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Topic: Daffy's Elixir
Posted: Sunday, September 8, 2019 1:05:51 PM
Daemon wrote:
Daffy's Elixir

Daffy's Elixir was a name used by several patent medicines from the 17th to the 19th century. The original tonic was reputed to have been invented in 1647 by clergyman Thomas Daffy, who named it Elixir Salutis—"Elixir of Salvation"—and promoted it as a panacea. It was later imitated and remained a popular cure-all in the UK and later the US. Chemical analysis of an early recipe for Daffy's Elixir showed it to be a laxative that was made mostly from what? More...

Answer: "Chemical analysis has shown this to be a laxative made mostly from alcohol."

Precursor of the medicinal compound created by Lily the Pink? Whistle
Topic: The Belle Époque
Posted: Sunday, September 1, 2019 1:59:10 PM
I love the Belle Époque & Art Nouveau. I could go an absinthe right now!

Such a truly beautiful era!

Grand foyer of the Folies Bergère cabaret.

Art Nouveau building from the architect Jules Lavirotte, sculptures by Jean-François Larrivé (1875–1928).

Peugeot Type 3 built in France in 1891.

Topic: scarecrow
Posted: Wednesday, August 28, 2019 12:25:25 PM
When my sister was a kid (child), she had a kid (baby goat). It used to get upset if it was left alone, so my sister made a scarecrow & sat it in the rocking chair on the verandah. She tied one end of a rope to the rocking chair & put the other end through her bedroom window. Whenever the kid started to bleat because it was left alone, my sister tugged the rope from her bed. It worked! When the scarecrow in the rocking chair started rocking, the kid shut up because it thought someone was there.
Topic: The Royal Library of Ashurbanipal
Posted: Sunday, August 25, 2019 5:33:50 AM
I read a children's version of The Epic of Gilgamesh when I was young & I read a more accurate translation as an adult. I loved it!
Topic: WordHub Error
Posted: Saturday, August 3, 2019 9:37:06 AM
Marek Guman wrote:
Thanks NeuroticHellFem, the game will be so much better thanks to you.

Aw, thanks Marek!

Still so many glitches in this game! Brick wall
Topic: WordHub Error
Posted: Monday, July 29, 2019 11:41:07 AM
More errors & omissions.

AÇAI has no plural listed, AÇAIS is not allowed.

AETHER is not allowed.

AGONS is not a word, the only listed plural of AGON is AGONES.

AIGA is not allowed.

ARSED is allowed, but not ASSED.

ARYL has no plural listed, ARYLS is not allowed.

ASPER has no plural listed, ASPERS is not allowed.

AZTS is an initialism

BEJAS is a proper noun.

BELGAS is not allowed.

BICE has no plural listed, BICES is not allowed.

BILOXIS is a proper noun,

BOS (the plural of BO) is not allowed.

BRAHMAS is allowed, but not its singular, BRAHMA.

BRANE is not allowed.

BREE has no plural listed, BREES is not allowed.

BUBOS is not listed as an alternative plural of BUBO.

BURKS is allowed, but not its singular, BURK.

BUSTLER is not allowed.

CARPIS is not a word.

CETE has no plural listed, CETES is not allowed.

CHARE has no plural listed, CHARES is not allowed.

CHOG has no plural listed, CHOGS is not allowed.

CHOSES is not a word.

CIRCES is a proper noun.

CLEM is allowed, but not its plural, CLEMS.

CLUBED is not a word.

CLINGED is not a word.

CLUEY is not allowed.

DAL, DALS, DAHL, DAHLS & DHAL are allowed, but not DHALS, DAAL or DAALS.

DENI has no plural listed, DENIS is not allowed.

DIANAS is a proper noun.

DONKOS is not allowed.

DOOK has no plural listed, DOOKS is not allowed.

DRAA has no plural listed, DRAAS is not allowed.

DUPS is not allowed.

EDDA has no plural listed, EDDAS is not allowed.

ENOL has no plural listed, ENOLS is not allowed.

ETZELS is a proper noun.

EYASS is not allowed.

FREONS is a proper noun.

GANE is allowed, but not GAE, GAES, GAED or GAUN.

GLANCER is not allowed.

GAUCOS is not allowed.

GLID is not allowed.

GOLDER is not allowed, nor is it listed!

GORSY is not allowed.

GYMPIE has no plural listed, GYMPIES is not allowed.

HAAR has no plural listed, HAARS is not allowed.

HAIDAS is a proper noun.

HARL is allowed, but HARLS is not listed nor allowed.

HEBES is a proper noun.

HEROS is not listed as an alternative plural of HERO.

HIC is allowed, but not HICS.

HOKIS is not allowed.

HOLMES is a proper noun.

ICER has no plural listed, ICERS is not allowed.

IXIONS is a proper noun.

JEE has no plural listed, JEES is not allowed.

KAS (the plural of KA) is not allowed.

KLANS is a proper noun.

KONDOS is not allowed.

KORES is not a word. The only listed plural of KORE is KORAI.

KUE is allowed but has no plural listed, KUES is not allowed.

LAC has no plural listed, LACS is not allowed.

LIARDS is allowed, but not its singular, LIARD.

LIMA has been added, but the link leads to the city, not the bean.

LOYS has been added, but the link doesn't lead to LOY as it should.

