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Topic: Like a vomit
Posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2018 1:06:15 AM
Romany wrote:
Parpar -
"I gotta go talk on the Great White Telephone"?

I also never heard of this saying, but it does make a graphic picture. When I was younger (dating myself), we on the West Coast used the saying "praying to Ralph, the god of porcelain." Lots of brain cells used coming up with unique ways of describing something we feel icky about.
Topic: Trump is Taking Children from Parents Who Are Asylum Seekers
Posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2018 5:12:11 AM
Hope: I'm not the Trump supporter you're looking for, but have to comment anyway.

I keep thinking I can't get any more appalled about what Trump does ...then something makes my head explode, like incarcerating young children in cages and tent camps, deporting their parents but having no system to keep parents/kids tracked together, so the kids wind up being separately deported unattached to their native countries. This and the people directing these actions are morally bankrupt. Like the infamous "Muslim ban" he ordered after his inauguration, there was no planning or thought of consequences for real people because who cares about "them." So we have a big humanitarian mess, and once again the US is an international pariah as only dictatorships and fifth-world anarchies would do this to human beings, documented or not. People are being detained, stripped of their kids, and deported who tried to claim asylum at designated border crossings but were turned away because --- wait for it --- our gov't was unprepared and can't deal with this rush of refugees, so they crossed where they could and were arrested. We knew for more than a month these refugees were coming from Latin America, Trump tweeted up a storm about this 'horde' of people coming north. This 'horde' is desperate people seeking safety with a few bad guys trying to get in under the cover of asylum; an effective gov't puts into place screening plans and enough people to do that job, instead of giving out no-bid contracts to cronies for tents, cages, vacant buildings, etc.

We do need better control of our immigration process; it's been inadequate for years while both parties (I'm an independent) used it to batter each other. Picking on desperate people fleeing gangs, dictators, and death squads in Latin America isn't a solution. 30-40% of undocumented persons in the US are people who overstayed visitors visas from non-Hispanic countries, but we don't do a thing about that (like putting together a decent visa tracking system) because some people don't like the growing number of brown-skinned people in our country. Instead we incarcerate little kids crying for their "papi" and "mami" who they may not see for months if ever. Outraged Americans need to create hell until this is shut down and replaced with a decent refugee screening system.

I'm a second generation American from European stock; I know what led my grandparents to come to the US and the same things are drawing the fleeing families at our southern borders now: freedom, safety, and opportunity. The only differences are the darkness of their complexions and the accent they speak with. We need to grant asylum to those that need it, and join with our North-South American neighbors to find a solution to the rampant terror in Honduras, El Salvador, etc. so people don't need to flee these countries.
Topic: Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence. There's no better rule.
Posted: Saturday, June 16, 2018 1:07:32 AM
Good advice in lots of aspects of our lives. Dickens' version of "trust but verify" which was popularized in the 1980s in the dealings between Reagan and Gorbachev: 'doberyai, no proveryai" (pardon if the spelling is off, that's what I found on Google).
Topic: beating lavender blooms
Posted: Saturday, June 16, 2018 12:58:04 AM
Huh. Don't mean to use a pun, but this is very flowery prose.

I googled the line and nothing came up, so I'll just offer my best interpretation which could be wrong, though prose like this is often meant to be open to interpretation from different readers: you understand one thing, I read it another way.

My reading is that the author isn't saying the heart beat 'like' lavender flower blooms, more like the heart 'is' beating lavender flower blooms. Where I live we have a lot of lavender, and mostly the whole stalk of the flower moves if there's wind, not individual petals or flowerets. So to me the author is saying Dalton's flirtation (the lavender blooms) moves slowly and as one (as in one heart), calming the author/character as lavender does. Lavender has a sweet, slightly piquant floral scent and is known to be calming and sedating. In fact, it's commonly used in the US (and most places, going back to early times) in candles, perfumes, sprays for pillows/linens, etc. to help people relax and even to sleep. I think the author is saying that Dalton's flirtation fills the author/character, helping him/her feel calm and safe.

