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Topic: The corridors crowded with sick and whiny people
Posted: Thursday, December 14, 2017 11:02:53 AM
Parpar1836 wrote:
Nikitus, it doesn't feel to me that "whiny" is an appropriate word here. "Whiny" describes people who are habitually complaining, usually about trivial matters; you're describing patients who are, I assume, injured, diseased, and dying, and lying neglected in the corridors. I assume they'd be unmedicated, groaning with pain

You are absolutely correct Parpar1836. Applause "Whiny" is inappropriate in this context, your definition is exactly on target. The word "whingeing", means 'complaining in an irritating way'....definetly it's not someone lying in a hospital corridor moaning in pain...I've been in that I speak first hand.

And welcome to TFD...Dancing

Nikitus, good advise from Parpar1836...glad you agree!

"God graced us with today....don't waste it." hedy
Topic: Could you please pass me the salt?
Posted: Saturday, December 02, 2017 1:41:47 PM
Actually, it should read "Would you please pass me the salt" ...obviously they COULD pass the salt...the question is WOULD they pass it!

I think thar, who is alway correct and precise in his suggestions, might've overlooked that word, in concern for the 'integral' part, which is the word 'please', which definetly is most important!

As a kid I went to summer camp and when when we ate meals or played games, we'd have fun when someone would say, "Could you please pass..." And the response would be "Yes, I can" Whistle ...and not pass it because 'could' means 'can you 'or 'are you capable of'...and then there'd be a peal of laughter until the correct question would follow...'WOULD YOU PLEASE PASS ME THE SALT'...of course, only the one who was desperate for it was utterly frustrated!

Hope my input is okay by you thar, I meant no disrespect...just brought back fond memories.
Don't get me started on how we learned to pass around the seconds, or in what direction! Eeek!Brick wall Brick wall

Have a great weekend, Dancing

"God graced us with today....don't waste it." hedy
Topic: The modern history of harassment
Posted: Wednesday, November 22, 2017 3:15:55 PM
Thank you Jyrkkä Jätkä, almo 1 and Sarrriesfan for mentioning very good defense weapons, although some are illegal or cumbersome (like a frying pan). d'oh!

almo 1, the illustration of the women killing that man (who was carrying a fake ID—HELLO?) possibly had been harassed by him in an earlier episode and decided to get even...he's not the most attractive sort and it would have taken two women to accost him...don't you think?
I would casually walk away too! Whistle

What I do remember is to carry my key ring (with several keys) between my fingers with metal ends and the key ring closed in my palm, especially when walking or riding public transportation, it's hard to could kill someone if your aim is a punch to the face...

In 1964, 28 yrs old Kitty Genovese was on her way home from work, she was stabbed by a rapist whom she didn't know, in an alleyway in front of her apartment building. She was heard screaming and screaming and seen by bystanders...but NO ONE came to her much for her 'VOICE'...that is where the 'Genovese Syndrome' got its name...The killer, who confessed, died year ago in prison at the age of 81. I was 12 yrs old...and I will never forget.

Hope123, yes, 'go for the kill' is the best advise...and BTW you can still purchase hat pins in antique shops or jewelry estate sales which I frequent, (I am also a jeweler in the diamond exchange for over 50 yrs.). I have a very slim dagger disguised as a pen and it also looks so real that I sometimes forget it's in my bag! d'oh!

srirr thanks for the Applause

"God graced us with today....don't waste it." hedy
Topic: The modern history of harassment
Posted: Monday, November 20, 2017 9:51:17 PM
I love your thread thar. The illustrations are worth copying if only just for me. I am sharing this info with my friends. I especially like the drawing of the women around the very little guy, and also the little kitty cat in the pict entitled "Women Armed With Favorite Weapons", the source is awesome. Applause

Believe it or not...about 35 years ago, while riding in a very crowded subway car, standing by a pole, a man standing too close to me, tried to touch my breasts and I did STAB HIM WITH A HAT PIN, it was easy because he was in front of me...and although I didn't wear hats, my dad (who was born in 1910), knowing I'm 4'11", ('well rounded' and 'well rounded') suggested I should carry one, so I had one pinned on my bag. He started screaming in pain...Yikes! I've never seen so much the melee, the police came. I almost got arrested...(I just wanted my hat pin back!)....another time, also on the subway, I almost killed a guy with my umbrella...I almost got arrested then too, because I was standing over him and he was passed out when the police arrived..but I didn't... I guess my height was a contributing factor! "Those were the days my friend..."

...I enjoyed this very informative thread immensely!
thank you again thar....hedy Dancing

"God graced us with today....don't waste it." hedy
Topic: DID YOU KNOW? Lollygag
Posted: Monday, November 20, 2017 7:29:38 PM
"...good to have fun with languages"... Amen to that...
Thanks for the Google link...Have a great week ;)

"God graced us with today....don't waste it." hedy
Topic: DID YOU KNOW? Lollygag
Posted: Monday, November 20, 2017 1:55:58 PM
Hey, I love it Jyrkkä Jätkä, it's fun...because if it's not my native language then whomever I use the word with won't know I'm swearing!
Of course, I have to know what a 'deep sea fyke stick', 'bog tug' or 'swamp buoy' are...and I guess it has to do with water...a boat...and the parasite, useless, low life description.
That last phrase seems to be a real no-no phrase. I'm taking a wild stab at how it's pronounced — 'Key-en-tune E-nee-oui-ku'....PLEASE CORRECT ME!

