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Topic: Wordhub not working
Posted: Sunday, April 1, 2018 2:57:54 AM
I'm also having the exact same problem since at least Friday, 3/30. My internet connecton works fine, with nothing changed there. Am running the app on an Android Nexus 7 2013, with Android 6.0.1.

Also, maybe related... ever since I installed it recently, when starting the app, its opening screen flickers once, then the app crashes, asking me if I want to wait or close it. If I close and restart it, it then opens up ok, or at least used to before this "no internet" problem started.

And, although it's about the same amount now as when I first installed WordHub and played with no problems (except for the flicker & restart issue noted above), I don't have a lot of internal storage space left, in case that could be related.

Thanks for any help resolving these problems.
Topic: Personal Pronouns and Possessive Case
Posted: Thursday, June 15, 2017 6:03:30 AM
This is not working for me as the first day of a 6-day goal. Clicking and reading the page registers nothing at all. Are others having problems? Am running Firefox 54.0 on Windows.
Topic: When he applied his mind to a problem, it became at once an enthralling arena, in which there went whirling a chariot-race of...
Posted: Tuesday, July 5, 2016 9:31:44 PM
MelissaMe wrote:
cetoo wrote:
Here is the correct link:

You may have to copy and paste. I tried going there but still no points. The content is the same as the TheFreeLibrary content.

Herbert Newton Casson

All I got was 5 points for reading an article.

I'm calling this broken. Shame on you

Same here...

I had already tried the TFD Wikipedia link as noted previously but it wasn't at the time updating anything. I did see it then saying to collect my 95 neurons, but after clicking I also seemed to only get 5 neurons.

Seemingly still broken.
But thank you to TFD admin for taking care of this. Every little neuron helps.

On to the next challenge...
Topic: When he applied his mind to a problem, it became at once an enthralling arena, in which there went whirling a chariot-race of...
Posted: Tuesday, July 5, 2016 5:59:39 AM
The Grand Chawhee wrote:
The Quotation of the Day link isn't working...when you click on the author's name, it leads to Herbert N. Casson's page on TheFreeLibrary instead of TheFreeDictionary, so people like me can't get their neurons for clicking on the quotation 7 days in a row. Can someone please fix this?

I've got the same problem and have sent feedback through the the Herbert N. Casson FreeLibrary page. There doesn't appear to be any FreeDictionary (encyclopedia) page for him written as "Herbert N. Casson", though there is one for "Herbert Newton Casson", though this entry doesn't seem connected to the neuron system.

I hope this gets fixed real quick so I don't lose out on the last week.
Topic: The Free Dictionary will not work properly with ad-blockers
Posted: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 1:45:02 AM
Having the same problem, just starting this morning (Wed AM in Japan). Using Windows 7, Firefox 45.0.1 (latest), Flash
Tried clearing the cache, restarting Firefox, and disabling Adblocker, but all to no avail.

Andrew Schultz wrote:
I wasn't able to load this for a bit, but then I got a message from Firefox saying Thefreedictionary needed permission to run Adobe Flash once I jumped on the forums.

But I still haven't gotten permission for it to work on

So maybe it is just the Adobe or Firefox updater getting in everyone's way. And there's some settings with the firefox/adobe updater. Since that hits most of us at once, I think the fault might be with adobe and not TFD.

I didn't get any message from Firefox about Flash, but I checked and saw there was/is a new version
Tried several times installing it on top of version, but in Firefox's plugins page it would always show two DLLs being used (one each for vers. 182 and 197), which seemed odd.

So completely uninstalled Flash for Firefox through the Windows Control Panel, then installed latest ver. 197 fresh (both .exe and .msi versions), but no go. Same error on TFD page.
Firefox's plugins page for Flash now shows only one DLL being used, the one for ver. 197 as expected.

I then uninstalled ver. 197 and installed the last full stable Flash version (according to Adobe; see Flash distribution page below for links). But still no go getting the TFD page to work.

So, trying different versions of Flash was still not successful, leading me to believe that it might very well be some error on TFD's side, though I guess Flash could be wacky, too, even their latest version.

Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

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