My interpretation, bet others have different interpretations, which is kind of what this kind of writing is meant to cause.
Topic: about this idiom
Posted: Friday, June 15, 2018 12:08:11 AM
Americans use the idiom "got your back" as well. Also, American military (also law enforcement personnel who likely borrowed it from previous military service) use the phrase "got your 6" to mean the same thing: the military, particularly pilots in the air force, used the hands of the clock to tell directions, with "6" being right behind a person/plane. Because it's been used in a lot of non-fiction books and police drama TV, "got your 6" has reached some degree of come usage in the US (so much so, there's a band with the name "Got Your Six").
Topic: She might yet be able...joined into a man.
Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2018 11:56:26 PM
teachersalah: I think DragOnspeaker's explanation is good. If you go back to the "quote of the day" you'll see that Thar included a whole section around this quote about a 'rainbow bridge' and that might help you understand who the 'she' is being referred to. Finally, try 'on-lineliterature" for Howard's End by E. M. Forster which is the book this quote is taken from.

Sometimes the "quote of the day" is easy enough to understand all by itself, and sometimes it isn't. This is one quotation that doesn't make a clear point all by itself (a hint to the TFD administrator about what gets posted).
Topic: Trump and Korea
Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2018 5:25:59 AM
I don't think folks are giving South Korea enough credit for their "change election" of President Moon who has actively pursued peace with North Korea. South Koreans want peace and security, and because of their cultural/family values they also want a chance to reunite with their relatives in the North who they have had little to no contact with for decades. Seventy years living separate from their northern relatives, fearing hostilities breaking out again, particularly nuclear hostilities threatening their very existence, have caused South Koreans to feel that now is the time to try to find a peaceful co-existence. I think Trump would have met with Kim regardless because he wants the 'score,' he did have the agreement and encouragement of South Korea --- though South Korea expressed shock when Trump said the US would discontinue 'war games' with South Korea. I wonder what Japan (who we are bound by both treaty and war armistice to protect) thinks of US military disengagement before we're sure North Korea is denuclearized.

China, the regional 800 lb gorilla, did give Kim Jong Un support and/or a push to work with both South Korea and the US. China wants a North Korea that it doesn't have to prop up and which can become another economic market for it to sell to at some point in the future. China also doesn't want a war, nuclear or traditional, so close to its shores, which would inevitably draw it in and would bring it up against the US's nuclear arsenal. China is a communist government that has allowed/encouraged a demi-capitalistic economy and is straddling a fence between wanting a peaceful world for its people and its acquisitive, aggressive nature; with over a billion people, a peaceful, non-violent expansion across world markets seems to be more China's goal these days than all out war.

I personally didn't have a problem with a US president meeting with a North Korean "Dear Leader" to begin a dialog, unlike most international experts who were horrified at the appearance of legitimizing Kim who is after all North Korea's real leader. But Trump gets 'negative credit' for hyping up the tension with North Korea for the past year and a half, bringing the reality of war, nuclear or traditional, to frightening levels (as a West Coast American I can attest to how nervous some of us feel). This bellicosity wasn't necessary and was unAmericanly provocative (and juvenile to boot). I don't think threatening nuclear night merits a Nobel Peace Prize for anyone (war breaking out with North Korea would draw in South Korea, Japan, probably China, and treaty partners like Australia etc, and would give Russia an opportune time to jump in on a side, creating a hemispheric holocaust). Poking a resting bear so it gets angry enough to attack, then handing it a bottle of honey to calm it down, doesn't make you St Francis of Assisi; it's stupidity that could get you killed.

