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Afonso IV of Portugal Options
Posted: Sunday, February 8, 2015 12:00:00 AM
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Afonso IV of Portugal

Though he was the only legitimate son of King Denis of Portugal, Afonso IV felt threatened by the apparent favoritism his father showed to his illegitimate half-brothers and spent the final years of his father's life and reign in revolt. He succeeded to the throne in 1325 and, as history is doomed to repeat itself, found himself 20 years later the target of his own son's rebellion against him. What had Afonso done to provoke his son's rage? More...
Posted: Sunday, February 8, 2015 10:30:13 AM

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The last part of Afonso IV's reign saw complications and intrigues inside the Royal Court itself. Pedro, the heir of Portugal, had fallen in love with one of his wife, Constance's maids, Ines de Castro. Afonso IV was very displeased with this, but Pedro was openly in love with Ines, who bore him several children - one of whom was the later king João I Aviz. Pedro recognized all the children of Ines, and after the death of his wife, Constance, in 1349, he refused the idea of marrying anyone but Ines de Castro.The situation became worse as the years passed and the aging Afonso IV lost control over his Court. Pedro's only legitimate male heir, the future king Fernão I, was a weak and sickly child, which Ines's children were not. Worried about his legitimate grandsons life, Afonso IV ordered the murder of Ines de Castro in 1355. He expected his son to act reasonably, but Pedro was not able to forgive his father for this barbaric act. Enraged with fury, Pedro raised an army, and devastated the country before he was reconciled with his father in early 1357. Afonso IV died almost immediately after this.As king, Afonso IV, also called "the Brave" is remembered as a soldier and general. But perhaps his most important contribution was the importance he gave the Portuguese Navy. Afonso IV granted public funding to raise a proper commercial fleet and ordered the first maritime explorations. During his reign, the Canary Islands were discovered by the Portuguese.He was the father of 7 children, two of whom are alreday mentioned. His Youngest daughter, Leonor, was married to king Pedro IV of Aragon. (bio by: Benny Chordt Hansen)
Posted: Sunday, February 8, 2015 10:56:58 AM
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tough to be royalty
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