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Frank Lloyd Wright (1867) Options
Posted: Sunday, June 8, 2014 12:00:00 AM
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Frank Lloyd Wright (1867)

Widely considered the greatest American architect, Wright championed the use of open planning as well as "organic architecture," a design philosophy that promotes harmony between building and environment. His masterpieces include New York City's iconic Guggenheim Museum and "Fallingwater," a breathtaking Pennsylvania house that is cantilevered over a waterfall, with its balconies and terraces seemingly suspended in midair. How many people were murdered at Wright's home, Taliesin, in 1914? More...
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Posted: Sunday, June 8, 2014 1:22:03 AM

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A genius, and a whore.
Posted: Sunday, June 8, 2014 10:59:39 AM

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About Taliesin:

When Wright designed his own home in the valley in 1911, he gave it the Welsh name Taliesin, meaning “shining brow.” Frank Lloyd Wright placed Taliesin on the brow of a hill, leaving the crown, or top, open.

On August 15, 1914, while Frank Lloyd Wright was in Chicago completing a project, a servant set fire to the living quarters of Taliesin and murdered seven people: Wright's mistress, Mamah Borthwick (for whom he started Taliesin); her children, John and Martha Cheney; the foreman, Thomas Brunker; a draftsman, Emil Brodelle; landscape designer, David Lindblom; and the son of Taliesin's carpenter (William "Will" Weston), Ernest Weston.

Two people survived: Will Weston and draftsman Herbert Fritz, Sr. The elder Weston worked to put out the fire that almost completely consumed the residential wing of the house.

The fire did not consume Taliesin's drafting studio or the agricultural wing. Additionally, press reports refute the myth that the servant sealed all of the doors to the living quarters and killed people as they attempted to flee.
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