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Wechat voting - “The Most Complex Connections Contest” in China Options
Posted: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 1:22:39 AM
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(I wish you would read on to the end, although I did not expect to say so much. Your opinions do matter. Thanks in advance.)

Do you use Wechat, a chatting app bound to one’s phone number? As it is gaining momentum in China now, there emerges a phenomenon – Wechat voting. Due to its easy availability and genuine identification (bound one-to-one to specific phone numbers), and more importantly, its low threshold, advertisers are finding it a relatively reliable place for their ads. Thus Wechat voting came into being. It works this way.
Every so often the chatting group seems to be so busy voting for somebody’s daughter or sister or friend or friend’s friend……it is actually a hype stirred up by some advertiser or some company or even a small noodle store, who would hold a contest in the name of something and then give a prize for the one with the highest vote. For example, in our colleague Wechat group, someone might ‘beg’ for “likes” for her daughter to be entitled “The Cutest Baby in the Kindergarten” and win some prize. Or another might go like this: “please enter ‘ABC Bank’, subscribe to it, look for number 123, and lift your ‘golden’ finger to ‘like’ her. This is important for her. The one with the highest vote would be entitled “The Most Distinguished Employee”. She is my husband’s sister. Biological sister. Thank you!” Then the group would be packed with threads of “voted” and “thanks” or “love U”……
As you can see, for the advertisers/company trying to advertise its products, to do this first you will have to subscribe to the specific Wechat accounts of them, whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not. As far as advertisers are concerned, you subscribe, you spread. That’s all about it.
While to your friend, it is so easy that you “only need to lift your ‘golden’ finger to ‘like’ someone, although the truth is most likely to be that you never have seen the baby, and you never known such person called Li somebody. “Who cares whether it is Jansen or Jonson that wins”, the advertiser might be thinking.
The psychic behind it might be “If you scratch my back, I will scratch yours.” So today I voted for your nephew, tomorrow is your turn.
I’m not comfortable with this game. You might say I am being too serious. But I am, on this matter. And I, who often turn a blind eye to it, might come across as lacking a warm heart. My finger seems to be truly “golden”, not so easily moved. But how much I hate being regarded so!
I'd like to call this nationwide inter-liking campaign “The Most Complex Connections Contest”. For your information, another word for connections is “guanxi”, a word of Chinese characteristic which has made its name in recent decades and mostly associated with China’s recent top issue, corruption.

Which country are you from? Do you have similar phenomenon in your country? What do you think of this phenomenon?
Posted: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 10:02:39 AM
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Hi guys, are you not interested in this topic? Or am I not clear with what the phenomenon is? I'm eager to know how such thing, if any, might work in your country? Or in other words, to what extent connections, or guanxi (关系 in Chinese), work in your culture? Also, how do you see the manipulation of people's warm heart by advertisers?Think
Posted: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 12:27:31 PM

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Think hmmm,...So let’s see, you volunteer to be subjected to a flood of advertising for giving up your personal information, and in exchange you get to be bombarded with the irrelevant minutia of the people who are members also of this inane exercise.

Sounds a lot like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a host of others. I think I’ll continue to pass. I would think it to be a better idea to make your own life interesting rather than to hang onto the bits and pieces of the lives of others. As I look around me, however, it seems I am the one out of step. Excellent.
Posted: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 1:44:57 PM

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Hi 3unorchid.

Actually I have never heard of 'wechat', but it does sound like the same system used on Facebook, where people shop around for 'likes' and it seems to mean something to them.

I do have a Facebook account. I have not 'posted' anything in the month that it has been open, I look once every two or three days for specific bits of news from friends (real friends, not 'people who have asked to be my friend'). The rest, I just ignore.

Posted: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 1:56:29 PM
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I think the weChat phenomenon has come about because Twitter is banned in China.

I still have my weChat here in the UK, but we don't use it here the same way it's used in China. Here Twitter is used...with the advantage of not having adverts.
Posted: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 2:35:49 PM
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Hi 3unorchid,

I don't own a cell phone and am considered a "freak" when it comes up
in conversations. I prefer to think of myself as "not a sheep".
Not that everyone who owns a cell phone is a sheep, but when it's used
for inane chattering and texting about the last time you farted, it makes
me happy to be a freak.
Put down your phone...pick up a pen and paper and write someone you love
a letter in your very own handwriting.

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