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Obesity Weighs Heavily on World Options
Posted: Monday, June 9, 2014 12:00:00 AM
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Obesity Weighs Heavily on World

The burden of obesity has grown considerably in recent decades, with about 30 percent of the global population—a whopping 2.1 billion people—now overweight or obese. Over the past 33 years, obesity rates soared 28 percent in adults and 47 percent in children, and the number of overweight and obese people more than doubled. For now, the US retains the unenviable distinction of hosting the largest portion of the world's obese—13 percent. Though obesity was once limited to rich nations, more than two-thirds of the world's obese now live in developing countries. In the Middle East and North Africa, more than half of adult men and nearly two-thirds of adult women are overweight or obese. More...
Posted: Monday, June 9, 2014 3:27:16 AM

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Hard to understand parents who take their little children to McDonald's or KFC! You can see a lot of children there! And they are so happy!

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
― George Carlin
Posted: Monday, June 9, 2014 4:00:40 AM

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When I first lived in Vietnam, 17 years ago, we joked that the only fat person was a policeman. Sadly now especially in towns there are so many cases of obesity, and mainly men.Liar
Posted: Monday, June 9, 2014 6:06:57 AM
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Is this an example of that saying "Be careful what you wish for. You might get it"?

So many countries have dreamed of raising the living standards of their people (a wonderful goal, indeed!).

Sadly, one of the UNintended consequences is obesity as people flock to fast food restaurants, eat delicious (oh, so delicious!) Western-style sugary desserts, and no longer have to walk (because of improved transportation opportunities).

I have read that when the small European country of ___ was Communist, there were no cars or hardly any buses for the ordinary people. So everyone walked and walked and walked. And everyone was slender and slender and slender.

Today, they are like other countries -- full of plus-sized people.
Posted: Monday, June 9, 2014 10:12:50 AM

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It strikes me that, like everything else in life, big diseases are morally judged. Take HIV/AIDS, or scabies.
There is always someone or some group of people or some system (/- of thinking) that is found guilty. Whether one judges on religious grounds or on grounds of free-thinking, the aspects of life are always morally judged. It seems that only from that point on, we can start to find solutions. Luckily, scientists don’t wait the day that all criminals are traced and found guilty, to look for solutions. But I understand (I do not approve of) that if one looks for a cause of a problem - which is not an illogical method in order to find solutions -, public opinion thinking is being delayed at the point of finding the guilty, unless an instant solution is found.

I would say: take it for granted: life isn't to be taken for granted.
Posted: Monday, June 9, 2014 12:39:31 PM

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Or rather, the media sure wants us to think so.
Posted: Monday, June 9, 2014 1:05:42 PM
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by Mr Henry Knowall

“You may wonder my friends, why we have selected the conference room in this fine establishment, The Pig and Whistle. It is my friends, it is because we have to hand at the conclusion of this speech, fare to excite the taste buds of even a flat stomached person. A veritable feast is laid on in the adjoining room and we shall make haste to engage upon it at the finish of my delivery to you.” ( Loud applause as Mr. Knowall holds up his hands to quieten the crowd)

“And now to my speech, which you will note is entitled ‘In Defence of Well Rounded Stomachs.’

“It has to be said, my friends, that people with well proportioned, well rounded stomachs are what might be called ‘normal.’ We are in the majority, whereas the flat stomached brigade are in the minority, but have a voice far in excess of their numbers. We well rounded stomached people need to redress the situation. The purpose of my speech to you tonight is to do just that, and to go some way to restoring a balanced view of the human stomach.

“Let it not be said that I am prejudiced toward flat stomached people, disallusioned as they may be with their somewhat obvious and severe personality hang ups. They are to be pitied. No, some of my best friends are flat stomached people, though I wish it were not so. Indeed, I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to help them see sense and to assume the more normal proportions of a well ajusted person. In short, to cultivate a well rounded, well proportioned, stomach.

“We well stomached people are often accused, by those of lesser proportions, of giving up on ourselves. What rot and what poppycock! We spend a lifetime working on our stomachs. Cultivating them; preserving them. Indeed we play an active role, not a passive one, in their development. Pacifity is for those without guts... excuse the pun.

“What we well stomached people possess in abundance, my friends, is an accurate perception. Accurate perception, I say. But what is perception you may ask, and what does it have to do with the subject of stomachs. To perceive is to become aware of through the senses... to understand. So how does one percieve the stomach? Does one perceive it as a flat plank of wood or as a melon?

“If one persists in seeing the stomach as a flat planked piece of wood, then one’s ability to percieve accurately is in doubt, and one has a life long struggle ahead to maintain that unnatural shape. In short; a life of misery and of ultimate failure. However if one perceives the stomach as possessing the shape of a well rounded melon, then one has a life of particular enjoyment, as one works in harmony with the development of this shape decreed by nature.

“Those with flat planked perception resist the natural urges of the stomach to assume the proportions resembling that of a melon. How foolish. Why, once the stomach has attained, without diffiulty I might add, the shape of a melon, it is so easy to maintain. Of course, added to this is the delight which that maintenance incurs.

You see stomachs, my dear friends, stomachs need to be managed. You may liken their care to that of farming...”

Heckler .... ‘Rubbish! What have stomachs to do with farming.’

“What have stomachs to do with farming she says?. Does not, I say, does not the farmer manage the land by cultivating it? Does he not sow seed and grow produce? So with the stomach. One must sow seed by implanting rich and plentiful food... then one will see growth and produce. This will be come evident as the proportions grow to a well rounded, adequately protruding belly befitting a well grown stomach.”

