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Topic: Why are some REAL words not allowed on your Words Within Words Game
Posted: Friday, January 18, 2019 1:24:35 AM
There are lots of words that are within the rules that this game refuses to accept. And yet it accepts words that I would not use in polite speech. (I would not use them impolitely either...)

I guess I need to start a list.

Some are scientific or medical terms too.

I have heard of rapeseed/aka canola oil.

I never go to pubs, and people there use all kinds of words that I would find offensive.

I do like the game, and it is the only online game that I play. I just wish that more acceptable words would be added.

Of course, rape is not a nice thing. Pretending it does not exist is not nice to the victims.
Topic: Why are some REAL words not allowed on your Words Within Words Game
Posted: Thursday, January 17, 2019 4:28:51 PM
Like the word RAPE? It is a CRIME. Any adult ought to know what it is.

I run across quite a few words that are not vulgar, or slang, or proper nouns (though you do allow quite a few proper nouns like first names such as Alan, Eric, Carl, and many others) that are allowed on your game.

Pardon me if this is the wrong section, because I have trouble finding things on your forum.

I was just wondering.
Topic: word hub game dictionary omissions & questions
Posted: Sunday, June 10, 2018 12:34:35 AM
I enjoy playing your word hub game (a variation of anagrams). However, many legitimate words are not accepted. They are more than the required 3 letters.

They are not proper nouns, although many proper nouns are apparently also improper nouns because they get accepted by your game.

My current one is the word sense.. As in one's 5 senses, common sense, etc. The correct letters are all there.

Some are general medical or scientific terms also.

Or general foreign words. Some are acceptable, and others not, even though well known. Your dictionary for the game is not always the same as the dictionary for your website.

It also seems to have some preference for Asian words, but not European words? Words acceptable to other word games are not always acceptable to this word game?

I guess I need to start a list to keep here at my computer.

It is just my general observations. I still like to play the game.
Topic: legitimate words not included in word hub game
Posted: Monday, June 19, 2017 10:37:00 PM
I guess I need to start a list. There are many English words, and foreign words included in English usage, that are not included in your Word Hub game (old version). Many times it feels like whoever made your dictionary for the game is not a native English speaker, because Asian words are often included but not other foreign words which are now part of English. Last that I heard, the New Oxford English Dictionary was something like 5 volumes?

For instance English has absorbed words from a variety of foreign languages, including German, Yiddish, Spanish, French and others.

I wanted to add "anno" as in Anno Domini, Latin for "in the year of our Lord", which has been in common usage for nearly 1,000 years. Anno simply means "year", and ought to be included.

There are many other terms not accepted, even though many Scrabble and Boggle type games accept them. They are not proper nouns, or abbreviations either. Or they might be medical terms, or other scientific terms also... It is little quirks like that which make me feel a non native English speaker has made the dictionary. No offense against such a person, but it does make the game frustrating. Other people have noticed, and will not play your game. This is the only word game on the computer which I enjoy. I wish there was a downloadable version to put on my laptop. It is the ONLY computer game that I play or enjoy.
Topic: Words within words game--where did it go?
Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 3:29:17 PM
Hey, thank you everyone. Cyber hugs to all of you. I will go and look for the Words Within Words Game. The word hub looks totally boring to me. That might just be me, but I don't care for most computer games.
Topic: Words within words game
Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 2:01:54 PM
Does anyone know where this game has gone? I wrote a post about it, but cannot find it. Apt, also means 'likely'.

There are lots of legitimate words that the game will not accept--even when you have the correct letters, including medical or scientific terms that are not acronyms or abbreviations. A lot of the words rejected can have a racial or ethnic meaning. It will not accept 'tora' or 'torah', even though Scrabble accepts them, and there are many others.
Topic: Words Within Words
Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 1:51:37 PM
There were/are lots of words that were not allowed by the game, even words found in THIS dictionary. I think it was made by someone whose native language is not English? I miss it and cannot find it on my webpage. I have no idea what happened to this game. It is my favorite game on here. I sometimes play hangman, or the vocab match up thing, but I really prefer this game.
Topic: Words within words game--where did it go?
Posted: Thursday, March 5, 2015 1:36:02 PM
I love the words within words game. I do not have internet for now, and have to come to the library and use their internet. When I signed in today, it seems to be gone? It may be their outdated software, but it is nowhere to be found on this website, or at least I cannot find it.

Is it still here, and their computer/s are messed up? Or did they remove it? I hope NOT! That is my favorite game. I would be at it all day if I had net at home.

If there is some announcement, I missed it.