

11. Jane was keeping a careful watch on the final race.

12. On his arrival home John went to sleep

13. It's a pleasure to lie in the full moon.

14. Tom just had a narrow lead over the rest in the final race.

15. Tom had developed a high tolerance of hard training.

Topic: Questions About The Song's Meaning.
Posted: Monday, May 8, 2017 2:24:12 AM
To talk with the imaginary you,
Sunshine, we sit side by side
You hesitate and move away
Our eyes meeting frequently
Are not free

1. It starts with 'To'. Does it mean 'To talk with the imaginary you' is a noun like "To talk with the imaginary you is sunshine, we sit side by side"? Or is it used without any meaning for just song's lyrics? What do you think?

2. In 'Our eyes meething friquently are not free', is "eyes are not free" another metaphor or an idiom, or this expression has its own different meaning for the song? I think 'free' in here is just the meaning of 'free' as we know. No special meaning.

Thank you!

Topic: The expression
Posted: Tuesday, July 12, 2016 10:34:03 AM
You can't sleep at night. You can't get the night. You float in darkness every night. But it would be just a spot of black far from the sky.

Are they all corrected? If there's anything wrong for grammar and vocabulary, could you correct them?
("You can't get the night" - I'd like it to sound poetic. It means the previous line = "You can't sleep at night".)