LYE has no plural listed, LYES is not allowed.

MAHDIS is a proper noun.

MARERO has no plural listed, MAREROS is not allowed.

MATZOHS is allowed, but not its singular, MATZOH.

MERCE is not allowed.

MERSE has no plural listed, MERSES is not allowed.

MIAMIS is a proper noun.

MITRAS is a proper noun.

MITT has no plural listed, MITTS is not allowed.

MORRO is allowed, but not its plural, MORROS.

MUT has not plural listed, MUTS is not allowed.

NEEP is not allowed. Its plural is not listed, NEEPS is not allowed either.

NOSIES is not a word.

NYET is Russian.

OLES is not allowed.

ORCEIN has no plural listed, ORCEINS is not allowed.

OWER is not allowed.

PATUS is not allowed.

PEONES definition page redirects to PEON which has no plural listed. PEONS is allowed, is PEONES even a word?

PERSE has no plural listed, PERSES is not allowed.

PILEUMS is not a word.

POOK has no plural listed, POOKS is not allowed.

POS (plural of PO, British slang definition) is not allowed.

PROTEIS is not a word.

PUD is not allowed.

PUGGLE/PUGGLES is not allowed.

QUAMISH is not a word.

QUAPAWS is a proper noun.

RACINGS is not a word. Is it?

RAPE has been removed, yet RAPING is still allowed. Don't remove RAPING, reinstate RAPE! As a woman, I hate the word, but it IS a valid English word! Don't forget that RAPE is also a plant!

REAFFIX is not allowed.

REBUTED is not a word.

REEDED is not allowed.

REGIFT is not allowed.

RELIST & RELISTS are not allowed.

REMOLDS is allowed, but not REMOLD.

RESEAU is allowed, but not its plural, RESEAUS.

RESIZE is not allowed.

REUBENS is a proper noun.

RUNTED is not allowed.

SARGE has no plural listed, SARGES is not allowed.

SCUR has no plural listed, SCURS is not allowed.

SEGA has no plural listed, SEGAS is not allowed.

SHAKTAS is a proper noun.

SHAMER is not allowed. Its plural is not listed, SHAMERS is not allowed either.

SIGURDS is a proper noun.

SIKE & SYKE are not allowed.

SLUITS is allowed, but not its singular, SLUIT.

SRANANS is a proper noun.

STELAE is allowed, but not its singular, STELA.

SUBSIGN is not allowed.

SWEIR is allowed, but not SWEIRS, nor is it listed.

TALLET has no plural listed, TALLETS is not allowed.

TANAKHS is allowed, but not its singular, TANAKH. It's capitalised, but I'm unsure if it's a proper noun.

TANNOYS is allowed, but not its singular, TANNOY.

TAUSUGS is a proper noun.

TELEGUS/TELUGUS is a proper noun.

TERRITS is not a word. Definition page redirects to TERRET, TERRIT is not listed as an alternative spelling.

THEBE is allowed, but not its plural THEBES (the currency, not the proper noun).

TOODLES is not allowed.

TOPHETS is a proper noun.

TORC has no plural listed, TORCS is not allowed.

TORY/TORIES is not allowed (sometimes not capitalised).

TRITER is not allowed.

TYER has not plural listed, TYERS is not allowed.

TYPHONS is a proper noun.

UNAGED is not allowed.

UNCAGE is not allowed.

UNI is not allowed. UNI has no plural listed, UNIS is not allowed either.

UNRISEN is not allowed.

VENDAS is a proper noun.

VESTAS is allowed, but not its singular, VESTA.

VICARY is not allowed.

WHYDAS is not a word.

YELD has no plural listed, YELDS is not allowed.

YEUK has been added, but not its variant YUKE.

YHWHS is a proper noun.

YOM has no plural listed, YOMS is not allowed.

YORKED is allowed, but not YORK.

ZO, ZHO DZO & their plurals ZOS, ZHOS & DZOS are not allowed.

ZYME has no plural listed, ZYMES is not allowed.
Topic: Neil Armstrong Becomes the First Man to Walk on the Moon (1969)
Posted: Sunday, July 21, 2019 10:01:16 AM
I was under 2, so I don't remember it.

Thank Australia that we have any clear images at all! Good onya, Parkes Observatory & Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station!

"The Dish" at Parkes Observatory, Parkes, New South Wales, Australia as seen in 1969, when it received signals from the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.
Topic: Annette Kellerman (1887)
Posted: Saturday, July 6, 2019 6:02:56 PM
Unlike the Venus de Milo, Annette Kellerman had arms!

Happy Birthday, Annette Kellerman! It's so nice to see an Aussie on the Daily Feed! Applause

Shown here, appropriately, in her birthday suit!

Topic: Words Within Words 100% - Where's my 100 Neurons?
Posted: Wednesday, June 19, 2019 6:02:48 AM
Hey, it worked!

I just got my first 100 neurons for a 100% game since 22 May!

Thanks, Admin! Applause
Topic: Father's Day
Posted: Sunday, June 16, 2019 1:36:08 AM
In Australia, Father's Day is in September, usually on my brother's birthday, which is also his wedding anniversary. It's not as big as Mother's Day here. We always have a lot of tv ads from the big hardware chains in the lead up to Father's Day.