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"Mandira" (Hindi to English question) Options
Giant Baby
Posted: Thursday, January 1, 2015 1:36:00 AM
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I have read in baby naming resources that the female name "Mandira" is Hindi for the English word "temple". Far less frequently, I've found reference to it also translating to the English word "melody". It's the translation to "melody" that I'm particularly interested in. However, the fact that I find that particular reference occurring so much less frequently makes me wonder if it might be obscure, archaic, awkward, or simply incorrect.

It's for the naming of a character in a book, and I'm hoping to have the character, herself, point out the translation. So, she (and I) will look pretty stupid if those resources I've found were muddled or just plain wrong.

If there are any native or fluent Hindi speakers who could help me out, I'd be so appreciative. Thank you!
Posted: Thursday, January 8, 2015 4:50:54 AM
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Hi Giant Baby, welcome to the forum!

Mandira is a type of cymbal (musical instrument) which is used in folk and devotional music in India, particularly in 'Baul' music native to eastern India. It is also called 'Manjira'. You may want to go through the following links before you decide whether to give the character this name.
Giant Baby
Posted: Friday, January 9, 2015 8:06:15 AM
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Joined: 1/1/2015
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Thank you for the welcome, and for the very helpful information, Wordsworth! This is just the clarification I needed (I was getting nowhere researching on my own)!
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