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Posted: Saturday, December 27, 2014 12:00:00 AM
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(noun) A feeling of anger caused by being offended.

Synonyms: offense

Usage: I had tried to phrase it politely, but he still took umbrage at my question.
Omar Mariani
Posted: Saturday, December 27, 2014 6:49:17 AM

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offense, anger, resentment, take offence, be offended, take exception to sth, bridle, take something personally, be aggrieved, be affronted, take something amiss, be upset, be annoyed, be angry, be indignant, get one's hackles up, be put out, be insulted, be hurt, be wounded, be piqued, be resentful, be disgruntled, get/go into a huff, get huffy, be miffed, have one's nose put out of joint, be riled, British informal get the hump


Arriving back from his holidays, as his colleagues didn't give him a second to call his own, John couldn't help taking umbrage at what he thought was a blatant example of sheer thoughtlessness; perhaps that was not so serious after all, but the fact was that he had fancied just a wee bit of me time to release the tension and the mental stress brought on by the sudden realization that he was getting back to his run-of-the-mill job
Posted: Saturday, December 27, 2014 9:06:41 AM
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the mailman took offense when i said don't cut across my lawn
Posted: Saturday, December 27, 2014 9:42:51 AM

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1a : an area of comparative darkness : shade

<lying … at the foot of some tree of friendly umbrage — Charlotte Brontë>

b : an overshadowing influence or power : shadow

<compete in the umbrage of big city printing wages and other costs — J. R. Malone>

2: the thick shady branches of a tree or bush : foliage

<the thrush sings in that umbrage — L. P. Smith>
<chimney pots veiled under blossomy umbrage — Thomas Carlyle>

3 archaic : something providing protection : shelter, refuge

4a : an indistinct indication : vague suggestion : suspicion, hint

<the least umbrage of a reflection upon this accident — Roger North>

b : a reason for doubt : suspicion

<the man toward whom our … State Department has never felt umbrage, let alone taken exception — H. L. Ickes>

5: displeasure, resentment, annoyance

<persons who feel most umbrage from the overshadowing aristocracy — Sir Walter Scott>

— usually used in the phrases give umbrage or take umbrage

<would give umbrage to them by not sending an invitation>
<never take umbrage unless you can lick the guy — Jackie Gleason>

6 obsolete : an alleged purpose or motive : pretext, pretense

<veiling the murder with the umbrage of devotion and justice — Edmund Hickeringill>

7 obsolete : the state of being in disfavor : disesteem

Origin of UMBRAGE

Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin umbraticum, neuter of umbraticus of the shade, from umbratus (past participle of umbrare to shade, from umbra shade, shadow) + -icus -ic; akin to Lithuanian unksna shadow

First Known Use: 15th century (sense 1a)

Related to UMBRAGE


dudgeon, huff, miff, offense (or offence), peeve, resentment, pique

Related Words:

aggravation, anger, annoyance, bother, botheration, discomfort, exasperation, frustration, grief, irritation, vexation; agitation, angriness, displeasure, distress, disturbance, indignation, irateness, ire, outrage, perturbation, upset; dander, temper; fit, pet, pouts, sulk(s), tantrum, tizzy; affront, barb, brickbat, dig, indignity, insult, put-down, slap, slight, slur

Near Antonyms:

satisfaction; appeasement, mollification, pacification; contentment, delight, gratification, happiness, pleasure
Barnacle Barney Bill
Posted: Saturday, December 27, 2014 8:08:21 PM

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I take umbrage to atheists on this one point. The atheists are a minority yet they insist on imposing they beliefs on the majority. If you have ten people in a room and take a vote on weather or not to have prayer before the meeting and nine vote yes and one says no. That one no vote believes he has the right to impose his will on the other nine members. No one is forcing him to pray. Talk about being unfair to the majority. The majority want to pray. Why should the one no vote have the right and power to prevent that. Talk about self importance and selfishness.
Posted: Saturday, December 27, 2014 9:44:35 PM

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I take umbrage at the critters who defoliated my shade tree and annihilated the cherished umbrage it provided.
Irma Crespo
Posted: Saturday, January 17, 2015 10:27:13 PM

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ROGET´S INTERNATIONAL THESAURUS.- UMBRAGE.- 950. RESENTMENT VERBS 20. offend, give offense, give umbrage, affront, outrage; grieve, aggrieve; wound, hurt, sting, hurt the feelings. James umbraged everyone.
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