Whether Kim Jong Un and his country can be trusted (pointed out in Hope's last post), is a huge question. I personally don't think he's a rational leader, he has given every indication in the past of being totally uncaring about his people and willing to feed and treat himself and his chosen cadre while everyone else starves or are incarcerated in horrible camps. He, not totally unlike Trump, has cultivated a cult of personality among his people, the "Dear Leader." I can see Kim engaging in a nuclear war while hiding himself safely somewhere else. It's possible I'm wrong and he is rational, but I doubt it. I remember too well the hoopla in 2006-7 when Bush #43 had a deal with his Kim's father to tear down their nuclear capacity: the TV shots of nuclear plants being shut down and destroyed. Clearly they either rebuilt them quickly or only destroyed what was no longer needed (give North Korea credit for its ability to hid its weapons capability from even our best spy planes). Like everyone in this hemisphere, I'd love it if Kim truly decided to de-nuclearize and make a better life for his people and the US could begin withdrawal from the DMZ; I just won't believe it until years down the road when it's provably true. I hope that Trump hasn't given up too much in advance in exchange for another 'nothingburger.'
Topic: One map shows why Trump's trade fight with Canada could end in disaster
Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2018 12:36:40 AM
Hope: thanks for posting map. As a Californian with 2 Dem senators and a Dem congressman, I know my views on tariffs are protected, but others who have Rep representation may find this very useful. An aside: I wish I knew what Nevada sells to tiny Switzerland for it to be the main importer of that state (maybe silver...or dirt since that state is one barren dessert?)

Good to see Canadians rallying around Trudeau. He really did make a temperate, forthright, and expected state about US tariffs against your country. People are joking about us declaring war on mild-mannered Canada, as it's so unlikely, but it's a reality with these tariffs. Most elected GOPers are being fairly silent --- had this been Obama or Clinton they'd be howling like stuck pigs --- except for a few brave ones, McCain and a few who aren't running for re-election. Cowardice and lack of principle abound, while farmers and manufacturers in the US are the ones badly harmed. No better ally in war, peace, and import/export than Canada (and for my state, Mexico). People in the US need to get a handle that Trump is not really a Republican (Republicans are normally free-traders and pro military alliances), that he's a cult of himself, pulling people from all parties that felt victimized (often incorrectly) and saw him as he sees himself "I'm the only one who can save you." Je doesn't admit mistakes, so I think a lot of us (consumers and producers) will be hurt.

I may be putting in a new HVAC system later this summer and hearing that tariffs are set to raise the cost 10-20% for the metal used to manufacture them, so I'm rabid. Some foods will be going up, price of cars, building materials, etc., while producers of products for export to affected countries will be losing deals, and thus affecting American jobs and incomes. Stupid, but there you go.
Topic: Wrong "Today's Birthday" info
Posted: Monday, June 11, 2018 12:23:38 AM
"Today's Birthday" feature on June 11, 2018 for Gene Wilder shows that he's still alive (no DOB, nothing about his death, shows he's still an active actor, etc.). The man died almost 2 yrs ago in August 2016. This feature is only useful if it's accurate, including whether or not a person is dead.
Topic: The Inexcusable Treatment of our G7 allies
Posted: Sunday, June 10, 2018 8:06:10 PM
I've tried to stay silent for months now, but feel I have to write on behalf of only myself, though I believe hundreds of millions of my fellow Americans feel similarly ----

To my fellow TFD posters (and their fellow citizens) from Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, and every other allies and friends of America, please know that real people in the US value your friendship, our shared history in war and peace, alliances we have shared, regardless of what our president has said and done. His treatment of PM Trudeau and the other G7 leaders is unbelieveable and unforgiveable; your countries and your elected leaders didn't deserve to be disrespected. While not all Americans feel the same about all issues or agreements between our country and yours, we (even many of those who polls show approve of Trump's general governance because they may like his tax plan, regulation cutbacks) respect your sovereignty, leadership, and the direction you'er trying to take the western world. Most Americans don't think it's wise or decent to disrespect our allies, then embrace dictators and autocrats like Putin and Kim. For me, it's appalling, distressing, and just not 'the American way." Please hang in there with us while we deal with our internal politics and justice system which hopefully will set things right.

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