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Why I'm boycotting Whole Foods Market Options
Posted: Monday, May 25, 2015 10:40:44 PM

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I was shopping there today and saw watermelons for 29 cents/pound, which seemed fair. I then noticed that the cut quarter-melons were 99 cents/pound. A worker told me the increased price was for the "convenience" of the cut melon. But besides being an absurd mark-up, this is patently unfair-- cutting the watermelon doesn't add any value to it. It's not like fashioning an axe handle from a piece of wood. And the person who cut it is already getting paid. I'm tired of Whole Foods blatantly ripping off the public. Trader Joes all the way!
Posted: Thursday, May 28, 2015 9:23:01 AM
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Hi "rmberwin",

It is all about convenience. I myself do not care for handling knives
and cutting a watermelon, for me, and others, is a daunting task.
Your frustration with the difference in price is understandable though.
I live on a sweet little island on the southeastern North Carolina coast.
The local supermarket here jacks up the price of everything in the summer months
when tourists arrive in droves, which is right now. Rather than crossing the bridge
to the mainland for a head of lettuce or whatever, I frequent that store on nearly a
daily basis.
I think the policy is a blatant disregard for the locals who keep the store going all
winter and always comes back to the "convenience factor".
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