Thin emaciated heckler: “Personallly I deplore well rounded protruding stomachs... I prefer the flatter sort.”

“Ah you mean the minsicule type. No no, dear boy, they are a disaster of the first order. Take, if you will, I say, take the example of the catwalk model. Here we have supposedly beautiful people who prance up and down the catwalk like demented chickens with no stomachs, I say no stomachs whatsoever. There is nothing to hold them down... one good puff of wind and they would be over.

“Where is the beauty or practicality in a flat stomach? One cannot lay ones head on it in comfort. It is no good for pushing doors open when one is full handed. One is exposed and unprotected should one fall... what is there to cushion you, I ask? And when one is amidst a large group of people of what use is a flat stomach? No, a well rounded and protruding stomach works wonders in dispersing the crowd so as to make ones path through it. And again, where, when one is seated in relaxed comfort, does one put ones hands I ask? One with a flat stomach cannot rest with the same ease as the one who has a well protruding belly. It is a comfort zone, a comfort zone my dear boy.

“Have you ever hugged a flat stomached person, I ask? It is like grabbing hold of a dried withered stick. There is no softness or cushioning affect from such an encounter. Bones dig everywhere into your flesh. Where is the substance, I ask. One has to take great precautions so as not to squeeze the life out of them.

“Then we have to consider the impression a flat stomach gives. One has to wonder at the reason for such a deplorable state of affairs. Is it brought about by worms... or are there a physological problems at work here, giving rise to this unnatural condition of the human frame? Flat stomached people are to be pitied, not mocked, especially when one considers that the remedy is always to hand. And what is that I say? It is my dear friends; food!! Food, and plenty of it! Just think of the consequences of denying such to the stomach. One may live to be eighty years old... but what an existence! What missed opportunites to regret at the dawn of one’s death. Millions look after their stomachs and live to a ripe old age, living a life of pleasure as they luxuriate in feeding their well rounded and protruding stomachs. Not for them deep regrets of missed opportunites. Why my father and his father before him lived deep into their eighties and both had well rounded protruding stomachs; and sported such all their lives.

“No, we live in a world of protruding stomachs and nothing else will do. Why, soon all the world will possess such a thing. We should be at the vanguard of the protruding stomach movement. The flat stomached movement is a falsehood, not in keeping with the facts, just like the flat earth society.

“A protruding stomach is evidence of a person at ease with himself... contented with his lot in life, with no personality hangups. The world is his oyster, so to speak, and he enjoys all the culinary delights it has to offer. It is very evident to one who observes the cause and effects of life, that food and the stomach were made for each other... it is natural to have a well rounded protruding stomach. Why, when faced with a table full of the good food of life, does a flat stomached person not see the connection? I say once again, we, my dear friends, are the majority.

“It is a most un-nerving experience to come accross flat stomached people in numbers. Fortunately, it is a very rare, but nonetheless, disturbing experience. I once had the misfortune to find myself, would you credit it, in the company of a group, or should I say a row, of flat stomached people. I was sitting in row Forty Three ‘B’ of a London theatre. A glanced to my right and left and observed that the entire row, excepting me, were like runner beans. It was dreadful; dreadful.

“I sat in the middle seat, the only normal person there, and I overheard snide remarks, would you believe it, concerning the state and size of my stomach. I ask you, what hypocrisy! The abnormal chiding the normal for their normality; what is it coming to I ask.

“In contrast to their derision of me, I felt nothing but pity for them, and the state of their stomachs. This feeling of pity was all the more strengthened when I went to the restuarant for a quick snack during the interval. I had just finished placing on my plates three large sausages; two baked potatoes; a large dollop of tomato sauce and a hearty supply of bacon, along with two cream donuts, when I espied the entire flat stomaced row nibbling away like a bunch of rabbits at a green salad. Well, there was the answer for their flat stomached appearance.. They were starving themselves. Looking around the restuarant I noticed with great satisfaction that by far the majority were, like me, of normal proportions. I felt like offering one of the thin ones a sausage, but the sacrifice was too great, anyway it would have been a waste on such a stomach.

“Imagine, for a moment, if you will, a sun drenched beach full of bare sun worshipping stomachs. What could be more beautiful, I ask, than a row of well proportioned, well rounded bellies, full of oily health, glistening in the sun? Contrast this, I say, with a row of skinny bellies, parading as the real thing, that you sometimes get on beaches. Uneven lumpy things, obviously half starved, and near to fading away. It always amazes me that their owners are not more conscious of their abnormal state. They seem to show off their bellies with pride, without a glimmer of shame or self consciousness. I put it down to warped thinking. Really, such disregard for ones own body beggars belief. Not, of course, that I have any prejudices toward them!

“Why some people are so flat stomached they hardly fill a plane seat! It is outrageous!

“Tell me, do you ever see flat stomached people smile? No. That is because they are suffering from FTS, Flat Stomach Syndrome. Whereas we well proportioned stomached people are well known for our hearty smiles and cuddly proportions. That is because we are a contented people. We know how to nurture our stomachs. We carry all before us with aplomb.

“In conclusion my friends. Why live a life of misery trying to maintain an abnormally flat stomach akin to that of a dried out plank of wood? Life is too short. My advice to you all is to nurture your stomachs to melon-like proportions then see them grow and glisten with oily health. Give them a friendly pat every so often. Rest your hands upon your stomach with ease and pleasure, knowing as you do that you are normal and in the majority.

Bon Appetit!!”
Alexander Lo
Posted: Monday, June 9, 2014 8:44:50 PM

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Tax on fast food is a must to help the insurance rate lower; jut like tax on cigarette and alcohol.
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