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The case about illegal trafficking of babies from the Surrogacy Center is breaking up in the court? Options
Posted: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 9:58:19 AM
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Company lawyer Sergey Yemelianov has spent nearly half a year in the pretrial detention center. The lawyer who completed documents for newborns is released from the pretrial detention center.

Irina Zozulia. May 13, 2013

An unexpected turn of events in a much publicized case of allegedly illegal trafficking of babies born by Ukrainian women for foreigners. The lawyer of the Surrogacy Center Sergey Emelyanov is released from the pretrial detention center where he has spent the last half a year.

Let us recall, the Kharkov firm supporting the foreigners for eight years in such a sensitive issue as providing a surrogate mother, birth of a baby and its trafficking abroad has come into a view of security officials last year.

The Head of the Centre Victoria Chuprinova and the lawyer Yemelianov were accused of entering into a birth certificate a name of a woman who carried a child but not the one of a genetic mother. Public prosecution office has consideration it violated the procedure of document execution. Eleven episodes of trafficking newborns abroad were reviewed in court, some of them were adjudged in course of several court sessions.

Ms. Chuprinova who founded a Surrogacy Center “La Vita Felice” stands assured of establishing her case in court.

Victoria Chuprinova, who, by the way, is still on travel restrictions, is guided by new facts.
“I rely upon the objectivity of justice and will continue to prove my innocence, because I committed nothing illegal,- says the ex-director of the Surrogacy Center, who is also charged with tax evasion in the amount of 2.5 million UAH”

After auditing, however, the experts from the institute n.a. Bokarius failed to make clear conclusion which sums have not been paid by the company to the state and if there were any underpayment at all. Forensic experts made reference to the fact that the crime investigator has not provided the documents of the company.

Chuprinova is sure of the fact that the attack on her project is nothing but a forcible takeover, in which her former deputy Ludmila Pchelnikova played a key role.

“I was arrested only on the basis of false testimony of Lyudmila Pchelnikova, and when she began to be questioned in court, she had completely denied her words. Luda is a cook by profession, once came to us to be a surrogate mother. Later, she became a manager, and, with time passing, my assistant. I trusted her finally been paid for it - lamenting Victoria.”

Company’s name was changed on La Vita Nova LLC and continues functioning. The ex-deputy took the reins in her hands, and Sergei Krasnikov, the former officer of security agency has become the founder of the Center.

On the topic

New Company’s owner: there will be new accusations
- Company is not accused, but people. And as long as there is no verdict, we are not in position to say they are founded guilty, - Sergei Krasnikov commented the situation to “Komsomolka”.

By the way, as it became known to "КP", in Kiev Regional Department of Internal Affairs the criminal case against the company officer of La Vita Nova LLC Lyudmila Pchelnikova is opened. She is charged with violation of two articles of the Criminal CODE of Ukraine.

Violeta Ramis
Posted: Friday, November 1, 2019 9:30:53 AM

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Oh, that's ridiculous. They put lawyers, doctors, surrogate mothers in jail. Instead of imprisoning bandits, maniacs and pedophiles.
I think that a surrogacy is a really progressive method. Many barren couples just don't have any other options! You just have to remember that it is incredibly important to pay attention to all the main points. For example, one of my closest friends is sterile. And she and her husband found a surrogate mother in a clinic where they were dealing with infertility. This is a Ukrainian clinic (Feskov Human Reproduction Group), where all mothers are healthy and undergo examination, the agreement is supported by a contract, so there is a certain guarantee that everything will be in order. Moreover, they dreamed about their son and they had the opportunity to choose the sex of the child before the embryo transfer! Only biological parents are mentioned in the birth certificate, and they received their travel documents very quickly. And now they have returned home as parents! Good luck to everyone who wants children)
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