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Topic: sein + adjektiv oder Perfekt
Posted: Friday, July 12, 2019 3:18:42 AM
Übrigens, wo ist IMCRout? Ist alles in Ordnung bei ihm?
Topic: sein + adjektiv oder Perfekt
Posted: Friday, July 12, 2019 3:00:42 AM

Die Spitze ist abgebrochen.

Wie kann man sagen, ob ist es "sein + adjektiv" oder das Perfekt des intransitiven Verbs? Ich denke es sinnvoll, weil ich kann mich nicht entscheiden, ob dieser Satz spricht, dass die Spitze vor kurzer Zeit abgebrochen ist oder er spricht nichts darüber.
Topic: haben + Infinitif
Posted: Friday, July 12, 2019 12:27:07 AM
pjharvey wrote:
Hallo, das ist einfach das Perfekt von Modalverben.

Hallo pjharvey, und vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort! Nun ist alles klar.

Topic: haben + Infinitif
Posted: Sunday, June 30, 2019 3:54:35 AM
Hallo allerseits!

Helft mir bitte. Ich habe diese Konstruktion schon mehrmals getroffen. Könnt ihr mir erklären was ist dies für die Konstruktion, und wozu dient sie, oder den Name dieser Konstruktion für mich nennen, damit können ich mindestens danach suchen.

Er hat die Streithähne nicht auseinanderhalten können.
Topic: jewel-hilted mouths
Posted: Wednesday, February 3, 2016 2:08:16 PM
Hello Dragon and thank you!

I got your point about the conservatism of that time. Although it does seem strange to me that the British people, the nation which at all times wanted to have a finger in everyone's pie, should take such an attitude towards travelling.

I remember when I was a schoolboy, 1997 or something, the Geography teacher once told us about the Aral sea, and how it was fed by the two rivers with the funny names: Amu Darya and Syr Darya. The second one always had for me some "cheesy" feeling about it, as if there flowed curdled milk instead of water. Syr/[сыр] is cheese in Russian. I don't remember the teacher to have said that there was something wrong going on there. I think he just said that the water of those rivers was used to irrigate the abutting fields. Maybe his information just was not up to date. Anyway the brunt of the changes seems to have happened during some twenty years since that lesson. I could have gone there every year and seen the whole sea dry away with my own eyes. Too sad.
Topic: jewel-hilted mouths
Posted: Tuesday, February 2, 2016 6:16:11 AM
Hey again Romany! I hope my missives didn't start bothering you. The thing is I've read "The Wind In The Willows" as was your advice, and I want to say thanks to you for expediting my meeting with that book. It is adorable. It seems I have not read this kind of books in ages. The books where every one is so sweet and kind to each over. I was always expecting until almost the end that someone's leash would finally snap, and they would become angry, and mean, and nasty. But no - there never happened anything of the sort. Although it seems to be a children's book, where little wild creatures live in houses, wear clothes, talk and behave as if they were people, I think it is too long, and its language is not at all that childish to be properly called so. I think it was written for both children and adults, so that children could breeze through the certain difficult places, and still get their nice little story about those endearing little creatures. As for aldults, I think they could also be expected to see in this book a kind of social satire on certain people's character flaws. And for both children and adults, it certainly provides a couple of moral beacons, which might help identify something unbecoming in their own characters and maybe even rid of it.

Just one little question I have for you, or for that matter for every one who ever read the book, and is willing to enter the discussion. That episode when Rat meets another rat, the one whose life is one never-ending voyage. He becomes strongly allured by the sailor's stories, and upon his departure enters a state of trance of a sort, and he goes home and starts packing up to leave for good. And then Mole comes along and intervenes. He shuts Rat up in his house, and keeps him there until his mania safely works itself out. And then the story goes on as if all this never happened. From all this the reader have to deduce, I suppose, that it was the right thing that Mole intervened and Rat never departed. But I can't quite understand why is that. What was wrong about Rat's going a voyage? Maybe Rat would indeed have been better off if he had gone; maybe it was indeed the right thing for him to go to see the world until he still could, rather than stay all his life in one place. Maybe Mole by his intervention ruined his friend's last chance to have something to reminisce about in his later days. Yes, Rat liked his river, and his house, and the quiet routine of his life, but is that all one needs to live their life through? Isn't there a chance to find a better life? Or does one simply not need a better life, and can't find one as long as they are happy where they are?
Topic: Sneaker Being
Posted: Friday, January 29, 2016 1:51:52 PM
Vanya Popovich wrote:
Gordon Freeman wrote:
Hey, is that what you are up to in Kiev now? Worshipping footwear? I see the coup and the integration with Europe came off real good!