There is an expression I still often use—QSJ!, which is the acronym for "¡Que Se Joda!" (Please do not castigate me for writing this term, my compadres/fellow 'Latinos'). I don't know if it actually exists, but every Puerto Rican would probably figure it out!

On a wall in my office I had a 2 ft by 1 ft framed poster that I created with the letters QSJ that were over 8 inches tall each, however it had very small letters that repeatedly spelled out the acronym within the shape of each letter Q-S-J. From afar you couldn't decipher the wording. One day my mom came to visit my office, and as I stepped out to get us lunch, she climbed up on a chair to see what I wrote (I wouldn't divulge the 'quote' to her for the obvious). You can just imagine my chagrin upon my return...suffice to say, I didn't eat pleasantly, alas, I took the poster down...this was over 20 yrs ago. Sadly, my mom Lily, transitioned 3 yrs ago...when I think of her, this episode is bittersweet, you see, I was a business owner/professional & a mom with a 22 yr old son...she expected more from me, yet I haven't changed one iota!!!

I will have fun in learning your phrases, (I have a friend in Finland through Rotary)...thank you for sharing Jyrkkä Jätkä. I truly enjoy your post responses, even in their subtlety...I sit smiling...

"God graced us with today....don't waste it." hedy
Topic: DID YOU KNOW? Lollygag
Posted: Monday, November 20, 2017 11:47:22 AM
Trust me Jyrkkä Jätkä, you're not alone....there a few in TFD, as me who are too.

BTW I like that synonym "shillyshalling" Applause ... after all, it's Monday so we are allowed to do just that!

I have a word I made up over 40 yrs ago, 'Shootys Kabooties!' to use in place of 'Oh, sh_t!' d'oh!

Believe it or not, I have a gaggle of friends that STILL use my word, especially in front of me (they know better then to use the other word), and it always provokes us to reminiscent laughter...of course, it's for us girls only....Whistle

Thank you!
hedy Dancing

"God graced us with today....don't waste it." hedy
Topic: the last letter
Posted: Sunday, November 19, 2017 9:23:58 AM
Sweat mode all day...I'll follow your request, although you said three letters and you gave a four letter word.
You stated, 'must be at 3 letters', I think you meant 'must be at least 3 letters...
as I understand it:
I'm not sure of how the game is played because if only the first letter is changed, than the game ends with 'tree' Think

Parpar1836 has a point, so in his game, using the last letter 'e' would be 'eel'...just 3 letters??

And for Stephen Senter, if I follow:
You word: fortification
My word: Mortification
So the game has just ended! Brick wall

BTW Welcome to TFD Sweat mode all've proved, not all of us are perfect! Thank you!

"God graced us with today....don't waste it." hedy
Topic: DID YOU KNOW? Lollygag
Posted: Thursday, November 16, 2017 1:50:42 PM
DragOnspeaker wrote:
Hmmm Think
I knew only the 'idling around/loafing' meaning - the 'constant embracing of WAVES' is a lost definition!

It's funny DragOnspeaker that you should begin with 'Hmmm' see, those happen to be the initials of my full name!

Anywho!...the WAVES comment was referring to the Navy captain who interpreted the word as meaning that the soldiers were 'screwing around' with the WAVES which was the acronym for Women who were Allowed to Volunteer in Emergency Service...for they were not allowed to serve in the armed forces...surely things have changed!

I assume that you posted in 2007, (I LOVE YOUR RESPONSE & FURTHER EXPLANATION ). I only joined TFD a couple of years ago so I wasn't privy. I would have loved this app sooner, but didn't know of it. Like Wilmar (USA), coag, and taurine, I have less that 1,000 neurons in the forum...yet willing so much to learn, (thus the over 420k neurons). I am pleased that coag has learned new words and is gracious about it...thank you coag.

Wilmar (USA), my dad would interpret my day dreaming as lollygagging...but because of his heavy accent he would pronounce it as 'lo-la-gan-ning'...he was so cute...children was shildrin and shoes were choosse...sadly he passed in 1981, you brought him back to the forefront of my thoughts today...thank you!
hedy Dancing

"God graced us with today....don't waste it." hedy
Topic: DID YOU KNOW? Lollygag
Posted: Thursday, November 16, 2017 11:01:19 AM
There are many interesting words that are common vernacular for AE & BE speakers, however are not familiar to ESL folk. This is one of them. An app (from Merriam Webster Dictionary) is featured in TFD which, although I'm well versed in English, find it very interesting and informative. It's especially helpful for those who wish to learn English....Enjoy!

LOLLYGAG - verb [LAH-lee-gag]
"You certainly didn't want to be known as a lollygagger at the beginning of the 20th century. Back then, lollygag was slang for "fooling around" (sexually, that is). That sense of lollygag was in use at least as long ago as 1868, and it probably originated as an alteration of the older (and more dawdlingly innocent) lallygag.

Nowadays, lollygag doesn't usually carry such naughty connotations, but back in 1946, one Navy captain considered lollygagging enough of a problem to issue this stern warning: "Lovemaking and lollygagging are hereby strictly forbidden.... The holding of hands, osculation and constant embracing of WAVES [Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service], corpsmen or civilians and sailors or any combination of male and female personnel is a violation of naval discipline...."


BTW This thread brings to memory the 'well-rounded' thread which appeared recently and was thoroughly discussed. TFDers had many opinions which were quite interesting.d'oh!
hedy Dancing

"God graced us with today....don't waste it." hedy

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