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innocuous Options
Posted: Sunday, August 31, 2014 12:00:00 AM
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(adjective) Having no adverse effect.

Synonyms: harmless

Usage: That mushroom may look innocuous, but it is in fact deadly.
JUSTIN Excellence
Posted: Sunday, August 31, 2014 12:30:38 AM

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I read aloud my girl's note for her pleasure ... suddenly my faithful dog barked at the thinning innocuous clouds as if moonlight slapped him in his face. Then I closed my book and kissed my girl while her delicate face reflected in the midst of moonbeams with wonder and delight.

Posted: Sunday, August 31, 2014 6:55:44 AM

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1: producing no ill effect : working no injury : harmless

<preliminary tests have proved it to be innocuous — Journal of Chemical Education>

2a : not likely to arouse animus or give offense : inoffensive

<confined himself to innocuous generalities>

b : not likely to arouse strong feelings : lacking the capacity to excite

<elaborate concealment of innocuous regions — P. M. Gregory>

or move : pallid, insipid, insignificant

<a pleasant but innocuous suite — Arthur Berger>


Latin innocuus, from in- 1in- + -nocuus (from nocēre to harm, hurt) — more at noxious

First Known Use: 1598 (sense 1)


anodyne, benign, hurtless, innocent, harmless, inoffensive, safe, white


adverse, bad, baleful, baneful, damaging, dangerous, deleterious, detrimental, evil, harmful, hurtful, ill, injurious, mischievous, nocuous, noxious, pernicious, prejudicial, wicked

Related Words:

healthful, healthy, salubrious, wholesome; benignant; sound, trustworthy; gentle, gracious, mild; nonthreatening, painless, unobjectionable; noncorrosive, nondestructive, nonfatal, noninfectious, nonlethal, nonpoisonous, nonpolluting, nontoxic, nonvenomous

Near Antonyms:

poisonous, venomous; menacing, ominous, sinister, threatening; hazardous, imperiling (or imperilling), jeopardizing, parlous, perilous, risky, unsafe, unsound; nasty, noisome, unhealthful, unhealthy, unwholesome; offensive, painful, scathing, wounding; deadly, fatal, lethal, ruinous; destructive, insidious, malignant, noxious, pestilent, polluted, tainted
Alisson Souza
Posted: Sunday, August 31, 2014 8:17:09 AM

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Hey, here is a poetic example about innocuous:

Merry, merry sparrow!
Under leaves so green
A happy blossom
Sees you, swift as arrow,
Seek your cradle narrow,
Near my bosom.

This is the first stanza of poem called "The Blossom" written by William Blake,
Posted: Sunday, August 31, 2014 11:21:50 AM

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Notes: Today's Word is the negative of nocuous, a word losing ground to a distant cousin noxious. It has a standard adverb, innocuously, and noun, innocuousness. You may also use the rarer noun, innocuity, if you are a bit daring. The word history should help you remember that this word is a combination of in- "not" + nocuous "harmful", requiring a double N. Don't forget the two Us separated by an O, either.

In Play: What one person considers innocuous might be considered nocuous by others: "It was an innocuous remark about the high temperature until he compared her to the weather." While innocuous people may be a bit bland, they do tend to be trustworthy, "Duane Pipes is such an innocuous little man, you can trust him with your girlfriend."

Word History: From Latin innocuus "harmless", composed of in- "not" + nocuus "harmful", the adjective from nocere "to harm". The oldest form of this word's root is *nek-/*nok- "death". Derivatives include innocent, nuisance, and nectarine. Innocent comes from the present participle of nocere, negated, innocens, meaning "not causing harm". Nuisance comes from the same participle, polished a bit more by French. The innocent little nectarine took its name from nektar "the drink of the Greek gods", which had, among its best qualities, the capacity to defeat death.
Posted: Sunday, August 31, 2014 7:28:11 PM
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innocuous ~ innocent
Vicki Holzknecht
Posted: Sunday, August 31, 2014 7:29:49 PM

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Sometimes having a fling is an innocuous affair.
Posted: Sunday, August 31, 2014 8:42:25 PM

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Some people have a misconception that all the natural food is innocuous.
Prof. Crayon
Posted: Thursday, September 4, 2014 11:51:52 PM

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An innocuous remark.
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