I am Russian, But even here I Have to listen this "Russian Patriots" trash talk. Серьезно? Даже здесь ты будешь обсирать украинцев? И что плохого в сникер-культуре? Гораздо лучше чем поклоняться Путину и другим псевдо-Царям.

Hello Vanya, and welcome to the forums!

Are you always so touchy? Or do you really care to prove something to me? This is the Internet. There are lots of crazy people here - you can't gag everyone's mouth. Don't let any one ruin your experience. So you'd better remember why you came here in the first place, and tell us something about that sub-culture of yours. Did you notice that no one understood your question?You see, people here are very obliging, but you have to make your point clear, so that they can help you. Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I have a cynical sense of humor, and why should it bother you anyway. You have to grow your skin thick like a hippo's ... or mine.
Topic: Sneaker Being
Posted: Friday, January 29, 2016 8:40:39 AM
IMcRout wrote:
Happy you can put in (sorry for the bad pun) your opinion here freely, Gordon?
I suppose it is more about he sneaky way Russia took over Crimea and supplied a few pro-Russian rednecks with their weapons. Silenced

Hey, IMc, please don't get sore at me! I don't bear them any animosity, and I didn't take Crimea from them too. It was a bitter irony, not a jibe. See, we used to be good neighbours if not brothers with many of them, and look what a mess we've got now. Besides, I never closely monitored what's going on there because I'm afraid of being brainwashed, so I can't really keep up any kind of serious conversation on the subject, let alone refute anything any one might say.
Topic: Sneaker Being
Posted: Friday, January 29, 2016 6:24:38 AM
Hey, is that what you are up to in Kiev now? Worshipping footwear? I see the coup and the integration with Europe came off real good!
Topic: jewel-hilted mouths
Posted: Thursday, January 28, 2016 3:37:23 AM
Yeah, Romany, this is an outrage! Just like too many things I ever read, listened, or watched about India and China. So many contrasts, so many absolutely bizzare and outlandish things about those countries. I remember I listened to a few of BBC's podcasts about how the rural population of mainland India treats their women. About how they learned to predict the sex of a yet unborn child, and how this is offered now at every corner; and the whole flood tide of abortions this technique triggered, because no one wants a girl, at least as a first child, because of the copious dowry a family has to collect for the daughter to get her married, which all goes to her husband when she leaves her folks as she goes to live with her husband's family; and all the violence they are traditionally subjected to there - being regularly beaten by her mother-in-law, raped by her husband's unmarried brother - and the shocking statistics of how many young women were burnt alive in their kitchens near their stoves as if by an accident; and what an unenviable fate awaits a woman if she is unlucky enough to outlive her husband; and how every woman may be caught in the crowded street in the broad daylight, beaten and raped by every man who finds it necessary, and who would be scot-free for sure, because such actions are looked upon by the general population and even authorities as an innocent little thing, because it's easy to understand that due to the newly created imbalance between the amounts of the men and the women - women are so hard to come by nowadays. And all this in the country where in the major cities women drive cars and wear expensive business suits, and their president it seems - or was it a prime-minister I don't remember - is a woman.

As to China, I remember watching a few programmes which left me particularly impressed by the deep contrasts in how the people live in different parts of China. One was about a boy who had for several years worked on a polluted soil and died of cancer on his weeping father's arms. Another was about a woman who lived to be 117 in some mountain region of China, virtually never in her life going down, always breathing clean mountain air and chewing on some kind of local fresh leaves and grains.

Also comes to my mind the programme where they told about how so many young people from the rural areas formed into long lines before the gates of the plant where the devices for the Apple Inc. are assembled to vie for the priviledge to work on the assembly line there: sixteen-hours shifts, six days a week, for a couple of dollars a day, and a 7-sq.m. room with bunks and some 3-5 mated and no windows as an accomodation. And another one about well-off middle-class Chinese families, who own plush suburban houses, whose only child goes to a private school and a dozen other places in order to grow smart, healthy and successful.