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Posted: Thursday, May 2, 2013 8:05:52 AM
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I went for an eight mile walk yesterday... it was such a beautiful spring day. At about the halfway point of my jaunt I stopped for some crisps and a pint, then resumed my journey at a leisurely pace. Along the way I paused and picked a wild flower to examine it, and saw a beauty I had to write about.


In disused gravel pits and on pastures green, along river banks
They can be seen. On people’s lawns they shed their spawn
And wedged in crumbling masonry they cling and spring to life
In every crevice and vacant nook. Beside a brook in a rotting
Tree you’ll see them lodged, there is no spot they will have dodged.
In well laid paths they’ll find a crack in which to shack and even
By a rumbling railway track they shed their seed and propagate with
Practised ease. Along roadside verges their like emerges and as one
Of life’s unremitting scourges they invade our cultured border.
Of the order Ranunculus, they spread their spores like poisonous pus.

Yet here’s the rub, this yellow peril though common and a weed
Causes us to give heed, should we perchance take a second glance
To examine fresh and new its flower and take an hour or two think
We would see a beauty, gifted free, of a sun kissed buttery velvet hue
A veritable gem amidst a sea of plain as common as the lowly swain
Who is looked upon with disdain by those who suppose he is but a
Standard lad, a two a penny sort, a tad beneath the upper class, lacking
Brass, or wherewithal, insignificant and small. But those who seem to
Be the least walk tall, for they too play their part in nature’s art of humbling
For there is, should we care to see, to stop and pause, a beauty in us all

Posted: Sunday, May 5, 2013 12:24:03 PM
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You like these don't you?
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